Sunday, January 3, 2016

A Lovely Year Of Finishes - Final Link Up

I can say that I'm very sad to the the end of A Lovely Year of Finishes, being the list maker that I am it was a great place for me to track what I needed to get done each month. Last year I did eleven out of the twelve months, missing one because I was busy and forgot to post my goals. So lets see what I did get accomplished last year.

January Goal January Finish - Tessellated Leave - Done and I love it!

February GoalFebruary Finish - Callie & Beau's Blocks - Over 50% complete, and I'm calling it a win!

March GoalMarch Finish - Finish Callie & Beau's Blocks - Completed and Gifted

April GoalApril Finish - Pouches - Done and used on our trip.

May Goal - May Finish - This is the month I forgot to list my goals.  :(

June GoalJune Finish - Bee Blocks - and they got done, but so did my Grande Scrappy Tiles which made me very happy.

July Goal July Finish- Bee Blocks - all done and mailed on time, I think my favorite was the 5 point star

August Goal August Finish - Bee Blocks - done and mailed just in the nick of time, but I didn't like the curved piecing

September Goal September Finish - Bee Blocks - Yes I got a little boring this year on focused on Bee Block a lot, but they got done and mailed on time.

October GoalOctober Finish - Dog Gone Cute Quilt - which I did finish, but I made 4 small quilts to hang on my wall rather than one big one.

November GoalNovember Finish - Trey and Jessica's Tree Skirt - finished just in the nick of time!

December Goal December Finish - Secret Sewing, which started as one table runner for Christmas and ended up being three and all three were done and gifted.

Overall a successful year. I hope to focus more on quilting and less on piecing in 2016, but who knows what will happen.  I'm sad that The Lovely Year of Finishes won't be continuing, but I totally understand that change has to happen. Thank you Melissa and Shanna for all you've done over the last three years and I wish you the very best going forward!!!!


  1. Such a lovely collection of finishes. I too am sad it is ending and grateful for all the motivation it has provided me.

  2. Yeah for achieving goals!! Jenn found the following:

  3. A great year Shauna!
    And your curved stitching is really great too!


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