Friday, June 17, 2016

Beyond Angry And So Very Sad

Yesterday was a very bad day, and right now I can say I don't like people very much. After picking Sharla up from work and running several errands, we came home and started to fix dinner for the dogs when Hollywood bolted through the doggie dog like he was being chased. Sharla then saw a shadow outside the doggie door and thought it was Zoey, but Hollywood was acting strangely. She looked out and saw our neighbor's dogs in our yard. I went out to chase them back to their side of the fence and saw Zoey lifeless on the ground, with one of the dogs stand over her.

Now I when I say I lost it, that is putting it mildly. I began screaming at the dogs and screaming loud enough that the neighbor behind us heard me over his lawn mower. I finally got the dogs to go back to his side of the fence and got to Zoey, but she was gone. They had mauled her to death.

This little ball of fluff that wouldn't hurt a fly is gone because some stupid people couldn't control their dogs. Now if this isn't the first time we've had a problem with those dogs. They have been tearing up the fence for about a year, they have broken into our yard before, but we've always been around when it happened, so nothing bad resulted. The neighbor has semi patched stuff and blocked holes, but really done nothing to treat the real problem of 3 big dogs in a back yard needing exercise and socialization. The really sad part that angers me beyond words is that my neighbors haven't been home since this happened. I'm not sure if they are on vacation or what, but those dogs (normally I would say poor dogs, but right now I just can't pity them) have been in that backyard 24/7 with the heat index of 105. It angers me that someone would treat their dogs so poorly, and it angers me that they haven't socialized the dogs and it angers me that my dog suffered because of them.

Zoey did not always have an easy life. When we adopted her, she had be on the streets so long her coat was matted to the point they thought she was a boy dog. We had her shaved down and they found a crook in her tail where the mattes had deformed it. But I am proud to say that while she lived with us, she always had food, water, shelter, a warm bed and hugs if she would take them. She could be a grumpy dog, but she never snapped at anyone.

As she aged she grew more and more deaf, but she could hear or feel the vibrations if we knocked on wood. So to call her into the house we would knock on the back door and she would follow the sound. She didn't know what to make of Marley, he had too much energy for her, so she would normally just walk away from him. She was old, but she could still be feisty. In the mornings she was right there demanding her food, and if we didn't wake up early enough she started walking around our bedrooms trying to get us going.

She was a quirky little dog that just wanted to be. She had a big bark for a little dog, and she loved sitting in the sun. She liked to go for rides so long as they didn't end at the vet's office. If she was mad at you she would turn her back to you and stare at the wall. She didn't like being dressed up, but loved to wear a shirt or sweater in the winter to keep warm. From the first day we had her she showed her "princess" spirit, and thought everyone should bow down to her.

We will forever miss our Princess Zoey LaRue. I pray that she is with Mom, Dad, Cooper and Tucker, soaking up the sunshine in heaven, at peace.

And if you are wondering, yes I have decided to press charges against my neighbor for having a dangerous dog. And if I could I would press charges for neglect as well. I truly don't want the dogs to be put down, but I don't want them living next to me either. For now I'm not sure what is going to happen, but if my neighbor hasn't come home by tonight, I've told animal control they can break the pickets on my fence to get to the dogs. For now we're going to mourn Zoey and protect Hollywood and Marley.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

OMG June Goals

I didn't set any goals for May and basically did very little sewing/quilting. So I'm going to go back to at least setting a few goals for myself. It's not like I will be punished if I don't complete the goals, and if it spurs me on to do more then all the better.

Main Goal. This is the one thing I want to get done for OMG and that would be get my plus quilt quilted. It is actually loaded onto the long arm, but I've not been able to get started on it. But it isn't really big so I should be able to get it done without issue if I can spend a day or two working on it. I don't have a good picture of the finished top, but here it is on the design wall.

#2. Bee Blocks, which is really not much of a goal since I've completed both blocks already. But I want to cut some extra fabric to send with them. And I don't consider them complete until they are in the mail.

#3. Callie and Beau's wedding quilt. I want to get it up onto the design wall and start piecing the top. I don't think I can get it completed this month, but I am hoping to at least get the top pieced or at least 75% complete.

#4. Ariella's top complete and start on Samuel's. I have to make progress on these because I want them off of my list of things to do. If I can get moving on them, I might be able to quilt Ariella's over the 4th of July weekend.

#5. Start cutting on Mecca's quilt. I still have to pick out the background fabric and get it ordered, but I have the FQ bundle, so I could get started on the cutting. It will be the largest quilt I ever made, so I need to allow lots of time to get it done.

#6. Cross blocks assembled. I would like to get another 20 four patches of cross blocks done. Since it is a large quilt, I'm sewing the 6 inch blocks into groups of 4 to make 12 inch blocks. That will make assembling the top a little easier.

#7. Quilt something else. I have a whole stack of quilts that need to be quilted and I just need to get off my bum and get going on them. If I had my choice it would be my flying geese quilt, but I will settle for getting anything else quilted this month.

#8. Clean my sewing room. I know I've not been sewing a lot so it shouldn't be dirty, but it is amazing how much dust gathers everywhere. I've got it pretty much organized the way I want it for now, but I need to do a good clean of everything.

That is my list, and yes it is long, and no I won't complete everything. But I've decided it is better to aim for the stars and miss, than to just do nothing.