Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sweet Pea and a Freebie

Happy Saturday all, hope everyone is full of vim and vigor today. Me I'm a little under the weather, I think the cold is getting to me. But I'll push through it. Today I'm going to show you layouts I made with Scraps by Andrea's newest kit called Sweet Pea. This kit is perfect for scrapping your "sweetie" no matter who that is. The colors are a mix of blue, green, pink, peach and brown all softly done and the elements are just wonderful.

My first layout is Callie on Thanksgiving day. Mecca had found this head band that had a little hat on it, and Callie was showing it to us. Then she just continued to wear it all day. She loves striking a pose.

My next layout is my two sweet peas, don't know why, but I've called them that since they were puppies. The photos are just ones we caught one evening, when they were willing to pose. I love the blue/green combo in this kit.

Now Andrea has the wonderful kit in her store at Stuff to Scrap, but this week if you purchase the kit and use the code SBA_FreeSweetCardstock you can get the matching cardstock pack for free. So make sure you head over and pick up Sweet Pea this week.

Now you didn't think I forgot the freebie did you...nope I made the cluster frame from my first layout into the freebie for you. I hope you use and enjoy it. And as always I love to hear from my fellow scrappers, so don't hesitate to leave a comment.

Hopefully I'll be back soon with more to show you!!! I know I have done lots that I've not gotten a chance to post here yet.

Monday, January 17, 2011

I {Heart} Primary (revamped)

Hi all, I'm here today to show you some layouts I made using a kit called I {Heart} Primary (revamped) by SAHM Scrapper. It is a great kit she created based on the children's organizations at her church, but it is really so much more. I love the color combination and the element mix is great.

The first layout I did is Callie and Watson, he is growing so much!!! The photos were taken at Thanksgiving, and he is even bigger now. I really love the blue, green, brown and creams that I pulled out of the kit.

My second layout is Tom, Mecca, Callie and Cole on Christmas morning. It is hard to get a photo where all four are looking at you and no one is making a face. It seems like one or another is always cutting up, as in this photo. I really love kits like this one that have a great mix of colors, because you can do so many different things with it.

Since I {Heart} Primary (revamped) is a re-release of the kit it is on sale this week for $2.00, so head over to Stuff to Scrap and pick it up while it is on sale.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Round Up & Freebie

Hey all, today I'm going to show you a layout I made with a great new kit by Digi-designs by Nicole called Round Up. This kit is perfect for scrapping your cowboy/cowgirl photos, Disney photos, or your Woody/Jessie photos. The colors are great and the elements are really cute. And as an added bonus I've got a freebie for you.

My layout features Mr. Cole wearing his cowboy hat. He has always liked hats, and still does. Except now it is more caps, less cowboy. I think he is about one in this photo.

Now for this week the kit is 35% off, so you'll want to head over to Stuff to Scrap and pick up Round Up soon. Now for my freebie for you.

And if you head over to Nicole's blog you'll find links to other freebies from my other CT members.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Hi all, for those concerned my sister Sharla is out of the hospital and doing much better. It is a slow road, and she is bored already, but she gets to go back to work half days starting tomorrow. Now for the fun stuff. I am going to show you some layouts I made with a kit called Noel which is a collab by Mommy Me Time Scrapper and The Scrappy Kat. I love the colors in this kit, it has the traditional red/green/gold but also has purple and blue. So it can go with just about any holiday photo you have.

My first layout is of Sharla and her favorite Christmas present this year. Yes she got an Ipad (and so did I) and we both love them. It has been lots of fun going through the million and one apps available for it. I used more of the traditional colors in this layout.

My second layout I through in a little of the purple, just because I love purple. The photos are of Callie jumping. Yes jumping. She would jump and we tried to catch it on the camera. I think I did fairly well. It was fun just watching her try. As you can see I used the flowers on this layout as well, they are just so pretty.

So head over to Stuff to Scrap and pick up Noel soon. You will love all that you can do with it. My schedule is going to be wonky for the next couple of weeks, but I promise to try and get some more blog posting do for ya'll.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Can it be a bad year already???

Ok so far 2011 is not the best year I've ever had. New Year's Eve was spent in the ER with Sharla, she has congestive heart failure...yeah you read that right. I had all these great plans to post out a lot of my layouts on New Year's Day, and over the next couple days, while I was off. But that all went by the wayside. She is feeling better, but they still have her in the hospital, and we're hoping she gets to come home tomorrow.

I have a massive amount of layouts to show you, ok maybe not massive, but enough that I want to get them out of my to do box. Today I'm going to focus on layouts I created for Challenges at Polka Dot Plum. The first up is a photo of Trey, Callie and Cole, taken a couple of years ago. The kit is Christmas Treasures by Charm City Scraps. It was done for a word art challenge and Tobi Dawne did the word art.

Next up is one of Zoey I did for a font challenge, the font was called Font Moochers and I really liked it. Zoey is in my pillows and not happy that I brought the camera out...thus the title.

Now for a Christmas time tradition at our house. Well actually at our pet store. They have a Santa for the babies. This was last year, and it was a real challenge getting three into and out of the store. This year we took Cole along for support. The kit used is Glittery Christmas by Sugar Pie Scraps.

Next is photos from Aunt Jean's birthday party. We all had a great time, and she was very surprised. I used a kit and template by Jen C Designs.

Ok I've discovered photo treatments and am having lots of fun playing with the free ones I've found. My favorite is one called 70's that gives the photos a look like something from the 70's. I did it on this photo of Cooper, it is not the best example, but I really like the effect.

I used the same treatment on this photo of Tucker. It lightens the photo and washes the color just a bit. Which I really think is cool (maybe because I remember the 70s). The kit I'm used on this one is called A Dog Says Woof by Roseytoes Designs.

Here is one I did of Sharla, the photo was taken last spring. I'm not sure I'll ever get her to go back and pose there again, because afterwards I found a baby possum in one of my photos right where she had been standing.

Now for a couple of older photos. This is Callie and Cole playing on the couch. She was tickling him with her fingers and hair and the more he laughed the more she did. Sharla was having a hard time hanging on to him.

I've had many people tell me that if they believed in reincarnation, they would want to come back as one of my dogs. Ok my babies are a little spoiled. Here is Tucker, as he watched me getting dressed one morning. You can see he leads a really tough life.

The last one for now, is Sharla and Cooper. I did it for a lyric challenge, but I only pull a couple of words to use. I love this kit by Secret Stash called The Way That I Am. It works for so many things.

I will try to be back tomorrow with more. I really want to get my stash cleared out and then blog on a more regular basis. Keep Sharla in your thoughts and prayers!!!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Snow Day

Ok we don't get too many Snow Days here in Texas, but we do get them. Today I'm going to show you a layout I made with a new kit by Digi-designs called Snow Day. It is a beautiful mix of blues, greens and creams that work for snow pictures and so much more.

My layout is of Callie on Christmas day in 2004. We got a mixture of snow and ice and she was trying to get a closer look. How she kept from falling on her face I'll never know.

The kit and matching quick pages are on sale today for 35% off (sorry I'm late posting), so make sure you head over to Stuff to Scrap and pick up Snow Day today. Also Nicole is having a CT call, here is the info on it.

Nicole also created a kit and quick pages for the build a kit at Stuff to Scrap this month. Here is the flier with the details and a preview of her part.

I have lots more to show ya'll, but with Sharla in the hospital I'm running behind on everything.