Thursday, December 31, 2009

Thursday, Dec. 31st

Happy New Year's Eve everyone. Can you believe I'm blogging again today. Don't expect daily updates in the future, as much as I would like to do so, it just isn't in me. Look at the time, I almost forgot today's blog, I talked about it earlier with a friend, but then forgot once I got home. But I so wanted to get everything posted that I had done this year.

So here goes, the first one today is one of the last ones I did this year, it is of Callie and her Christmas present. Since she bought her house she asked for practical gifts like a rake. She laughed when she saw the package. Although it wasn't fun unwrapping the handle because Sharla taped it too well.

Next is one I did for a speed scrap and is Cole at Guyer High School Game, he is the one carrying the US flag. He looks so grown up in his uniform, but he is still such a goof ball at times. It is so hard for me to believe that he is 16...where did the sweet little boy go.

Now for another speed scrap layout. It is Callie on Thanksgiving after dinner. She was just wiped out, so she found a spot on the floor and laid down. When I starting taking pictures, she began making funny faces. She is one of a kind.

Next is Sharla and Cooper napping, no they don't nap all the time, well they do quite often, but I don't always take pictures of it. I just love this series of photos, and I took a lot that day, so here they are again. I really like the photo of him giving her a kiss.

Ok the last one is another speed scrap, and it is of Cooper. The photo was taken several years ago, and from the looks of it just before he was groomed. He was definitely fuzzy. It is one of my favorite pictures of him. It was before he hated cameras. Now it is hard to get him to look at you if you are holding a camera.

I had two other hybrid projects, but I didn't really like them, I only did them to complete some challenges, so I decided not to post them here. YEAH.....I got them all in, whoo hooo, six minutes to spare. Thanks to everyone who stops by to see what I'm doing. I hope to continue next year, and I've even signed up for a 52 week project so I have to do at least one layout a week. I hope everyone has a Blessed New Year....

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wednesday, Dec. 30th you thought I wasn't going to make four in a row...well I fooled you. It might be late in the day, but it is still the 30th. I looked last night and I have about 15 layouts not shown before, so I've got to post today. I'm thinking about changing up things a little after the 1st, but I'm not sure yet. I'm also thinking about signing up for a "My Life" partner at Stuff to Scrap for a 52 week project. The idea being I take at least one picture a week and scrap it. We'll see...but for now it's time to show you some layouts.

The first one is an older one that I found when going through my layouts, but I don't find where I ever posted it here. It is Cooper playing with his purple bear (actually it is Tucker's purple bear). We have a green bear and purple bear and Cooper loves them, when he carries it in his mouth, he can barely breath.

Next up is Tucker and Cooper visiting Santa. I did the layout for a speed scrap and I love the Christmas kit I used. The layout came out ok, it is not a favorite, but it's not bad.

Now for a layout I really do like. I did it for a challenge that required you use "sleeping" pictures. Sharla is faking it in this photo, but Cooper isn't. I love the colors of the layout and all the flowers tucked behind the paper and photo.

Well sometimes you do a layout and it is just not what you want, but you can't figure out how to make it better. That is the case with this one. It was done for a speed scrap, and I like it, but I don't love it.

Now for one I do like a lot. I did this for a speed scrap and it just turned out great. In the original photo Tom, Mecca and the kids are wearing bright red, but that didn't go with the kit I wanted to use, so I did a photo treatment, and it worked well.

This layout was also a speed scrap and I like it as well. It is of course Tom and Callie, taken last summer. The kit I picked was very girlie, but I think it worked great with the word art and photo.

Now for a fun layout, Callie and Cole making faces...I know who would have ever imagined those two prim and proper children would ever do such things. Yeah I know, I'm living in a dream world. They do like to have fun and I'm blessed to be a part of it.

Ok another fun layout. Callie didn't make these faces when she decided to become a home owner...well maybe she did and I just wasn't there to capture them. She proudly purchased her first house in late October. It is very cute, and she is very is good.

The last one for today is one I don't like, but only because it has me in it. I don't like to scrap pictures of me. But the challenge was to scrap about yourself. I almost skipped it, but then I found a picture of me that is more Tucker than me and thought what the heck.

Ok that is it for today, I'm going to try to come back tomorrow and finish out any old layouts so I can start the new year fresh. Of course that means I'll have to get scrapping. I hope everyone has a very safe and Happy New Year.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tuesday, Dec. 28th

Ok, they say it may snow again...this is TEXAS snow three times in December is just wrong!!! It has been fun because it is snow not ice, but I'm ready for a little bit of Texas style winter (cool, but not freezing). Ok, I'm back for the third day in a row...woohoo... to show you more layouts. I have about 20 just on my jump drive, but I won't post them all today. I think I have more on my machine at home, and I am determined to clear them all out before the first of the year. We'll see how well I do.

Ok, first up is a layout I did of Cole. It was for a quote challenge, and the quote was "Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind". For some reason that quote just screamed Cole to me. He is such a goof at times and he doesn't care who knows. The photos are of him with a pink pillow on his head, he said it made him look like some character from a video game. I love the grin on his face.

Next is a layout I did for a template challenge and used photos of Zoey. She had just been groomed, so her little face was just so cute. She does not like her photo being taken, I think it is the flash, and if Mom wasn't holding her, I think she would have just walked away. You can see she isn't thrilled with the process.

Ok the next layout is Zoey as well. It was done with what is called a blind SS, which is basically a speed scrap, where they give you all the instructions at once and you try to make your layout match the leaders as close as possible, but you can't ask questions. If was a little different, I don't normally ask questions, but I'm not normally trying to match someone's layout either. I like the results even if mine didn't match too close.

Now for a favorite of mine. I did it for the Halloween Past contest at Digi Scrapbook Mania. It is what we fondly call the Callie's "Nurse Big Butt" costume. She had some cute costumes over the years, but this is one of my favorites.

Ok next is another speed scrap over the Halloween weekend (yeah I know I'm late posting these). It is Tucker Joe in a lion's suit. I got a Sweet Pea, Lion, and Devil costumes this year and we took all the babies in them (well not the devil it was too big). It wasn't too happy about the hood, but he didn't fight the costume (I think because it fits like his harness).

Now for a Cooper layout, I can't show you two without throwing in the silver darling. I did this layout as a speed scrap as well. The leader had you download the template to use and I really like how it came out. I think because it shows his head tilt so well. He is so funny when you talk to him, he'll tilt his head like he is really listening to you.

Now for a generic layout. There are some wire (iron or whatever) horse in the Colony, that I saw on flickr one day, so Sharla and I tracked down where there were located. I want to go back at sunset sometime, but I liked the daytime photos too.

The next challenge was different, it was a telephone challenge. The first person created a layout and sent it to the second person who scraplifted it and then sent their layout to the third person and so on. I was about 8 in a chain of 12. When it was over the leader showed everyone layouts, and it was so funny to see the first to the last and how much they changed. Just like in the telephone game, the more people it passed through the more it changes. The photos are Callie taken this summer, she has such a beautiful smile.

Next is another Zoey layout. It was done for a speed scrap and she is wearing the sweet pea costume. I like this layout, but it is not one of my favorites. I couldn't get the elements to work like I wanted. I was trying to use a specific kit and it just didn't click for me. It's not bad, just not my favorite.

Ok this is one of grumpy dog, otherwise known as Cooper. He was not happy. I did a technique where you copy the layer and make the top layer b/w and then selectively erase to bring some color through (on this one it is the orange stripe). I really like this technique, but never think about it when I'm creating. It is only done here because it was part of the instructions for the speed scrap.

And the last one for today is Tucker in the pumpkin patch. Again this was for a speed scrap, and it is one of my favorites. I love simple layouts where the photos really pop and I think this one does just that.

Ok that gets about half of the ones on my jump drive posted. Tomorrow may have to be a long post as well. But once I get caught up, then hopefully they won't back up this badly again...I said Hopefully!!!!!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Monday, Dec. 28th

I know you're shocked...two posts in two days...I said I was going to try and get better. I have a bunch of layouts from October and November that I never showed you, so I'm trying to get them all out this week. I want to start the new year fresh, and try to stay on top of things a little better. So these are from all kinds of challenges and such.

The first one is Callie from several years ago. She had been talking about starting a hope chest, but she wanted practical stuff in her chest. So Sharla and I got her some Charmin toilet paper, yes, we're high class on the best gifts in our house. It definitely made everyone laugh and that was the important part. The challenge was to do a holiday layout.

Next up is a layout I really like. The challenge was you had to frame only part of the photo and that part could be in color, and the remainder of the photo had to be in black and white. I would have never thought to do this on my own, but the effect is very cool. I'm just waiting for the chance to do this again in the future. The only thing is the photo has to be just right to make it work.

Now for sort of layout. The challenge was to use a specific font. And Sharla and I had gotten the cups where you could make your own insert, so I combined the two together. I like it, but I have to admit it is not my favorite. I'm going to do another soon.

This next layout actually won me a prize, not because it is a great layout, but because so few people entered. Over the Halloween weekend, Digi Scrapbook Mania had several different challenges/contests and this layout was done for the costume contest. The rule was you had to make your costume out of things you found on your desk/computer area. Sharla and I talked about several options, but none really panned out, so in a moment of silliness I had her snap these pictures, and I said I was "Thing" from the The Addams Family. Yeah I know, it was weak, but it there.

Next is a layout I did for a speed scrap, and I really like it. It is Cole taken at a football game where he is performing Color Guard duties. I can't explain how much pride I have in him when I see him all dressed out in his uniform. It is almost scary how grown up he looks...OK I know he is almost grown, but I don't have to admit to that just yet.

Now for a layout of the know I have to throw at least one of them into the mix. This one was done as a template challenge. I really liked how it let me use a lot of papers. The photos were all taken during the fall, but at different times.

OK my last layout for now is Sharla and Callie, doing what they do best...goofing around. The photo was taken on Christmas last year. I love the sparkle in their eyes, you just know some mischief is about to take place. I did it for a speed scrap, and as I was doing it, I didn't think I would like the results, I think I changed the papers about 5 times, but in the end I do like it.

That is it for today...well unless I get energetic tonight. But more soon I promise.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sunday, Dec. 27th

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, I know I did, and a white Christmas at that...not something I've seen much here in Texas. It was a day of laughter for us, we went over to Tom and Mecca's house. We opened presents, had a wonderful dinner and then played some games...and let's just say the games of Things can get pretty funny. I thought Cole was going to need CPR at one point, he was laughing so hard he couldn't breath.

I got some good pictures and I'll be scrapping them over the next week or so, but I'm here to tell you about several things going on at Stuff to Scrap. First they are having a sale through the end of the year, see the ad below.

Also starting in January they are doing a Darling Designer Contest. I won't be entering, because I'm not the designing type, but if you are, I really do recommend at least trying.

And the last thing I want to tell you about is Nicole is the feature designer at Forever Free Downloads on December 28, 29, and 30th. And below is the great mini kit you can get if you visit the site each day. I'm linked the preview, so head over and get the kit.

And for those who come by to see my layouts, I do have a few for you. Most are from the challenge a day in November at Stuff to Scrap. I'm going to try very hard to get caught up before the end of the year on all my layouts (we'll see).

This one is Mecca and Callie taken several years ago and I did it for the November Color Challenge at Stuff to Scrap. I had to use Red/Black/White on the layout. I found the photo splits and wanted to try them. I like the results.

Next is one done of Zoey. She was laying on the bed in the front bedroom and she started her rolling. She does this a couple times a day, and it is so funny to watch. I got my camera and she really gave me the funk eye when I took the picture. The challenge here was to used specific colors again, this time it was purple. I love the soft colors of this kit.

Next is the last one for tonight, and it is the things I can't live without. My needs are pretty simple, family, fur babies, food, shelter, starbucks...ok so I'm addicted.

More later in the week (I promise.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wednesday, Dec. 23rd

Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas. I'm not sure I'll get another post done before Christmas, so I'll wish everyone a very Merry Christmas now. And if I do get another post, they it will just be more tidings of great joy. Today I get to show you a great new kit by The Scrappy Kat called Shop-a-holic and it is just too cute for words. It is a collaboration with Flower Scraps. The colors are girlie (yeah!!!) and the elements are precious. I've done three layouts with it already, and I know I will use it more.

The first layout is Mecca, Sharla and Callie looking through the Black Friday ads on Thanksgiving Day. We didn't find anything that we were willing to get up at 4:00 am to go buy, but we did find some deals and so we did a little shopping. I love the little store elements, I think I may try to use them as a frame in the future.

Next is my friend's daughter Angela. We went to a local park on Sunday because the day was too pretty to stay inside. I wanted some pictures of Angela, because is is very pretty, photogenic and it was a great way to waste an afternoon. She was climbing on all kinds of things, but I had her stop here because the sun was behind her and gave her angelic glow...ask her mom and Sharla about how not angelic she really is...I'll tell that one later when I figure out how to post a video here.

The last one is of Callie, years ago and on Thanksgiving. She has always had a sense of style. I really wanted to use the little dress and girl elements, and this is the results.

That's is it for now...I hope each of you has a very Merry Christmas full of love and joy.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Friday, Dec. 18th

That Christmas train is coming it is rolling around the bend...and it is gathering speed. I hope ya'll all have your shopping done, presents wrapped and are just enjoying the I'm a little behind this year, but I make (or so I tell myself).

Today I have 2 different kits to show you. The first is by Mad Genius Designs called Pretty Cozy. The kit is full of pretty items, and since Jewel let me pick the kit, I just couldn't resist it. The colors are very homey to me, they are just plain cozy (hehehe), and the elements are cute, and fun to use.

My first layout is Mecca and MawMaw taken on Thanksgiving day. They were just sitting on the love seat chatting, after dinner. I think if things were a little quieter Mecca would have taken a nap, it was just that kind of day. I love the scalloped edge paper that came in the kit and I just had to use it.

My next layout is of Honey the newest member to the clan. She is Callie's new dog and the bond between them has grown strong very quickly. She is a beautiful German Shepard, and I love this photo of her. I also like the purples and greens in the kit and I really just had to use them together.

My last layout with this kit I did for the font challenge at Stuff to Scrap Forum. I like the font it's called Joe's Hand, and I really like this layout. It is Sharla and Zoey, on Thanksgiving day. I'm not sure Zoey was entirely happy, I think she really just wanted to take a nap too. But it is a great picture of Sharla.

The next kit is a collaboration by Digi Designs by Nicole and Stolen Moments. This kit also has purple and greens, but as you will see it is very different. This kit is called U-Da-Bomb and was really fun to use. I had not thought about needing a bomb element in the past, but this kit has a couple, so I thought ok let's see how I can use them.

The first layout is Callie, because she is "The Bomb". She has this face that she makes all the time for photos, and this picture captured it perfectly. So I cropped Sharla out of the picture (sorry Shar Shar) and then I used the one of Nicole's templates from her Template Temptations Vol. 1 and you can find it in the Stuff to Scrap Store. It was really fun to work those bombs into the layout.

My next layout is Callie and Cole taken Thanksgiving day. They were posing for photos and this is the last one before they started to horse around. I'm sure I'll have layouts of those photos soon, but I love this picture. They actually look so grown up, it makes me smile and tear up at the same time.

Ok two great kits, both available at the Stuff to Scrap Store and both great kits to have and use.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tuesday, December 15th

Just 10 days until Christmas, ohh my how the time flies. Today I'm going to show you a kit from JW-Digiscraps called Old Fashioned Christmas and it is such a fun kit. The color are traditional Christmas colors, but they have a vintage feel to them. The elements are great as well, I really like how she mixed several different types of items, glitter, stamped, even a felt stocking.

My first layout is of a friends daughter last Christmas, posing in front of the presents. She was young enough that she really liked opening the presents more than what she found inside. In fact she found a bunch of tiny presents in a sleigh and began unwrapping them. Inside was nothing but styrofoam, but she had the best time opening them.

The next layout is Tucker and Cooper visiting Santa at Petsmart last year. I didn't have any of our old Christmas photos scanned so I changed this photo to sepia to show how well the colors work with older photos. I love the red glitter tree, it really pops on a page, and I had to stop myself from using it in every layout.

My last layout is my December desktop for the office. I love the paper with the ornaments, and thought it would make a great background. Of course I had to add pictures of the babies to it. Tucker is wearing a Rudolph coat and Cooper and Zoey are in a Santa coat. All the babies accept the Santa coat fairly well, but none of them really like the reindeer coat, maybe because it falls over their eyes.

That is it for today...I'll be back later this week to post some more.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday, Dec. 14th

Christmas is right around the corner, I hope you have all your shopping done...I know I wish I did. I'm close, just a few touches and it'll be done. Yeah.

Today I want to show you a new kit by Digi Designs by Nicole, it is called Snow Fever. The colors are bright and clear, and work perfectly with snow pictures. Of course being from Texas, I don't have a lot of snow pictures, but I've found a few to use.

The first layout is Tucker, taken a couple of years ago. He was very unsure of the whole snow thing, not only was it cold, it clung to his feet. And having such short legs, it made the potty process very chilly. I would not have thought to use brown but it really makes the snow look brighter.

The next layout is Sharla and Cooper on the same day. Cooper really didn't like the snow. She had to force him to go outside. He was one cold baby when she brought him back inside.

I love this kit and will be using it more in the future. I will have more pages, tomorrow or Wednesday.