Monday, May 30, 2016

May Is For Makers - Week 5 & Memorial Day

Before I get to the patterns I purchased for May Is For Makers, I just want to say Happy Memorial Day. I know that  I am blessed to live in the USA and I owe that blessing to those that have fought to keep me free. I also know that Memorial Day isn't about backyard BBQs and boat rides on the lake, it is about remembering those that gave their lives in defense of this nation. I am so grateful for everyone that served or is serving, but I am beyond grateful for those that gave their lives so that I could be free. So this weekend as you enjoy your three day weekend, take a moment to say a prayer or a silent thank you to all those that gave all for us.

Now onto the patterns I bought this week, and yes I said patterns. I have a list of patterns I want to buy and I kept debating on which I should choose. Some are things I've been looking at for some time and others are things I just recently discovered. When I was reviewing the list this week, I had two that I just kept going back to over and over, so I decided to get both.

The first is Storage Pods from Love From Beth that I saw earlier this month when someone else purchased them for May Is For Makers. I don't remember who purchased them, but I love them and I think they would look cool in my sewing room. A girl can't have too many storage bins and pods right?

The second pattern I purchased is called Vintage Dresses by Charise Creates, Do I think I will make a full quilt of vintage dresses, probably not, but I do think they would make a great table runner or pillow.  And the are just so much fun!

All in all it has been a fun month of purchasing patterns. I have found lots of new designers to follow and I've added more patterns to my want to buy list. I do hope all the purchases for May is for Makers has shown the designers how much we appreciate their work.
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Monday, May 23, 2016

May Is For Makers - Week 4

Hi all, it is time to show you my purchase for May Is For Makers week 4, but before I do, just in case you didn't know, let me tell you that I hail from the great state of Texas. If you know anyone from Texas, we tend to be proud of our state, ok very proud of our state. And I am no exception. So when I found today's pattern I just could not resist.  Now I'm not sure when I will make this one, but I know that I will at some point in the future.  And it has 7 sizes, from baby to king, so maybe a future baby blanket. The pattern is called simply Texas Flag Quilt and it is by The Aspen Tree. I will admit I don't really know anything about them, I just stumbled on to the pattern on pinterest and couldn't resist it.

I love that each page of the pattern has a quote about Texas at the bottom. What can I say I told you we are proud of our state. My favorite is
"Texas is a state of mind. Texas is an obsession. Above all, Texas is a nation in every sense of the word,” – John Steinbeck, Travels with Charley; In Search of America
So that wraps up week 4 for May Is For Makers and next week will be the last week. I have a couple of patterns on my radar for next week, I just have to decide which one to pick.  I have loved seeing what others pick each week, some have even made want list. I think that is the fun part of this, I've seen lots of designers I didn't know.

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Monday, May 16, 2016

May Is For Makers - Week 3

First please excuse any typos, I'm typing this one handed. My second hand is holding Marley. We have storms in the area and he had to be groomed today, so two upsetting events means he wants to held...and yes I love it.  But now to move onto the pattern I choose for this week.  It is called Tango and it by Cluck Cluck Sew. I have several of her patterns and this one has been on my to buy list for a while. I love that it is simple, yet still looks cool.

I don't have any plans to make this pattern at the moment, but who knows, I have several FQ bundles that I don't any specific pattern that I plan to use, so maybe I will use this one. I picked this pattern because it is something that Sharla would feel comfortable making as well.  I can't wait to see what everyone else picks this week.

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Monday, May 9, 2016

May Is For Makers - Week 2

Ok I'm a little more timely this week with my purchase for #MayisforMakers. I had several choices already pinned but I ended up picking Picket Fence by Busy Hands Quilts. I am trying to pick patterns that I really want to make and that come in different sizes.  I love that this pattern comes in 6 sizes, which gives lots of options. I also picked it because it is layer cake friendly.  I have a couple of layer cakes that I bought with one idea in mind and have since decided I didn't want to do that, so now I have a use for them.

My intention with all the patterns is to use them in the future. I picked ones that I hope I can use multiple times. I know that will be the case with last week's pattern.  I got an email from my sister-in-law asking for a quilt made with the Courtyard Tiles pattern.  I gave her some fabric choices and she picked the one she liked best. Now I just have to get the fabric and get to sewing. I'm not promising for Christmas, but if I get lucky maybe one present will be done early this year.

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Thursday, May 5, 2016

May Is For Makers - Week 1

I'm not sure if you've heard about the May Is For Makers campaign started by Lindsey at LR Stitched, but the idea that we support some of the awesome independent quilt designers. Most do lots of free tutorials, quilt alongs and mystery quilts, but they don't make money off of those projects. They spend a lot of time working to create patterns, and sometimes we forget that as we visit their blogs. And as much as I would love for every pattern to be free, I realize that isn't possible. And if we don't support the wonderful quilt designer, they will find other things to support themselves and my not have the time or energy to create for us.

Now I know that sounds like some type of soap box pitch, but I do believe it. I am not a designer in any way, shape or form. So I'm not asking anyone to buy something from me. But I follow a ton of blogs, and I have seen some just stop because the designer couldn't continue to design and work elsewhere and it makes me sad.  I'm guilty of seeing patterns I like, but not purchasing them because I don't have a specific plan for it.

But that stops this month. I pledge to buy one pattern from a different independent designer every week in May.  The idea is to make your purchase on each Monday in May (there will be 5 Mondays) and to share your purchase on Instagram with the hashtag #mayisformakers. I will be sharing on Instagram and here as well.

I was late this week, because I couldn't decide what to buy and Monday and Tuesday were very busy for me. But I picked Courtyard Tiles by My Quilt Infatuation. I had this patterned pinned not once but twice on my patterns to buy board. I love that it appears to be curved piecing but isn't.

I could buy all five of my patterns from Kelly at My Quilt Infatuation, because I love her patterns. But I won't because I want to spread the love around. I'm already looking for my next week's pattern, the hard part is there are so many that I love.  I'm trying to be thoughtful on the patterns I buy, they need to be something I feel I could actually make. Hopefully I will be more on top of things and have my pattern actually purchased on Monday of next week.
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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

King's X

I've decided to call King's X and just not post goals for May. I didn't do much for April and never even showed what I did do here. So I'm taking a break....well sort of a break. I plan to continue to sew and quilt but I'm not setting any specific goal. I always pick one project and then two weeks in I want to work on something else. So rather than pick something in particular, I'm just going sew at random, whatever calls to me when I'm in my sewing room. Will I get a lot done, probably not, but I also won't have self imposed guilt about not doing what was on my list.

I'm also going to join the May is for Makers campaign started by Lindsey Rhodes at LR Stitched. I'm getting a late start but will be buying my first pattern today. I already know what I want, I just need to get over to the site and purchase it.  More about that later.

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And because no post should be pictureless, here is a picture of Marley, who has become more and more friendly. He is afraid of storms and wants to snuggle with me any time it rains. Something I love just a little...ok a lot.