Monday, May 30, 2016

May Is For Makers - Week 5 & Memorial Day

Before I get to the patterns I purchased for May Is For Makers, I just want to say Happy Memorial Day. I know that  I am blessed to live in the USA and I owe that blessing to those that have fought to keep me free. I also know that Memorial Day isn't about backyard BBQs and boat rides on the lake, it is about remembering those that gave their lives in defense of this nation. I am so grateful for everyone that served or is serving, but I am beyond grateful for those that gave their lives so that I could be free. So this weekend as you enjoy your three day weekend, take a moment to say a prayer or a silent thank you to all those that gave all for us.

Now onto the patterns I bought this week, and yes I said patterns. I have a list of patterns I want to buy and I kept debating on which I should choose. Some are things I've been looking at for some time and others are things I just recently discovered. When I was reviewing the list this week, I had two that I just kept going back to over and over, so I decided to get both.

The first is Storage Pods from Love From Beth that I saw earlier this month when someone else purchased them for May Is For Makers. I don't remember who purchased them, but I love them and I think they would look cool in my sewing room. A girl can't have too many storage bins and pods right?

The second pattern I purchased is called Vintage Dresses by Charise Creates, Do I think I will make a full quilt of vintage dresses, probably not, but I do think they would make a great table runner or pillow.  And the are just so much fun!

All in all it has been a fun month of purchasing patterns. I have found lots of new designers to follow and I've added more patterns to my want to buy list. I do hope all the purchases for May is for Makers has shown the designers how much we appreciate their work.
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  1. Those are great patterns Shauna. I've been having fun buying patterns as well. I hope you have a good Memorial day.


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