Thursday, December 29, 2016

Preparing for 2017

I can't believe how soon it will be 2017. In an effort to be more organized, I'm preparing for 2017 in several different ways.  I get so much more done when I am organized, and I have lots I want to do next year.  I'm not doing any major prep work, just small things to help me keep on track better. Some of these are quilt related, others just general things I'm working on to make life easier. Here are some of the things I'm doing.

1. Quilter's Planner. I have the 2017 edition and I've already started documenting things in it. I used the 2016 planner with some success last year, but found myself using it less as the year went along. So I'm trying to be more conscious about using it this year. I even bought some erasable pens to use with it this year.

2. Gratitude Journal. I've found that when I focus on the good things in my life I'm a much happier person. I've done challenges like 100 Days of Happy and such in the past and they have always helped me stay focused on the good. I decided this year I'm going to do a gratitude journal. I've done them in the past and they really are a great way to help me stay positive. I decided to use a composition book and I made a cover for it using some of my scraps. I made one for Sharla as well, but I'm not sure how she plans on using hers. These were fun to make and went together very quickly, mine is the purple and Sharla's is the pink.

3. To Do Lists. I've purchased a tablet of to-do list. They are meant to be a daily to-do list, but right now I'm using them as a weekly list. If I can master using them on a regular basis I will design some of my own and have Sharla print them for me. But for now I'm happy using the pre-made ones.

Now to the stuff without pictures, but still very important.

4. Move My Sewing Area. I actually did this in November, but I've been working on getting it organized in a manner that works for both Sharla and I. I think it is almost right. I was very lucky in that Tom and Mecca gifted me a wonderful top for my Raskog cart from Ikea. This cart sits between Sharla's table and my table, and with this piece we can iron or put a cutting mat on top of the cart and not have to get up to do simple ironing/cutting. The other two trays on the cart are used for storage. The goal is to keep the sewing tables as clear of clutter as possible.

5. Preset Project List. Sharla and I each selected 12 projects that we want to work on in 2017. We then had Cole draw numbers between 1 and 12 and we assigned each project a month. The goal is that we finish the top in that month. Now we have a ton of projects beyond this list, but this was a way for us to work on existing items. If we finish an item early in the month we can move on to the next months or add in something new. This is only the list for tops, I haven't decided how I'm going to do the list for tops to be quilted yet.
6. Unsubscribe Emails. I started on Christmas Eve really looking at the emails I get in my two main accounts. I found lots of duplicates and lots and lots that I don't even open, I just immediately delete. So I started to unsubscribe from as many as possible. I didn't count exactly how many I did over the holiday weekend, but I noticed a dramatic reduction in the volume of emails in my mailboxes this morning. So instead of wasting time deleting tons of emails each day, I can use that time for something more beneficial.

7.  Review/Edit My Blog Reading List.  This started by accident, when I went to classify a couple of new blogs I added and I saw the number of blogs I follow. I first went through and opened the latest post for each blog to see if I read it or skipped it. I was really surprised by how many blogs on my list didn't post anymore. So those were an easy delete. Then I looked to see if I really read the blogs or not. Some I started following and then found I didn't enjoy the writing style or quilting style or whatever, and I would just mark them as read, without even opening the page. So I deleted them from my list. I am still going through and doing some more edits, but mostly for categorization purposes.

8. Fabric/Project Organization. This is an ongoing project for me, I'm constantly, trying to get all of my fabrics and projects organized.  Since I moved my sewing table away from where my fabric is stored, I have to stay more organized. If not it gets out of hand very fast. How do I know this you might ask. Well in just the short time I've had my sewing table else where my fabric has gotten out of hand. Mostly because I pull fabric and don't put it back in the right spot. So my plan is over the New Years holiday, everything has to be put back in place.  I've been working on it some, but the goal is that it be complete by the 2nd of January.

Well that is my prep list for 2017. Each is of these is designed to either free up time or focus me in the right direction, both of which I need. Do I need to do about a zillion more things, yes, I could write all day about what I need to do, but that would get boring and leave me no time for getting anything done.  So for now these are what I'm going to focus on through this weekend (and into the new year).  I hope each of you has a wonderful New Year and please remember to be safe over the holiday weekend.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Best of 2016 Linky Party

I'm joining Cheryl from Meadow Mist Designs in listing my five favorite blog posts from last year. I was pretty sad when I went through my blog and realized I didn't get nearly as much done as I wanted, but decided I was going to do this anyway.  I may not have accomplished a lot, but I did have some accomplishments.

1. Tic Tac Toe Quilt Finish. This was my 2015 Bee Hive bee quilt.

2. Piggy Bank Challenge Reveal.  Sharla and I saved a total of $233 with our loose change and we bought some very pretty fabrics with it.

3. Box Trot Finish. Sharla still loves this quilt and wants to make another one in the same pattern this year.

4. Stash Bee 2015 Quilt Top Finish. I still need to quilt this one, and it is still probably my most favorite quilt top I've done.

5. 4 X 7 Sewing Challenge Wrap Up.  I really got a lot done during this challenge, and I hope to participate in it again this year. I was so happy to finish all of my crosses for my cross quilt.

For 2017 I'm hoping to have many more finishes, but only time will tell if that comes true.  If you want to see what other's have picked as their favorite or best blog posts, check out Meadow Mist Designs Best of 2016 Linky Party. And you can even join in if you want.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

2017 Planning Linky Party

First let me say, yes I am alive and I'm sorry for dropping off the blogging cliff. I don't have a good excuse, I just didn't want to blog.  I can't even say why I haven't wanted to blog, I've not gotten lots done, but I have done some things I could blog about. I think it is more that life in general took my time and my focus.

But enough about what I've not done, let's talk about what I am going to do. I'm joining Yvonne at QuiltingJetGirl for her #2017PlanningParty. I've linked up with her the last couple of years and while I may not have accomplished everything on my list, it is still a good thing for me to list goals, if for no other reason than to push me to make them.

Last year I cut my list of goals down quite a bit and although I've working on all of them some, I'm not sure I mastered any of them. So I think I'm going to use them again this year.  Yes I know that seems like cheating, but I really do want to be better at all of these things.

1. Use More/Buy Less.  I did really well with this until about July. I participate in the Annual Piggy Bank Savings = Money for Quilting Challenge and when I counted up my money I went on a bit of a spending spree, that lasted way too long. Not to mention the Black Friday Sales.  Now I realize that to say I'm not going to buy fabric is just plain silly, that isn't going to happen. But what I have done is listed 12 projects where I currently have everything or almost everything to complete the top, and each month I'll pick one to finish that month.  They range in age from 4 years to just purchased, and are all really easy quilts, so I should be able to complete the top in a month.  Here is my list

To keep it interesting, I'm going to randomly pick one each month to complete. I've also decided to join The Honey Pot Bee this year, and I've decided that I will use my stash. I am going to use the ton of low volume fabrics I have with pops of colors all coming from my stash. Currently I have two tubs of low volume fabrics and I would like to get that down to one. I gave up tracking my usage last year around June or July, but I'm going to try again this year.

2. Quilt for Others. I did the more last year than ever before, but didn't quite get it completed. I have a king sized quilt for my sister-in-law, that was supposed to be her Christmas present that is going to be just a little late.  Luckily I have the top completed so I can at least show her progress.  And if you look at the list above there is one for Callie and Beau and one for Cole on the list. I know that isn't a lot, but I am more about taking small steps.

3. Balance and Organization. I did use the planner last year for part of the year, and they everything just stopped. But I've purchased my 2017 planner, have a to-do tablet on my desk to keep me on track and a mindset to get myself organized.  I've always been a list maker, now it is time to start knocking things off the list.  I've also done some real organization of my projects, it isn't complete, but it is so much better than it was. It lets me find things and hopefully keeps me purchasing something I already have.

4. Find Reasons to Be Happy.  This one is different from last year. Last year I wanted to stop comparing myself to others, and I've done much better. So although that will still be a goal, I want to focus more on finding the things that make me happy. Little things, big things, it doesn't matter the size. In 2015 I did the 100 days of Happy Challenge and that really helped me focus on finding joy in little everyday things and I want to focus on that in 2017. Will I have 365 days of Happy, that is doubtful, but I'm hoping to find something to be happy about on most days.

5. Keep Moving Forward. I hope that this one is always on my list. I always want to do new things, shed things holding me back, and change direction as needed. Yes that is vague, but for 2017 I just want to do something different. That could be join a guild, learn a new skill or tap dance naked down main street, ok let's knock one of those off the potential list.  I already know of one new thing I'm going to do and that is quilt a king sized quilt, so hopefully I will be off to a good start.

That is it for me for now. I hope each of you has a Very Merry Chirstmas and a Happy New Year. And if you want to check out other's goals head on over to QuiltingJetGirl's Blog.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Ok I've used to pick winners for the Check Plus and Vintage Star patterns and I've notified the winners.  Yeah!!


The winner for the Check Plus pattern was number 7 and that was OhioLori.

And the winner for the Vintage Star pattern was number 15 and that was rosemaryschild.

Now if you weren't lucky enough to win one of the patterns you can still pick them up at Cheryl's Esty or Craftsy stores. I've worked with several of Cheryl's patterns and they are always well written and easy to follow.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Vintage Star Quilt Pattern Giveaway

Posting two days in a row, what is wrong with me. Today I'm going to show you another new pattern by Cheryl at Meadow Mist Designs. This woman is on a roll designing and  her patterns are just so wonderful. I love so many things about her patterns, this one comes in two sizes and is layer cake friendly. Who doesn't love using precuts!!!!  The pattern today is called Vintage Star and is simply beautiful.

The lap size of this one can be made with one layer cake. I love the fabric she used for her sample, it is Marmalade by Bonnie and Camille. I wish I had a layer cake of that fabric to make one for me. Now Cheryl is being very generous and allowing me to give away a copy of this pattern. To be in the drawing simply leave a comment on this post. If you don't know what to say, tell me your favorite fabric line (past or present). If you follow me leave another comment for a second chance to win. If you want more chances check out Cheryl's Blog for other's with giveaways. And if you can't wait to get your hands on this pattern, it is currently on sale until Oct. 4th at Cheryl's Esty and Craftsy store.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Pattern Checking And A Giveaway.

I'm not sure what has happened to my blogging mojo lately, but it is definitely missing. And although I'm not writing as much I am still reading blogs and I was lucky enough to get the chance to proof a pattern for fellow blogger Cheryl at Meadow Mist Designs. I love her patterns, they are always easy to read and follow and Check Plus is such an awesome pattern. I love patterns that come with different size options and this one has four choices, baby, lap, twin and king and it is fat quarter friendly.

Proofing is fun for me, it is something I used to do for my job on a regular basis and I miss it. So whenever I get a chance to proof patterns for Cheryl I jump on it. Now something I love about this pattern is she includes a coloring diagram so you can play with your color choices. I have fabric picked out to make this one, but have to get through my Christmas present making first.

Now Cheryl has this pattern on sale until October 3 for 25% off and you can get it in her Esty or Craftsy store. And she has been kind enough to let me offer this pattern in a giveaway. It is open to everyone, everywhere, just leave a comment on this post, any comment will do but if you need a prompt, tell what you're working on right now.  You can get extra chances if you visit Cheryl's Blog and see the others hosting giveaways. And if you follow me leave a comment telling me how you follow for an additional entry.  I will pick a winner next Monday.

Friday, July 22, 2016

#2106 Mid Year Review

At the end of December last year I set out some resolutions, and now it is time to see how I am doing with them. I always wish I were doing better, but to be honest, I'm ok where I am right now. It has been a very hard year so far, and although I'm not as far along on things as I would like, I have made some progress so that is good. But here is the list I made and where I am on each item.

1. Use More/Buy Less - I was doing really good with this one until the last month or so. I don't think I purchased any fabric before May of this year. I did win a couple of giveaways, but no purchases. Then I fell off the wagon hard. In May I bought fabric for a quilt for Mecca and then in July Sharla and I have bought lots of fabric with money we saved in the Piggy Bank challenge and then we found a stash we made doing a garage sale 2 years ago and we bought more fabric with it. But we've tightened our belts again, and hope not to purchase anything else unless it is used to complete a quilt.

2. Quilt for Others - I'm quite happy with my progress on this one. I've bought fabric to do a quilt for Mecca and Tom, it will be my first king sized quilt. I also had everyone in my two bees this year make blocks for a quilt for Cole. So that is two quilts for others that are in the works. I also have Callie's and Beau's wedding quilt working as well. So I'm making progress, slow but progress. I have Mecca's quilt laid out in EQ7 because I wanted a guide to look at as I pieced. It is the Courtyard Tiles pattern I bought in May and the fabric is Bread n Butter by American Jane.
3. Balance/Organization - I still struggle with with one. I want to do it all, but often end up getting nothing done. I am still working on this one and will most likely continue to work on it forever. But the important thing is that if I'm working on it, then I'm at least trying to be balanced.

4. Stop Comparing Myself to Others - I'm doing better with this one. I still have moments where I get down because I've not gotten as much done as someone else, but they are fewer and farther between. Instead of being down because I've not gotten as much accomplished as I might want, I'm excited to see what others have done. And if I am having a down day, then I just don't read the blogs, that way I don't get further down. Have I stopped completely, no, but I'm better and that is good enough.

5. Keep Moving Forward - This one is hard to quantify, but I am saying I'm doing it. Earlier this year I had (and to some extent still do) some pretty terrible knee pain. I ended up getting not 1 but 2 injections in each knee. But I didn't let it totally sideline me. I may not have gotten as much done, but I have gotten some things done, so that is progress. I maybe moving forward at a snails pace, but for me movement is movement.

Over all it I've been doing ok this year, but as always I want to do better. With everything that has happened this year, there are days when I don't even want to get out of bed, but I do. So I'm going to continue working on my list and hopefully at the end of the year I will have even more progress to show. I will be linking up at Quilting Jetgirl today.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

4th Annual Piggy Bank Savings = Money for Quilting Challenge 2017

Last week I revealed our savings from last year's piggy bank challenge and now it is time to sign up for this year's challenge. Sharla and I have done this for two years and although we didn't save as much last year as we did the year before, we are signing up for it again. But I'm changing the rules just a little for us. We used to stop every weekday morning for coffee and every afternoon for tea at a local McDonald's, but trying to cut back on calories and spending we've changed that practice and rarely stop now. That was our main source of change. My plan this year is to weekly drop some paper money into my box along with my change. I am hoping to drop a minimum of $5 per week or at least $20 per month.

The first year I got very cute little banks which were a monkey and a duck which we named McGee and DiNozzo, which is what we still call our savings.

Now they are super cute, but very hard to empty especially paper money, so last year I bought two boxes at JoAnn's to use. These work much better. I keep mine on my desk and Sharla keeps hers on her dresser. They held up well, so we are going to use them again this year. 

As of right now, my box has $5.68 in it so I'm off for a good start to this year. Which is change I found cleaning out my nightstand and this week's $5. And in case you're wondering yes we still have the original banks, but now they are just used as decoration to make us smile. If you want to play along, find yourself a bank, cup, jar or box and start saving. you can check out the link up at Val's Quilting Studio.

Val's Quilting Studio

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Piggy Bank Challenge - Reveal

It is time to tell everyone how much Sharla and I saved last year with our piggy bank challenge. I am sad to say it wasn't as much as the year before, but we changed several of our buying habits and just got less change. However, a penny saved is a penny earned and we are happy that we saved what we did.

So for the year I saved $127 and Sharla saved $106, which totals to $233, which we have already spent. It didn't take us any time at all to pick out what we wanted, and we were able to catch a couple of sales, which made those pennies go even further.

Do you want to know what we bought? Well we both love Blueberry Park and we both love the Bright bundle, so we both got a fat quarter bundle. We are still what pattern we want to use for them, but right now the top choice is Big and Bold by Cozy Quilts Designs. As you can see below we've not even unwrapped the bundle, because it just arrived.

Next Sharla has been eyeing North Woods by Kate Spain for several weeks, and so she decided that she was going to get it. And although it is a Christmas collection, the fabrics aren't all Santa's and reindeer so I think she will use it for more than Decembers. We created a pattern off of something she saw but then we couldn't find again. So we used EQ7 to create a layout that will work for her. And she just had to open the bundle when it arrived, what can I say she gets a kick out of petting fabric.

And lastly, if you read my post last year I was eyeing a line called Tucker Prairie, but somehow I just never bought it. I love the colors, but whenever I would go to purchase it something else would catch my eye.  Yes I know my eye wanders a lot. When I was shopping I saw lots of things I liked, but I kept thinking of a pattern I purchased during May is for Makers called Picket Fence. And I wanted to make it and I found a couple of Tucker Prairie layer cakes and as they say the rest is history.

I still need to buy the background fabric for the Picket Fence and backing for all three of these, but for now I've used up my budget and we are very happy with our purchases. We will be doing the challenge again next year, because it is a great way to save a little or a lot depending on how much change crosses your path.  If you want to see what others saved you can check out the linky party at Val's Quilting Studio.

Val's Quilting Studio

Friday, July 8, 2016

Friday Finish - Tic Tac Toe Quilt

I was so happy earlier this week because I finished my Bee Hive 2015 quilt. Then all the events of last night happened and I was so sad.  I totally understand being angry enough at someone to hurt them, but I don't understand being angry and taking it out randomly on someone because of the uniform they wear, the color of their skin, the person they love or the religion they practice. I almost didn't do this post, because celebrating my little victory seemed shallow against the tragedy that occurred in Dallas last night. But then I decided that I wasn't going to let the stupidity of someone else rob me of my joy. So I will continue to pray for those involved, but I will also celebrate the joys in my life.

Last June I was the queen of Swarm Johanna for the The Bee Hive 2015 and I received some awesome blocks. I wanted the quilt to be my chair quilt for watching TV, so I added some extra blocks to it. I ended up making it approximately 60 x 72 (5 blocks by 6 blocks). I love the pattern, because the blocks are easy to make, and I love when it is put together you get a secondary pattern.

I asked for colorful "X's", grey corners, and low volume backgrounds and my bee mates did an awesome job.

I used a 108" backing I found at my LQS for the backing and binding. It is mixture of greys, black and blue which I thought worked well with the front.

I quilted it in a simple all over meander, and once it was washed it crinkled up very nicely. All in all, I'm very happy with this quilt and I can't wait until it is cool enough for me to use it. And I can't think all of my bee mates enough for their wonderful blocks!!!

And for those of you wondering what happened with my neighbor's dogs, well three of them were labeled as dangerous dogs (the full Akita and the 2 Akita mixed) and won't be returning unless my neighbor builds a fortress in his backyard. The judge originally labeled all four dogs as dangerous, but there was one lab mix that didn't have any Akita in it that we allowed to deemed safe and returned to the family. The lab mix was also not involved in the incident and had not shown any aggression at the shelter. All in all it was just a sad situation that could have been avoided if my neighbors would have fixed the fence and socialized their dogs.

I am linking up my finish with Can I Get A Whoop Whoop @ Confessions of a Fabric Addict,  Finish It Up Friday @ Crazy Mom Quilts, Thank Goodness It's Finished Friday @ The Carpenter's Daughter Who QuiltsNeedle and Thread Thursday @ My Quilt Infatuation and Fabric Frenzy Friday @ Fort Worth Fabric Studio.  

Friday, June 17, 2016

Beyond Angry And So Very Sad

Yesterday was a very bad day, and right now I can say I don't like people very much. After picking Sharla up from work and running several errands, we came home and started to fix dinner for the dogs when Hollywood bolted through the doggie dog like he was being chased. Sharla then saw a shadow outside the doggie door and thought it was Zoey, but Hollywood was acting strangely. She looked out and saw our neighbor's dogs in our yard. I went out to chase them back to their side of the fence and saw Zoey lifeless on the ground, with one of the dogs stand over her.

Now I when I say I lost it, that is putting it mildly. I began screaming at the dogs and screaming loud enough that the neighbor behind us heard me over his lawn mower. I finally got the dogs to go back to his side of the fence and got to Zoey, but she was gone. They had mauled her to death.

This little ball of fluff that wouldn't hurt a fly is gone because some stupid people couldn't control their dogs. Now if this isn't the first time we've had a problem with those dogs. They have been tearing up the fence for about a year, they have broken into our yard before, but we've always been around when it happened, so nothing bad resulted. The neighbor has semi patched stuff and blocked holes, but really done nothing to treat the real problem of 3 big dogs in a back yard needing exercise and socialization. The really sad part that angers me beyond words is that my neighbors haven't been home since this happened. I'm not sure if they are on vacation or what, but those dogs (normally I would say poor dogs, but right now I just can't pity them) have been in that backyard 24/7 with the heat index of 105. It angers me that someone would treat their dogs so poorly, and it angers me that they haven't socialized the dogs and it angers me that my dog suffered because of them.

Zoey did not always have an easy life. When we adopted her, she had be on the streets so long her coat was matted to the point they thought she was a boy dog. We had her shaved down and they found a crook in her tail where the mattes had deformed it. But I am proud to say that while she lived with us, she always had food, water, shelter, a warm bed and hugs if she would take them. She could be a grumpy dog, but she never snapped at anyone.

As she aged she grew more and more deaf, but she could hear or feel the vibrations if we knocked on wood. So to call her into the house we would knock on the back door and she would follow the sound. She didn't know what to make of Marley, he had too much energy for her, so she would normally just walk away from him. She was old, but she could still be feisty. In the mornings she was right there demanding her food, and if we didn't wake up early enough she started walking around our bedrooms trying to get us going.

She was a quirky little dog that just wanted to be. She had a big bark for a little dog, and she loved sitting in the sun. She liked to go for rides so long as they didn't end at the vet's office. If she was mad at you she would turn her back to you and stare at the wall. She didn't like being dressed up, but loved to wear a shirt or sweater in the winter to keep warm. From the first day we had her she showed her "princess" spirit, and thought everyone should bow down to her.

We will forever miss our Princess Zoey LaRue. I pray that she is with Mom, Dad, Cooper and Tucker, soaking up the sunshine in heaven, at peace.

And if you are wondering, yes I have decided to press charges against my neighbor for having a dangerous dog. And if I could I would press charges for neglect as well. I truly don't want the dogs to be put down, but I don't want them living next to me either. For now I'm not sure what is going to happen, but if my neighbor hasn't come home by tonight, I've told animal control they can break the pickets on my fence to get to the dogs. For now we're going to mourn Zoey and protect Hollywood and Marley.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

OMG June Goals

I didn't set any goals for May and basically did very little sewing/quilting. So I'm going to go back to at least setting a few goals for myself. It's not like I will be punished if I don't complete the goals, and if it spurs me on to do more then all the better.

Main Goal. This is the one thing I want to get done for OMG and that would be get my plus quilt quilted. It is actually loaded onto the long arm, but I've not been able to get started on it. But it isn't really big so I should be able to get it done without issue if I can spend a day or two working on it. I don't have a good picture of the finished top, but here it is on the design wall.

#2. Bee Blocks, which is really not much of a goal since I've completed both blocks already. But I want to cut some extra fabric to send with them. And I don't consider them complete until they are in the mail.

#3. Callie and Beau's wedding quilt. I want to get it up onto the design wall and start piecing the top. I don't think I can get it completed this month, but I am hoping to at least get the top pieced or at least 75% complete.

#4. Ariella's top complete and start on Samuel's. I have to make progress on these because I want them off of my list of things to do. If I can get moving on them, I might be able to quilt Ariella's over the 4th of July weekend.

#5. Start cutting on Mecca's quilt. I still have to pick out the background fabric and get it ordered, but I have the FQ bundle, so I could get started on the cutting. It will be the largest quilt I ever made, so I need to allow lots of time to get it done.

#6. Cross blocks assembled. I would like to get another 20 four patches of cross blocks done. Since it is a large quilt, I'm sewing the 6 inch blocks into groups of 4 to make 12 inch blocks. That will make assembling the top a little easier.

#7. Quilt something else. I have a whole stack of quilts that need to be quilted and I just need to get off my bum and get going on them. If I had my choice it would be my flying geese quilt, but I will settle for getting anything else quilted this month.

#8. Clean my sewing room. I know I've not been sewing a lot so it shouldn't be dirty, but it is amazing how much dust gathers everywhere. I've got it pretty much organized the way I want it for now, but I need to do a good clean of everything.

That is my list, and yes it is long, and no I won't complete everything. But I've decided it is better to aim for the stars and miss, than to just do nothing.

Monday, May 30, 2016

May Is For Makers - Week 5 & Memorial Day

Before I get to the patterns I purchased for May Is For Makers, I just want to say Happy Memorial Day. I know that  I am blessed to live in the USA and I owe that blessing to those that have fought to keep me free. I also know that Memorial Day isn't about backyard BBQs and boat rides on the lake, it is about remembering those that gave their lives in defense of this nation. I am so grateful for everyone that served or is serving, but I am beyond grateful for those that gave their lives so that I could be free. So this weekend as you enjoy your three day weekend, take a moment to say a prayer or a silent thank you to all those that gave all for us.

Now onto the patterns I bought this week, and yes I said patterns. I have a list of patterns I want to buy and I kept debating on which I should choose. Some are things I've been looking at for some time and others are things I just recently discovered. When I was reviewing the list this week, I had two that I just kept going back to over and over, so I decided to get both.

The first is Storage Pods from Love From Beth that I saw earlier this month when someone else purchased them for May Is For Makers. I don't remember who purchased them, but I love them and I think they would look cool in my sewing room. A girl can't have too many storage bins and pods right?

The second pattern I purchased is called Vintage Dresses by Charise Creates, Do I think I will make a full quilt of vintage dresses, probably not, but I do think they would make a great table runner or pillow.  And the are just so much fun!

All in all it has been a fun month of purchasing patterns. I have found lots of new designers to follow and I've added more patterns to my want to buy list. I do hope all the purchases for May is for Makers has shown the designers how much we appreciate their work.
May Is For Makers |

Monday, May 23, 2016

May Is For Makers - Week 4

Hi all, it is time to show you my purchase for May Is For Makers week 4, but before I do, just in case you didn't know, let me tell you that I hail from the great state of Texas. If you know anyone from Texas, we tend to be proud of our state, ok very proud of our state. And I am no exception. So when I found today's pattern I just could not resist.  Now I'm not sure when I will make this one, but I know that I will at some point in the future.  And it has 7 sizes, from baby to king, so maybe a future baby blanket. The pattern is called simply Texas Flag Quilt and it is by The Aspen Tree. I will admit I don't really know anything about them, I just stumbled on to the pattern on pinterest and couldn't resist it.

I love that each page of the pattern has a quote about Texas at the bottom. What can I say I told you we are proud of our state. My favorite is
"Texas is a state of mind. Texas is an obsession. Above all, Texas is a nation in every sense of the word,” – John Steinbeck, Travels with Charley; In Search of America
So that wraps up week 4 for May Is For Makers and next week will be the last week. I have a couple of patterns on my radar for next week, I just have to decide which one to pick.  I have loved seeing what others pick each week, some have even made want list. I think that is the fun part of this, I've seen lots of designers I didn't know.

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Monday, May 16, 2016

May Is For Makers - Week 3

First please excuse any typos, I'm typing this one handed. My second hand is holding Marley. We have storms in the area and he had to be groomed today, so two upsetting events means he wants to held...and yes I love it.  But now to move onto the pattern I choose for this week.  It is called Tango and it by Cluck Cluck Sew. I have several of her patterns and this one has been on my to buy list for a while. I love that it is simple, yet still looks cool.

I don't have any plans to make this pattern at the moment, but who knows, I have several FQ bundles that I don't any specific pattern that I plan to use, so maybe I will use this one. I picked this pattern because it is something that Sharla would feel comfortable making as well.  I can't wait to see what everyone else picks this week.

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Monday, May 9, 2016

May Is For Makers - Week 2

Ok I'm a little more timely this week with my purchase for #MayisforMakers. I had several choices already pinned but I ended up picking Picket Fence by Busy Hands Quilts. I am trying to pick patterns that I really want to make and that come in different sizes.  I love that this pattern comes in 6 sizes, which gives lots of options. I also picked it because it is layer cake friendly.  I have a couple of layer cakes that I bought with one idea in mind and have since decided I didn't want to do that, so now I have a use for them.

My intention with all the patterns is to use them in the future. I picked ones that I hope I can use multiple times. I know that will be the case with last week's pattern.  I got an email from my sister-in-law asking for a quilt made with the Courtyard Tiles pattern.  I gave her some fabric choices and she picked the one she liked best. Now I just have to get the fabric and get to sewing. I'm not promising for Christmas, but if I get lucky maybe one present will be done early this year.

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Thursday, May 5, 2016

May Is For Makers - Week 1

I'm not sure if you've heard about the May Is For Makers campaign started by Lindsey at LR Stitched, but the idea that we support some of the awesome independent quilt designers. Most do lots of free tutorials, quilt alongs and mystery quilts, but they don't make money off of those projects. They spend a lot of time working to create patterns, and sometimes we forget that as we visit their blogs. And as much as I would love for every pattern to be free, I realize that isn't possible. And if we don't support the wonderful quilt designer, they will find other things to support themselves and my not have the time or energy to create for us.

Now I know that sounds like some type of soap box pitch, but I do believe it. I am not a designer in any way, shape or form. So I'm not asking anyone to buy something from me. But I follow a ton of blogs, and I have seen some just stop because the designer couldn't continue to design and work elsewhere and it makes me sad.  I'm guilty of seeing patterns I like, but not purchasing them because I don't have a specific plan for it.

But that stops this month. I pledge to buy one pattern from a different independent designer every week in May.  The idea is to make your purchase on each Monday in May (there will be 5 Mondays) and to share your purchase on Instagram with the hashtag #mayisformakers. I will be sharing on Instagram and here as well.

I was late this week, because I couldn't decide what to buy and Monday and Tuesday were very busy for me. But I picked Courtyard Tiles by My Quilt Infatuation. I had this patterned pinned not once but twice on my patterns to buy board. I love that it appears to be curved piecing but isn't.

I could buy all five of my patterns from Kelly at My Quilt Infatuation, because I love her patterns. But I won't because I want to spread the love around. I'm already looking for my next week's pattern, the hard part is there are so many that I love.  I'm trying to be thoughtful on the patterns I buy, they need to be something I feel I could actually make. Hopefully I will be more on top of things and have my pattern actually purchased on Monday of next week.
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