Quilt Finished

Ok I am not counting a quilt finished until it is quilted, bound and labeled.  More to keep me accountable than anything else.  I will confess that I have 23 tops completed that need to be quilted, I won't confess how many other projects that I have waiting to be pieced, that number scares me (hehehe). The title will be a link to the blog post about the quilt if you want more information or to see more photos. Some of these are pieced by Sharla and some by me, but I'm the one that quilts them all.  :)

Yellow and Black Quilt - 01/10/14

Bricks Quilt - 01/24/14

Green/Blue Quilt - 01/31/14

Sharla's Kissing Booth - 03/14/14

Sharla's Disappearing 9 Patch - 03/21/14

My Disappearing 9 Patch - 03/28/14

Sharla's Cheaper by the Dozen - 04/11/14

My Turning Twenty - High Street - 04/18/14

My Turning Twenty - Kissing Booth - 04/25/14

Star Crossed - 05/09/14

Sharla's Batik Charm Quilt - 05/09/14

Sharla's Turning Twenty High Street - 05/16/14

Every Which Way - 05/23/14

Sharla's Sock Monkey - 05/30/14

Rail Fence - 06/20/14

Monkey Blanket - 06/27/14

Leftovers Table Runner - 07/18/14

Diana Table Runner - 07/25/14

Hollywood's Quilt - 08/01/14

Watkins Star - 08/15/14

Cupid Shuffle - 09/26/14

Sharla's First Quilt - 11/14/14

Looking Glass - 11/26/14

And that is it.  I have a few more tops completed in 2014, but they aren't quilted yet.

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  1. You are brave to keep a tally of your unfinished projects. I am not prepared to stare my pile of WIPs in the eye like that!
    You have still finished a lot in just a few months.


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