Sunday, January 31, 2010

Splendid Moments

Isn't that what life is made up of, lots of little Splendid Moments. Well Nicole of Digi Designs by Nicole has a great new kit to scrap such times. It is full of rich colors, great elements and is just all around wonderful...truly.

My first layout is of Cole taken back in 2004. He did a project in his art class on the computer and his teacher entered him a contest and his piece was selected to be displayed with a group of others in Austin at the Capital. He even received an award for it. So we drove to Austin for the ceremony. Doesn't he look proud. The picture on the bottom left is his, and it reminded me of one of the paper on the top right, so I just had to do the layout with this kit.

My second layout is Callie, and the photo was taken in 2006. She had been trying to get us to capture her kicking her heels up in the air (that is harder to catch than you might think), and I'm not sure what she was doing to herself in this shot, but I thought it was funny and just couldn't resist scrapping it. I love the colors of this kit and I think they look so good together.

So head over to Stuff To Scrap and pick up Splendid Moments because it is on sale for 20% off this week. I'll be back tomorrow with more plus a freebie QP from a new kit by Scraps By Andrea

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Time For Fall

I know you're thinking we're not through with winter, and I'm already skipping spring and summer, but that is not it. I got to pick which kit from Just So Scrappy to use for my January CT duties at Stuff to Scrap. I love all of her stuff and I had a hard time picking, but finally decided on the kit called Time for Fall. The kit is beautiful browns, oranges, greens, yellows, reds and creams. And as always with kits by Just So Scrappy, the elements are wonderful.

My first layout is one of my favorites, I did it for the word of the week challenge at STS. I had to include the word photograph or photo on the layout. It looks like I spent a lot of time on this layout, but in fact is was very simple because the frame came with the cluster already attached. All the components for it are in the kit as well, but to make a beautiful layout fast, this kit is great. The photo is Sharla taking pictures at the fountains at Williams Square. I was behind her and I couldn't resist this shot.

My next layout is Zoey in the pumpkins last fall. She was not impressed with the whole photo process. She liked being outside in the field, but she doesn't like cameras. I love the the flower elements in this kit, it has several different flower head and stems, so you can make lots of different combinations.

My last layout is one of my favorites that I've done in a long time. It is what I always called "horse" apples, but their real name is bodark apples. There was a tree next to the parking lot at church, and Sharla and I took some pictures after church one Sunday. They were just laying on the ground, and I loved their bright green color against the brown ground. The kit has a set of cute pins that I just love.

That is it for today, but I really recommend this kit, it has great colors and elements, so head over to STS and pick up Time for Fall.

Speed Scrap - Give Aways

Ok, just letting you know there will be a speed scrap Friday at Stuff to Scrap and it will be lead by Andrea of Scraps by Andrea. The participation prize is the cutest mini kit. Below is a linked flyer and a preview of the kit.

Speed scraps are a great way to get free product and to learn and stretch your scrapping skills. I know I plan on being there.

Stuff To Scrap is being featured tomorrow (Jan. 28th) at My Give Away Today! Click on the button to see how you could win free stuff from Stuff to Scrap!

And for those who come by to see my layouts, I don't want to disappoint you. I have a couple of my P52 Challenges done as well as a speed scrap. First up is the speed scrap. The pictures are Cole at Thanksgiving. I think he looks cute in his hat, I know he probably isn't thrilled that I say that, but hey tough luck.

Next is P52 week 2 challenge. The challenge was to take pictures of everything things in your life that might not be picture worthy. I chose three things I use every day and would really hate to lose, my external hard drive, my coffee cup and my cell phones. I think it came out cute considering there are no people or dogs in it.

Next is P52 week 3 challenge, which was to photograph and scrap something about food. I had lots of ideas for this one, but decided to photograph one of my favorite foods and that is guacamloe live (from On The Border). Sharla and I had lunch with Tina and Angela and I photographed it before they mixed it up and then afterwards. But the best part of the meal was the people with me.

That is it for today. I'm current on my P52 projects and speed scrap stuff. I'll be back later with some of the challenges I've completed.

Monday, January 25, 2010

From The Heart

Yes I love all of ya'll and that comes directly From The Heart. Ok so maybe that is laying it on a little thick. But I am going to show you layouts from a great new kit by Digi Designs by Nicole and it is called From The Heart. I have to say I've very partial to this kit, because I helped pick the color palette. She ask for suggestions, and chose one I gave her for this kit. I've done three layouts with it so far, and it will most probably be my blog background for February.

My first layout is Callie and Mom at Thanksgiving. I did the layout as a scraplift for the STS forum. I really love the layout I was copying, and I wasn't sure anything I did would look as good, but I this is one of my favorite layouts. The kit has some great elements, and they just make any layout look good.

My next layout is Tom and Mecca, and even after 20 years they make a cute couple. Yeah I know Mecca is pretty enough you don't notice Tom. I love the dangle heart and the love word art that is in the kit.

My last layout is my sweet little love bug, Tucker. He is laying at my feet as I type this. He just wants to be with someone. He loves to snuggle up to my back and with in a moment he is snoring. The string art "love" is part of the kit and just too cute not to be used.

That is it for today. The kit is on sale for this week and is 20% off, so head over to Stuff to Scrap and buy it. I'll be back soon with more layouts. I have week two and three done for my P52 and can't wait to show them to ya'll.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Mein Schatz!

No I'm not cussing in a foreign language, it means "My Sweetheart" in German. Earlier this month I did a one kit call for Scrapteam2008 and they kindly asked me to be on their CT team. I was quite honored to accept. The kit they asked me to work with first is called Mein Schatz! and is a beautiful Valentine's kit. The colors are pinks and reds, but their is a little green and cream mixed in as well. I've done three layouts with it and really love all the elements.

My first layout is Zoey girl, taken this summer. I used lots of the flowers to layer in behind it, I think it worked out well. I had a hard time picking with frame to used, because the kit has several cute one.

Next I wanted to show you could use the kit for boys too, so I used the green paper, which I really liked and an old photo of Cole. He was spiffed up and his hair was spiky, which was his thing for awhile. I love the Be My Valentine word art that is in the kit and I thought it looked good on this layout.

My last layout is Callie, past and present. The small picture was taken way back when, and I love the heart shaped sunglasses. That girl has always had a thing about sunglasses. The current photo was taken at Thanksgiving. It is so hard to believe she is all grown. The kit has this cute beaded fringe element, but I only wanted one strand, and I really like how it looks.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Sweet Spring & A Freebie

Today I get to show you a new kit by Scraps by Andrea called Sweet Spring. I know I'm ready for spring and this kit is just perfect to put me in the mood. The kit has lots of great colors and the elements include birds, bows, buttons, flowers, frames, mushrooms, strings, and more.

My first layout is Callie and Mecca. When we were taking pictures on Thanksgiving, Callie had Mecca laughing and that made for some great shots. You can definitely see that they look alike in these pictures. I really loved the pinks in this kit and thought they would go so well with the "redheads".

My next layout is of Mom and Zoey. We were just playing around trying to get a good photo of the two of them, and it was very hard. Either Mom looked drunk or Zoey looked away from the camera. We kept teasing Mom that it looked like she had a drinking problem. But I finally got a few good ones. The kit has the cutest flowers, and although this layout has four on it, it is only a small part of what is in the kit.

And last but not least I have a Quick Page for you. I'm new to posting quick pages and such, so I'm hoping I'm doing this correctly. The image is linked.

I'll be back later with more layouts.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Be Lovable

Ok, I know two posts in the same day...I must be crazy. But I wanted to get out Nicole's new kit. Well actually it is a collab between Digi Designs by Nicole and Getting Scrappy with Britt and it is called Be Lovable. It is a great Valentine kit, full of bright, cheery colors, and fun elements. I had fun with this kit.

My first layout is Callie and Honey, taken at Thanksgiving. There is this cute little word art in the kit that I wanted to use. I started to use a photo that is very similar of Sharla and Cooper, but I like the colors in this photo against the bright colors in the kit.

My second layout is my Tucker Joe. At Christmas Sharla got this fuzzy robe, and since she was sitting on the floor when she opened it, she sat it down beside her. The next thing we know Tucker is moving it around like it is one of his blankies. She tried shooing him off, but he kept coming back. Tucker loves blankies, he pushes and scratches them until they are just right.

Be Lovable is a great kit. The colors just make you smile, and it is 25% off for this week only.

Sad Day for D'boys

I know all the Cowboy fans are depressed about now, but they had a good year. I would have liked them to go further, but such is life. I told you I would be back today with some layouts I've done recently for different challenges and such. In no particular order, here we go...

First is on of my favorite layouts I've done in a while...NOT. It doesn't even have a picture on it. One of my goals this week is to take at least one picture a week and scrap about it. To help encourage me, I've joined a group in the Stuff to Scrap forum called {My}Life. They are going to assign partners, and weekly give a challenge to help give you ideas of things to photograph/scrap. The first week was to do a list of goals. My goals are fairly boring, and so I didn't include any photos. But it was nice to get them down in writing, so that much was accomplished.

Now for photos I took during week one, I did another page. This page is the two photos I liked best. One is a rose after the Christmas snow and the other is Sharla sitting outside at the Shops of Highland Village. We went to get some pictures of the Christmas Decorations before they took them down. So yes these pictures count because I didn't take them until January 1st. I took a bunch more photos, but I liked these best.

Next is a layout I did for the color challenge at Stuff to Scrap. The colors this month are purple, cream, tan, and brown...woohoo one of my favorite color combinations. Another cool part about this challenge is you had two options, create a page like I did or create a mini kit. Since I'm not a designer I did a page, but the cool part is those that did the mini kits offered them to everyone else for free. The picture is Zoey and is my favorite week two photo. She was sitting on my bed and let me get one good shot before she turned away and refused to look at the camera again. I'm not sure what she has gotten into, but her face is dirty and she is one stinky girl.

Now for a layout I really do like. It is Tom, Mecca, Callie and Cole posing at Thanksgiving. I did it as part of the recipe challenge. They tell you how many pictures, papers, buttons, etc to use like a recipe, but you get to mix it up however you want. I love that series of pictures, and I think this layout really is a nice blend of formal and fun.

Ok, the last one I'm going to post for now is from the desktop challenge. It was to think about your goals for the year and create a desktop that would inspire you. I decided to focus in on my P52 project goal and so I created a desktop that has 51 week holders. I don't think I will update it every week, but I'm hoping to update it several times over the year. It has been interesting looking at it every day. I really want to have one at the end of the year that is filled with different things that caught my eye.

I know I have new kits to show you this week, so I'll be back tomorrow for sure.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Let It Snow - Flake

My second designer this month at Stuff to Scrap is Misty O'Brien Designs, and she let me take my pick of her kits in the store. I had a hard time choosing, because they all looked cool. I really liked the colors of her kit Let It Snow - Flake, but was hesitant because I don't have a ton of snow pictures (a result of living in Texas). But I decided to choose it anyway and I am glad I did. The colors are rich deep colors, and although it is designed as a snow kit, you can do more with it.

My first layout is of my church, or maybe I should say it is of the snow outside of my church. Two years ago we had a fairly big snow storm come though during the middle of the day. Sharla and I left work early hoping to make it home before the traffic got too bad, but we were out of luck. We tried several different ways home as one would get blocked by an accident. We had to go by our church, and traffic was slow, so I rolled down my window and took the picture. If there weren't so many people on the road, I would have loved to stop and take many more. I really like the blue, green and tan combination on her papers. I reduced the papers by 50% then applied them to my squares, I thought it came out pretty cool.

My next layout is Tucker in the snow. He didn't really like it, and we opened the back door so he could go out, but he just stopped. I think he liked watching it from the inside much better. Once we kicked him out, he did explore a little bit, but he wasn't happy about it. But he is better than either of the other two about going out during bad weather. The kit included some cute word art and I played with it to make it fit in my circles.

My last layout is of Cole. It has nothing to do with snow, I wanted to show the kit could be used for other things as well. I love the textured black paper, it gives depth to the page. It is a simple white space layout, but I really like how it looks. Cole was actually sticking his tongue out at Callie who was sitting next to him, but I cropped her out of the shot (oops my bad).

Let It Snow - Flake has great colors, and fun elements, so be sure to stop by Stuff to Scrap Store and get it. I'm hoping for a nice long post tomorrow fully of the other challenges I've done so far this month.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Spring Into Spring

Yes, I realize it is still January, but all this cold deary weather has me wanting spring to hurry up and arrive. Luckily for me I was given the opportunity to work with a kit called Spring Into Spring by Scrapteam2008. I applied for a one kit guest call, they picked me and I'm so glad. This kit is very pretty, with lots of blues, oranges, and greens, and the elements are great. They do remind me of spring (ohhh how I'm ready).

My first layout is Sharla posing by a bed of irises. We love to go on "photo hunts" in the spring, just looking for different flowers and such. Irises are a sure sign of spring here, and they come in so many colors. I personally love the purple ones, but this bed of white ones was so pretty. I love all the flower elements in the kit, and the blue and orange combo really makes the white flowers pop.

It must have been a Sharla day when I was working with this kit, because my second page is Sharla and Cooper. I took the photo on Thanksgiving day. Everyone was just relaxing after dinner, but poor Cooper just couldn't settle down. He was in an unfamiliar place, with unfamiliar dogs, and he was really getting tired. Sharla picked him up and he immediately snuggled into her and let out a deep sigh. He was happy. I loved all the little elements like the gems, buttons, ribbons, etc. and I really like how they clustered together.

Head over to Stuff to Scrap and pick up Spring Into Spring, you won't regret it.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ruff Life

Ok, for those who don't know me, I have 3, yes three dogs, Tucker, Cooper and Zoey. And they have such a Ruff Life, NOT. They are the most pampered, spoil rotten dogs around, and I love them. I was thrilled when Bethany of Scrappin Daisies Design came up with the great new kit. I love pet kits, because I have so many pictures of the babies, but this one is great. The colors are boyish, but not too much, and lots of the papers could be used for things other than dog pages. She said she got the color palette from her son's pj's.

My first layout is all three babies. I like this layout so much I did a quick page of you and Bethany is giving it away on her blog. The pictures were all taken at different times last year, but I think they are some of my favorites.

My second layout is of Tucker. The kit included the cute word art that said "Lazy Pup" and so I went through my photos until I found a shot that would go with it. This is Tucker trying to sleep, he got up and moved to the floor soon after this shot so I would leave him alone (hehehehe).

The kit is just full of fun touches, and I haven't even touched nearly all of them. So if you have pampered pooches, head over to Brownie Scraps and pick up this kit.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Eskimo Kisses

Two days in a row...are you impressed? Well today I'm going to show you some layouts that I did with a new kit by Nicole from Digi Designs by Nicole and it is called Eskimo Kisses. She had a snow kit before Christmas that was great, and this one is great too. I love the purples and greens in this kit. It is bright and cheery.

My first layout is Christmas Eve in my backyard. The snow was pretty, but Tucker did not like it. We had to push him off the porch to go potty. It was early enough that the porch was not covered, so he wanted to stay on it. I love the little snowmen elements that are in the kit.

Next is Callie in 2004 on Christmas day, we had a mix of snow and ice and she was playing around in it. She is young enough to think it is fun to slide on ice, me I was worried about breaking a hip...mmmm what a difference a few years makes.

Ok I'll be back later with some of the challenges I've been doing, including my first couple of P52 layouts.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

First Frost

Well I'm a little late if I'm talking about the first frost here in Texas, since we've just had one of the coldest spells I can remember. The high in the 20's and wind chills of 3 degree....THREE something is definitely wrong. Luckily things are getting a little better, it was in the 50's today. But the First Frost I'm talking about is a new kit by Modern June Creations. Your first look at it is my blog background and header. The colors are great for not only those winter photos, but also any layouts where you want a soft pallet.

My first layout is of Zoey, I did it for the template challenge for Digi Scrapbook Mania, and I really like how it looks. I love Kathy's templates, they are always fun to use. If you look close at the picture, Zoey has snow on her. She did not like the snow at all, and we had to make her go outside to potty.

My second layout is Callie, the photo was taken on Thanksgiving. We did some family shots, then Callie was "posing" for Sharla. She was having fun and we were having fun watching her. Her smile makes me smile.

First Frost is a great kit, I recommend you head over to Digi Scrapbook Mania and pick it up, and her template packs are great too. I'll be back tomorrow with more.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Heart Attack

Wait don't get scared...I've not had nor has anyone I know and love had a heart attack recently. It is the name of a kit by Just For You Digi Scraps. Heart Attack uses great colors, burgundy, pink and brown, so it lends itself to Valentine layouts, but much more. And the colors are not to "girlie".

My first layout is of Cooper. The kit includes these really cool doilies, that remind me of something my grandmothers would have made. I really love them. I used the burgundy one as a matte and thought it worked well. Since it has been cold here Cooper has definitely become my snuggle buddy, in fact if he gets cold he'll come and paw at me until I lay down with him and get him all warm (smart little fella).

Next is Tom and Mecca. Sharla got some great pictures of them at Thanksgiving and I knew they would be perfect for this kit. It is hard to believe they will be married 25 years in May. Of course Mecca was only four when they got married, because she is only 29 (hehehe...she can't be any older, because that would make me older too).

And my last layout is of Cole and Callie, also from Thanksgiving. I love the expression on his face when she hugged him. I have other shots where they look more "proper", but this one says it all. The word love in the title is a sticker that is in the kit, it is just full of fun items.

If you are into making your own Valentine's cards, this would be a great kit, it has fun stickers, two alphas, and great colors. I already have a couple of more kits I'm working on for CT stuff and I'm doing a Project 52 (I have to take a picture a week and scrap about it), so there will me more coming soon.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Pretty Princess

Ha, did you come back on the first and expect another post from me...well to be honest I didn't have any layouts to show, because I posted all of my finished layouts last year. But luckily I have a new kit to show you by Nicole from Digi Designs by Nicole. The kit is called Pretty Princess and is perfect for little girl pictures, big girl pictures and I even saw a couple of boy pictures scrapped with it on her blog.

My first layout is Angela, my friend Tina's daughter. We were at the park and I wanted pictures of her in the towers, because I knew I had this kit coming. Well when she came down from the towers, she was posing and throwing the deuces (don't I sound cool...yeah I know it's a stretch, but at least I know what it's called...thanks Callie). I snapped a few photos, and ended up liking them even more than the tower shots. I'm sure I'll use the other shots in the future, but these just made me smile.

For my second layout I used Angela's mom Tina, she wanted some pictures of her and Angela, so she went up into the tower to pose with her. Then I made her stay and let me get some shots of her alone. She wasn't really impressed by the idea, but is a good friend, so she played along.

Nicole has the kit, quick pages and even word art available at the Stuff to Scrap store. She even has a freebie on her blog this week, so head over to both. I'll be back soon with more.