Sunday, February 28, 2010


For those that know me, you know I'm always on the computer, doing something, and at the end of last week I came across a One Kit Call from a designer names Call Me Kristin Designs for a kit called Anyway. The kit is soft greys and yellows, and I thought it might be fun, so I applied and she accepted me. The kit is fun to work with and I really like the color combination. You can find it at and
and on Thursday, March 4th she is having her grand opening and it will be 50% off.

My first layout is Callie in her "he-man" pose. The kit has several word art stickers and I immediately thought of Callie when I saw the ones "strength" and "independent". I like the soft grey against the brighter yellow, and I fun playing with the circle.

My next layout I did for a challenge at Stuff to Scrap as well as for Kristin. The theme of the challenge was Love. I wanted to show off the pretty papers in the kit, so I decided to do lots of pieces. I picked the photo of Sharla and Cooper because it is still one of my favorite shots, he was so content to snuggle in her arms.

That is it for now, don't forget to head over to and on Thursday and pick up Anyway for 50% off.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Fliers plus a few

Ok, taking care of some business here, things are happening all around me. First up I want to tell you that Stuff to Scraps is making lots of changes on the 1st, including introducing new designers and a new forum and gallery. I've had a sneak peek and it is very cool. They are also hosting a meet and greet for the new designers on Monday, with prizes and such...followed by a speed scrap. The flier is linked to the blog from there go to the forum then pick chat.

Also this weekend, Modern June is having a great giveaway. Sign up for her Twitter or Blog and get your choice of one of her kits. The four kits to choose from are all great. The flier is linked to her blog where you can sign up for either/or both. Don't miss this easy way to get a great kit for FREE.

And lastly for those friends and family that come to see layouts, I'm running a little short today, I've had lots of CT work that I've posted already over the last couple of weeks, but I have done a few things. The first I did for the color challenge at Stuff to Scrap for February. I love the colors this month, burgundy, green, red, yellow, and pink. The photos are Cooper, and he has been a real love bug lately, I'll come home and sit down at the computer, and he'll come over and tap me with his paw until I get up and lay down on the bed with him. He'll snuggle for a while and then go to sleep. Once he is sleeping I can leave the bed, but if I try to leave before he goes to sleep, he'll get up and start the whole process over again...yeah I know he is spoiled...but I'm saying that is Sharla's fault.

The next layout I did as the template challenge for February at Stuff to Scrap. I want spring so bad, I pulled out the picture from last year in the blue bonnets. I love taking them there to get pictures, but it is definitely a difficult process to try and hang on to them and snap pictures.

Well that is all for now, I'll have more to show you next week.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Lullaby and Goodnight

Yes, I'm going to sing you to sleep...not, and you should be grateful, because anyone that knows me will tell you that I can't sing. But I am going to show you a fun kit by Flower Scraps, it is called Lullaby And Goodnight. The kit is perfect for scrapping those sleeping baby/kid pictures. It has lots of fun and whimsical papers and elements. She also offers matching cardstock, doodles, and photo masks.

My first layout is Sharla taking a nap with Cooper. Ok so I cut most of Sharla out, but she likes it when I do that. I love the frames in this kit, I think there are 5 or 6 of them. I also love the little hanger element.

My second layout is Callie, taken a few years ago, ok maybe more than just a few. She didn't seem to mind that it was a hard window seat rather than a bed. I think this photo was taken at a Christmas party, and once she was gone, she didn't care about anything going on around her. Don't you love the little pillow and fairy elements.

So head over to Stuff to Scrap and pick up Lullaby And Goodnight soon, you will definitely have fun with it.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Space Case, I'm not talking about Sharla (hehehe...she is going to slap me). I'm talking about a new kit by Scrappin' Daisies Design and it is called Space Case and is packed full of fun little aliens, spaceships, planets and more. The colors are rich, and the elements are fun, what more do you need to make some pages.

Well I did two pages, the first is Callie being silly at her birthday a couple of years ago. She got this cute little wrist purse, and Callie being Callie, she ended up putting it on her head...I know both she and Cole do that a lot...we're just say it is a Hooper thing. Silly girl not only put it on her head, she posed for photos. I love the little alien elements in the kit, it has felt ones and stick ones, and the word art is from the kit as well.

Next up is Cole, and he is dressed in his ROTC uniform for Pass & Review last year at school. Oh my he looks so grown up...and news flash HE GOT HIS DRIVERS LICENSE!!! He is such a laid back kid...hmmm young adult. I love the little space ship elements and just had to figure out a way to use one. The word art is part of the kit as well.

Head over to Brownie Scraps and pick up Space Case soon, I know you'll love it. And believe it or not, I will be back tomorrow or Saturday with another post....five in one week...whoohooo.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dusty Rose

Dusty Rose sounds like a country and western singer to me, but it isn't, well at least not in this blog post. It is a new kit by ModernJune Creations and it is so very very pretty. The colors are muted soft roses, tans and creams, and it does have a little western feel to it, or maybe it would be better to say aged feel.

I've done two layouts with it and I have to say they are some of my most favorites. The first is Callie on a carosel horse. I recolored the photo to match the tones in the papers and I think it really makes it pop. The kit comes with two alphas and both are great, but I love the one I used here.

My next layout is Callie and Cole and I love it, but it was sort of a weird process. The color overlay, should have just muted the colors to a brown tone, but for some reason it made Callie's eyes appear very blue, Cole's too, but his are more blue. I really like the papers in the kit, they were such fun to use.

So head over to Pretty Scrappy and pick up Dusty Rose soon. I'll be back tomorrow with another kit.....

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Fragrance of Flowers

Ohhh how I long for spring and the The Fragrance of Flowers. Today we have a chance of snow...again...I live in Texas, it is not supposed to snow this much. But luckily I've gotten to work with Nicole's new kit called
The Fragrance of Flowers. It is just full of bright cheery colors and really brings spring to mind.

I've done two layouts, the first is one I titled "The Gun Show". It is Callie showing off her "guns". She has a nice set. I also used one of Nicole's templates from her Template Temptation Vol. 6. I used several of the papers on this layout, because I love them.

My next layout is Callie as well...must be a Callie day. This photo was taken after she had her hair straightened. She loved it straight, and it does look good that way, but I have to say I love it curly. I did a speed scrap recently where they had us emboss the title on the page, and I really liked the effect so I did it here as well.

So head over to Stuff to Scrap and pick up The Fragrance of Flowers soon and you'll be able to feel spring in the air (hehehe). I'll be back later with more.

Monday, February 22, 2010

It's My Party & Freebie

...and I'll cry...wait I don't want to cry. So instead I will show you a new kit by Scraps by Andrea and it is called It's My Party, a bright and fun birthday kit that is great for both girls and boys.

My first layout is Cole. The photo was taken several years ago, and he is covered in silly string...a tradition. You can't see his eyes, but let me tell you, they are rolling (hehehe). I love the acrylic frames, date strips and balloons in the kit.

My next layout is Callie on her second birthday. She was so happy to blow out her candles. The kit has lots of great elements, I think about 80 of them, so I've only been able to show you a few. I also made a quick page of this layout for you.

The image is linked, so just click on it and download the quick page.
And head over to Stuff to Scrap and pick up It's My Party soon. I have lots more coming this week.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sweet As Candy

I know ya'll are all thinking that this post must be about me with a title like that...Not. No it is about the Mega Collab kit at Stuff to Scrap this month called Sweet As Candy. It is just packed with over 50 papers and over 100 elements. I love the colors in it as well.

My first layout is Callie and Tom, taken a couple of years ago, ok maybe more than a couple. The sad part is I remember that little sheep top she is wearing just like it was yesterday...ohh how the time has flown. I won't mention Tom's LIME GREEN cap, oops I guess I did just mention it (hehehe), I'm sure it was cool in the day (yeah I'm stretching it.

Next up is Tucker and Cooper, who are Sweeter than Candy. I'm hoping they will let me get some more good photos of them tonight because today was grooming day. They were a little shaggy in these photos, but still so cute. This morning, when Sharla left, Cooper jumped on my bed and then proceeded to walk down my body so he could get on top of the pillows next to me. Why he could just jump on them I have no idea.

You can pick up Sweet As Candy at Stuff to Scrap, it is a fun kit that I'm sure you'll enjoy.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pocket Full of Posies

It's time to play ring around the rosy...ok maybe not. But I do have a beautiful new collab kit to show you called Pocket Full of Posies. It was created by ModernJune Creations and Teri's Thing O-My-Jigs and is available at Ginger Scraps. Ohh and it so very pretty and spring like, just what I needed after all the snow last week. And congratulations to Kathy the designer behind ModernJune for opening her two new stores....I'm thrilled for her.

Ok my first layout is Callie and Cole, the photos where taken at Thanksgiving. The kit has the prettiest frame and I just had to use it. I had to do a little cropping on the photos, but I really like how it looks. The wording came from a dove candy, they have little sayings inside and I really like this one, so I thought it fit here.

My next layout is Sharla, Tina and Angela at the park. Angela was trying to push them off the bench and they where laughing so hard that she was winning. I think they were surprised, and they just couldn't stop laughing. I really liked the paper that transformed from yellow and white polka dots to a pink solid, so I wanted to use it. All of the colors in this kit are bright and cheery and just make you want to smile.

Head over to Ginger Scraps today and pick up a Pocket Full of Posies today.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Baby Boy Revamped & A Freebie

Today I'm going to show you a new kit by Scraps by Andrea. I was supposed to post it yesterday, but having internet problems. I got my other kit posted but not this one. It is a great baby boy kit. I love the blues and greens in this kit.

My first layout is Cole, taken at the hospital when he was born. Callie was holding him, but I cut her out of the picture (sorry Cal). The colors in this kit could be used for so much more than just baby boy pictures, the added touch of brown really makes the other colors pop.

My second layout is also Cole...who else would I pick. I cut Dad out of this picture, but I love the expression on Cole's face. It seems like he always made faces when Daddy held him. The metal letters are part of the kit and I think they are just too cute.

I made the second layout into a quick page for you. You can download it by clicking on the preview, the image is linked.

Don't forget to head over to Stuff to Scrap and pickup Baby Boy Revamped today.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Template Temptations

Ok, I've only been digital scrapbooking for about a year, and when I first started, I saw templates and thought why would I want to use those, but I've learned they are such a cool tool. They can help you get a page done quickly, but they can also be a great starting point for a layout. You can add or subtract from a template, even mix them if you want. And today I'm going to show you two sets of templates by Digi Designs by Nicole. She just released a new set called Template Temptation Vol. 6, but I don't show where I ever showed ya'll her set called Template Temptation Vol. 5, so today is like a two for one.

My first layout is using her newest set, and I really liked the wide border on this template. It uses a collab kit by Nibble Scribbles and Scrap N Pieces called My Life. The subject is of course by Tucker boy. The great part of templates is you can use them over and over with different kits and they look different.

My second layout uses a Vol. 6 template as well and features my friend's daughter Angela. I used Nicole's kit Splendid Moments on this layout. I love how the photos are off the edges. Also, I got this layout done in about 20 minutes, and most of that time was deciding on the kit and photos.

Now for a layout using her Vol. 5 set. The photos are Tina and Donna, two friends while we were chatting at Starbucks. We all worked together, but Donna and I were laid off last year. But we still stay in touch. Hopefully we'll be getting together again is always such fun. I like this template because of all of the layers.

My last layout is also using a template from her Vol. 5 and the photos were from a snow day in early December. If you look at the tree photo you'll see that the tree still has fall color. The snow only lasted a short time, but it was pretty. Who knew within a very short time we'd have a record snowfall...more layouts about that later.

Head over to Stuff To Scrap and pick up Template Temptation Vol. 6 and/or Template Temptation Vol. 5. Or really any of her template packs, I have them all and they are all great!!!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

100 Days of School - 2010

Yes, I've gone back to school...NOT. But I have gotten to use a new kit by Shel Belle Scraps called 100 Days of School 2010. This kit is packed with bright colors, but also has some browns in it to really make the other colors pop. The elements are perfect for scraping school pictures, but so much more.

My first layout with it is something you will rarely see, and that is a layout with pictures of me on it. Yes that is me in those photos (you should be able to tell by the cheeks), my first and second grade school photos. Don't laugh too hard, I'm sure you have some photos just like them buried away somewhere. The kit's bright colors are a perfect back drop to b/w photos and I love the little square brad thingie that says "School is Fun".

My second layout uses a photo of Angela from the park. The kit has the cutest hopscotch board in it and I really wanted to use it. I played with it in several places/ways and really like how it turned out here. I used the brown paper as a background because I think it makes the yellows and oranges really pop.

So head over to Stuff to Scrap and pick up 100 Days of School 2010 fact they are having a sale this weekend and it would be a perfect time to get it.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Royal Boudoir & A Sale

No, Prince Charles isn't visiting me (hehehe). Scrapteam2008 has a new kit and it is called Royal Boudoir. It is an elegant collection designed for wedding, valentine or love layouts, but you know me...yes I had to be a little different. When I saw the deep rich colors, I immediately thought of vintage layouts, so that is what I did.

My first layout is a wedding layout too. It is Mom and Dad taken on their wedding day. Weren't they cute!!!! I love the bead border and it came in burgundy as well. Not to mention how good the deep colors look with black and white photos.

My next layout is my Mom, taken just a couple of years ago, ok maybe a few more than a couple. Sorry Uncle Bubba, but I thought it looked better if I cut you out of the wasn't personal. I like the texture of the brown paper and I thought the other colors really pop against it.

So head over to Stuff To Scrap and pick up Royal Boudoir soon. And speaking of Stuff to Scrap they are having a Valentine's Sale. See the flier below (it is linked).

Later gators.......

Thursday, February 11, 2010

So Tweet

Ok, I'm going to show you a new kit by Scrappin' Daisies Design called So Tweet. This kit has great colors, that lean towards girlie, but can be used for a boys page too. It is a great spring kit.

My first layout is Callie and Honey taken at Callie's house. I love the color combination of pink and brown and this kit has some great pieces in those colors. I also like the touches of yellow and teal.

My second layout is Sharla, the photo was taken on New Years Day. I love the little frame in the kit that has the felty flowers on top and bottom. Also the alpha I used for "Sister" is part of the kit.

This kit is a great kit and if you're like me and longing for spring, head over to Brownie Scraps and pick up So Tweet today.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Catching Up and Freebie fixed

Ok, it has come to my attention that my link to the quick page earlier this week wasn't working. I've fixed it in the previous post, but will also list it again here today. But before that, it is time to show you some layouts I've been doing not CT related.

First some of my P52 layouts, I think I've shown ya'll weeks 1, 2 and 3, so now on to week 4. The challenge in week four was to do a layout with lots of journalling. I hate to journal, I can spend hours writing and re-writing and still not be happy with the results. But I'm trying to keep up to date with the challenges, so I took some photos of my favorite subject, Tucker, and created the layout below. I love the tag that said "Caution Dog can't hold his licker" because that is my Tucker Joe.

I've done week 5, but don't have it on my disk, so it will have to be shown later. My next layout I did for a speed scrap. It is of Cooper, and he is holding a purple bear in his mouth. There are only two toys of that Zoey doesn't get to play with and that is Coopers green bear and purple bear, he gets nutty if she has those. Well the purple bear is supposed to be Tuckers, but he never plays with it. Cooper loves to carry these bears around, even though it is hard for him to breath when he is holding them.

My next layout is another speed scrap using Cooper. I love the b/w photos against the colors in this kit, and the word art is just too cute. If you ever need cute word art, check out Everyday Word Art by Bethany.

So not to leave out Zoey, here is a layout I did with her. I did it for Stuff to Scraps use it or lose it challenge last month. The kit was a cute snowman/snowflake kit, but I really didn't want to do a snow layout so I got creative. The buttons at the top were cute out of the snowman (he was wearing a vest), the No in the title came from the word art Snow. And I cut the flowers out of the papers, strategically cutting to miss things I didn't want. My layout was definitely different than the rest, but I think it turned out cute.

Next is another speed scrap, this time I used photos of Sharla swinging. Yea we were at the park with Tina and Angela and she just had to swing a while. I'm sure she wasn't thrilled that I was taking photos, but hey that's what I do. I love the colors in this kit, and I thought the b/w photos worked with them really well.

Next is my February Desktop. I love kept it pretty simple because the colors were bright. The theme was of course "Love". I used my baby loves. I love the word art that came with this kit.

Ok my last layout is one I did for a quote challenge at Stuff to Scrap. The quote was "Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh the things you can think up if only you try". I struggled with this for a while, trying to decide what to scrap with that quote when I came across a series of pictures taken several years ago. Daddy was in the hospital and boredom set in for us. We started drawing on the dry erase board in his room. It became the challenge to each of us to add something that would make everyone laugh. The artist included Sharla, Callie, Cole, Tom (I think) and myself. It did help pass the time.

Ok now for the freebie, with the preview linked correctly. It was created with Scraps by Andrea's new collab called Meant To Be.

I'll be back soon with more.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Zebralicious & My Baby Love

I don't know if this happens to you or not, but sometimes good things just happen. Over the last week, I've had the opportunity to be a guest CT for two different designers. The first is Just For You Digital Scraps, she asked if any of the Stuff to Scraps CTs could help her with a new kit she is releasing this week. When I saw the name was Zebralicious...yeah I was all over volunteering. Now if you like bright colors, and fun elements this kit is for you.

I did two layouts with it. The first one is Angela at Starbucks. Sharla and I were there while I was doing some testing on connecting iPaqs through the T-Mobile network (for my job), and who should we see there but Tina and Angela. We were chatting while they waited on a friend, and as you can see Angela got a little bored. I love the face she made. I also love the pink zebra paper, the kit also has blue, green and black zebra paper.

My second layout is Cooper. I love the b/w photo against the bright green. The kit is just full of bright colors. I had a hard time not using the green zebra print here, but those that know me, know I love a good zebra print.

You can pick up Zebralicious at Stuff to Scrap.

The second lucky spot for me was when Kathy from ModernJune Creations ask her CT team to do layouts for a new designer at Digi Scrapbook Mania. I had never seen kits by Ruby Lane, but I got to play with her kit My Baby Love and it was lots of fun. It is a kit full of pinks and blues, and could be used for baby photos or Valentine photos. I did two layouts with it as well.

My first layout is Callie. She got a dress up kit for Christmas, and she loved it. And Mecca took her to get her pictures made in it. I love the bright pink hat, and it has to be one of my favorite pictures of her. She is just too cute. When I saw the colors in the kit, I knew it would be perfect for this photo. I didn't do all the little circles, it is a frame within the kit.

My second layout is Mom, Dad and Tom taken a very long time ago. I would say it is over 50 years old, I know because Tom is over 50. It is hard to believe he is over 20 years older than me...ohh ok, maybe he is not that much older. I love the blues with the b/w photo.

I had a fun time working with My Baby Love and you can get it at Digi Scrapbook Mania. I'll be back later with more.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Meant To Be

I know sounds a little sappy for me, but it is a new collab kit from Scraps by Andrea and The Scrappy Kat. Meant To Be isn't your average red and pink Valentine's kit, it has pink, blues, greens, and blacks and among the elements are stickers, frames, flairs, epoxy hearts, daisies, buttons, bows, puffy felt hearts, folded paper hearts
with glittered edges, and much more.

I've done two layouts with the kit and even have a quick page freebie for you at the bottom of this post. My first layout is Callie playing dress up. She has been a fashion diva from a very young age. I love the expoy hearts in this kit, they just pop off the page to me.

Next I showed a little different side to this kit. I used some of the blue and black papers and elements to do a page of Cole. The photos are from Thanksgiving and I love them with the blue/black combo. He is growing up so much, it seems like just yesterday he was a little kid.

Ok now for your freebie. I created a quick page out of the first layout, and am offering it for you here. The kit is on sale this week at Stuff to Scrap, so head over and buy it today.

The preview is linked. I'll be back later with more layouts.