Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Ohhhh it is getting close to that spooky time of year. I have to say I've never been one that liked the scary side of Halloween, I'm much more the fun side. Today I'm going to show you some layouts I made with Scrappin' Daisies' new kit called Terror-ific. It is a wonderful Halloween kit full of fun elements and great papers.

The first layout I did is of Trey and Callie, and talk about old I think Callie is 2 in this one, so that would make it about 20 years old....ohhh how did time fly by so fast. I love that is kit has all kinds of little goblin stickers.

My next layout is of Cole when he was an Army Man. He was so cute in his camo and with his painted up face. And of course he was ready to shoot anyone and everyone.

This kit is packed with great stuff, and this week it is 25% off, so make sure you head over to Brownie Scraps and pick up Terror-ific soon.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Feelin' Shabby and a Freebie

Hi all, today I'm going to show you layouts I created with a new kit by Scraps by Andrea called Feelin' Shabby. It has fallish color and great elements and it is perfect for all kinds of layouts.

My first layout is my Mom, Aunt Sallie and Aunt Hazel all wanting to learn about computers, so they are gathered around my first laptop playing a game. This kit has great flowers and the colors are just gorgeous.

My second layout is Zoey, posing on my bed. She has gotten where she will jump up on my bed in the mornings looking for a little ear rubbing. She likes her ear rubbed, but she isn't fond of having her picture taken. I really enjoyed using this kit because the colors go with everything.

I created a frame cluster off of my first layout and I'm giving it away as a freebie. The image below is linked.

Ok make sure you head over to Stuff to Scrap and pick up Feelin' Shabby and then check out Andrea's blog because she has a freebie for you there. Also check out her CT's blogs because I'm sure you'll find some other freebies there as well. And I'll be back tomorrow to show you more stuff.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Everyday Matters

Happy Sunday all, today I'm going to show you a layout made with a new kit by Digi-designs by Nicole called Everyday Matters. This kit is perfect to scrap just about anything... from those everyday moments to the big things like birthdays, vacations and so much more.

My layout is of Cole. We purchased a island for the kitchen and Cole put it together for use. The first night he only had a normal screwdriver and he gritched and moaned the whole time. The second night he brought his daddy's electric screwdriver and was so much more happy. I love the colors in this kit, because they go with everything.

This week the kit and QPs are both 30% off, and there is a freebie stacked paper on Nicole's blog as well as link to another freebie. She is also running a special if you buy this kit any other of her kits this week only, and then email your order # to, she will give them a $2.00 off coupon for anything in my store. I'll be back tomorrow with more...I promise.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Big Post

Ok, here is the first big post to try and catch up on showing you my layouts. I'm going to focus on my Polka Dot Plum layout today. I don't think I will get through them all, but I will put a bunch out, just to reduce my backlog.

First up is a layout of sunflowers I did using a kit called Swirly Bundle by NBK Designs and a template from Tempting Templates Vol. 6 by BTA Designs. Sharla and I had been talking about not seeing many sunflowers this year, and then she found a small patch that was really on their last legs but I still thought they were beautiful.

Next is layout I did for a scraplift with a twist challenge. I had to scraplift a layout (which means use it for inspiration) and the twist was the photo had to have some photo treatment. I used a photo I had of Zoey with he orange squid toy. I loved how the orange popped against the b/w photo. The kit I used is Rocky Top Sweetheart by Polka Dot Plum Designs.

I love old photos especially if they are of someone else. I'm less fond of photos of me. This layout is for a theme challenge where the theme is back to school. I used a photo of Sharla from the first grade (at least I think it is the first has been a while). The kit I used is Making the Grade a collab by Modern June and Miss Mis Designs.

The next layout I did for a recipe challenge, and the photos are probably two of my favorites of Callie and Mecca. They were taken last Thanksgiving, and I just love how alive with laughter both of them were. The kit I used is called The Beauty Within by Valerie N Designs.

Journaling is not my forte, so I always struggle with journaling challenges, but this one said you had to journal inside a shape. Since my circle was small the journaling was easy. The photo is Ira Lou and Uncle King George when they came to visit in 2002, it is hard not to have a good time around them. The kit I used is It’s Not Easy… by Sir Scrapalot.

Next is a layout of Mecca, Tom, Callie and Cole, the photo was taken at Mother's Day. I did it for a product challenge, that is where they give you a pieces or parts to use and in this case it was the frame cluster. I like making the photo look like it was two different ones with that frame, but it really is only a single photo. The kist used is Sweet Summertime by Polka Dot Plum Designs.

Sharla and Tucker are the spotlight of this layout where I used pieces from a collab by the designers of Polka Dot Plum. Tucker was a wiggle worm and I was worried for a little while she was going to drop him. But she held on and he had fun sitting on her lap.

Now for a layout of two very special men. The photo is of Daddy and Uncle Clinton fishing. They loved to fish, and probably the only better than fishing was fishing together, at least for them. The layout was done for a color challenge where I needed to use blue, yellow, grey and black so I used a kit called Looptyloo by Connie Prince.

A non traditional challenge is where they give you something different as your inspiration, it can be anything an ad, a magazine cover, or just a "idea". For this one we were given a magazine cover that reminded me of a quilt, so this my take on it. The photos are Callie from her birthday several years ago, and as always she was making faces. The kit used is call Fern by Polka Dot Pixels.

I must be on a Callie birthday kick, because her is another one of her. This one I did for a recipe challenge. The challenge require the layout to have a birthday hat on it, and I just thought it looked so cute on her head (insert evil grin here). The kit is Make a Wish by Just So Scrappy.

Since is it a Callie Birthday theme, I'm got another one. This one I is her second birthday (I counted the candles on the cake). Mom made the cake and it had a hot air balloon on it. The kit I used is called It’s Your Day by Pixel Perfect Designs.

Polka Dot Plum is celebrating their first birthday this month, so a lot of the challenges are themed around birthdays as well as several of the new kits. So I must just have birthday's on the brain. My next layout is another Callie post I'll move on to Cole's birthdays. I used the kit Celebrate by Kalo Designs.

Time for another old photo, this one is Sharla, Aunt Sallie and Uncle Clinton way back in the day. We went back to see daddy's family every summer and it was a time filled with lots of hugs (they had to get a year's worth in two weeks). The kit I used is called Heritage by Connie Prince.

Ok it can be officially called a Callie post, I must have just had her on my mind lately, because I am certainly doing lots of layouts with her. This photo I believe was taken on her birthday, she was modeling some of the clothes she had received. The I used is called Tea with the Queen by Secret Stash.

And last for today....I know I made this post extra long, but I didn't even get half of the layouts I have completed posted. But I have new kits releasing the first part of next week, so I'll have more to show you soon. But now for layout using a kit called Swirly Bundle. The photo is my Tucker Boy, and I had fun with the selective coloring on this one.

In case you were counting that is 15 layouts, and I probably have at least 20 more if not more to show you. I'll be back tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday with new releases, so make sure you stop by because there will be some freebies as well.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Quick Post

Hi all, this is not going to be the big post I promised you, it is still coming, but I'm two tired tonight to do it. I want tell you about a sale that Nicole of Digi-designs by Nicole is having and show you a kit that Scraps by Andrea has put into her store.

Nicole is have a "just because" sale and everything is 40% off. The flier is linked to her store.

Andrea had a freebie in the STS newsletter, but if you missed it, it is now available in her store. The preview is linked.

I promise I'll be back soon with a huge post (or two or three), with lots and lots to show you.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Apple Pickin'

Happy Sunday all, today I'm going to show you layouts I've created with a new collab by HD Creations and Becky Young Designs called Apple Pickin’. It is a wonderful kit that is perfect for fall photos and also for those photos of the apple of your eye (hehehe). I love the mix of papers and elements and the colors are just wonderful.

My first layout is Callie, Cole and Mecca taken on Mother's Day. Poor Mecca, the kids were definitely in a goofy mood, and it was hard to get a shot where both kids were being good. But we were definitely laughing...a lot!!!

My second layout features one of the Apples of my Eye, Cooper Bob. Now to be strickly honest he isn't wearing an apple suit, it is a sweet pea suit, but I thought the little hat part looked more apple-ish. He did pretty well with the suit on, except when the hat covered his eyes, and then he wasn't too happy.

So head over to Stuff to Scrap and "pick" up Apple Pickin’ soon. It will be a great addition to your scrapping stash.

I know my friends and family expected at least one big post in the later part of the week, because I said I was going to do one. But it has been a very busy week at work, and we lost a dear family friend this week. There is definitely less laughter in the world now that Wilma is gone, she will be sorely missed!!!! I promise my blogging mojo will return and I will post more next week.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Big Boy Now/Big Girl Now

Happy Tuesday all, today I'm going to show you a couple of layouts I made with two new kits by Scrappin' Daisies Designs. The kits are Big Boy Now and Big Girl Now and they are bike kits. I love these kits, they are just perfect for all of bike photos, plus so much more.

My first layout is Trey and he is playing with a stationary bike of Mom's. He loved turning the pedals and making the wheel spin. I love the bright colors in this kit, and it includes all kinds of great elements.

My second layout is Callie on her bike. She was having a great time riding at Mom and Dad's because they had sidewalks. I love that the girls kit is pinks and purples, because that is the color of most little girl's bikes.

So head over to Brownie Scraps and pick up Big Boy Now or Big Girl Now or if you need both you can get Big Boy/Girl Now Bundle, and all are on sale this week for 25% off. I promise to be back later with more layouts.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Splitsville and Making the Grade

No, I'm not splitting up with anyone, I'm going to show you some layouts made with a new template pack by Modern June called Splitsville. It is available at DSM and Scrapables. And since I somehow missed blogging out her new kit from last week, I'm also going to show you her collab called Making the Grade.

First is one of the templates from Splitsville. I used a photo of Tom and Mom from Mother's Day and a kit called Girly Girl from Mandy Made Digi Bits. You know pictures of Tom just scream girly girl (hehehe. I love this set of templates because it uses paper in a way I don't normally use, so it really inspired me to do something different.

My second layout is Sharla and Cooper doing what they love to do, snuggling, cuddling, etc. I used a kit from Valerie N Designs called Oodles and Burst because I love the colors. And again the template splits the paper which I think is so cool.

Ok now for Making the Grade which is a collab by Modern June and Miss Mis Designs. I was supposed to blog about these last week, but I forgot. The kit is available at both DSM and Scrapables. My first layout is Callie reading. She was really into the book and took it with her out to feed Jake and stopped to sit on a trailer and read.

My second layout is my first grade photo, yes a picture of me. I love the papers in this kit, and the elements are just too cute (don't you love the crayolas)

That is it for today, just make sure you pick up Making the Grade and Splitsville. And I'll be back later with more layouts.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Template Temptation Vol. 10

I know I promised you a big catch up post, but I've been swamped this weekend and so it didn't happen. I promise one day this week. But for now I have some layouts to show you that I made using Digi-designs by Nicole's new template pack called Template Temptations Vol. 10. I've come to love templates, even if I just use them as a jumping off point, they help me start the creative flow. And Nicole always does great one and this pack is no exception.

My first layout is of Ms. Zoey sitting on the back porch. We were all sitting out there on Labor Day weekend, the dogs enjoying being able to roam free (they had to be on leashes the previous couple of days because of fence work). I did the layout for a lyric challenge and I had to use a Beatles song, and so I picked one I really love. I also used Nicole's kit Making Memories.

My next layout I did for the font challenge at Stuff to Scrap, the font is called Spicy Sushi Roll, which I thought was fun. The photos are the same day as Zoey's, but this layout features Cooper. I think they were having fun because Sharla and I were sitting outside with them and she and I were definitely enjoying the nice weather. The kit I used is call The Chronicle-ist by Pink Peacock Designs.

I had a lot of fun using these templates and I'm sure you will too, so head over to Stuff to Scrap and pick up Template Temptations Vol. 10 soon. If you do it this week you can use coupon code TTSavings you can get any other template pack (Volume 1-9) for only $1.00 more. I promise to be back later with more to show you.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Always and Forever

Happy Saturday all, today I'm going to show you some layouts I created with a kit called Always and Forever by Ivory Keys Digital Dreams. It is a beautiful kit with great colors and a wonderful mix of elements. It is an elegant kit, but can be used for almost any type of layout.

My first layout is of Mom and Dad. They had almost 52 years together before we lost Daddy, but when we went through the photos there were not a lot of them together. Guess one or the other was always off chasing one of us kids (Tom or Sharla...I was the good one...yes I was!!!!). I really love the papers in the kit, and I thought they looked good with black and white photos, so I de-saturated the more modern photos.

My second layout is Callie and Mecca from Mother's Day. Callie lives in Waco now, and it seems like she rarely gets back to Denton...ohhh why do they have to grow up. I love the photo of Mecca resting her head on Callie, it seems like just yesterday Mecca was holding Callie on her shoulder.

That's it for today, make sure you head over to Stuff to Scrap and pick up Always and Forever soon. It is available alone or in a collaboration with A+ Designs. I'm hoping to be back later tonight with another big catch up post, I have a ton of layouts to show you.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Butter Toffee and A Freebie

Happy Wednesday all...I love holiday weekends, but boy do they mess with my schedule, not to mention add a vacation day to the mix. Sharla and I have gotten lots of stuff done, but I'm so behind on posting. Today I'm going to show you a layout I created using a new mini kit by Scraps by Andrea called Butter Toffee. Andrea calls it a mini but it has 10 papers and 21 elements. It's full of rich colors that are perfect for scrapping your special occasions or everyday photos.

I used it to scrap an older photo of mom and dad. When I saw the kit I immediately thought is would be perfect for antique photos or older photos. The has an elegance about it that makes any layout look so nice, even simple ones like this one.

Also I created a brag book freebie for you using the kit. I tried to do one that you would be able to use with almost any photos.

So head over to Stuff to Scrap and pick up Butter Toffee and then go to Andrea's blog and check out the links to her CT team, because I'm sure others have done brag book pages as well. I'm a little late, so you may have to go back a day or two on their blogs, but it will be worth it.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hit the Books & A Freebie

Ok I'm running so behind, considering I've had a long weekend you would think I would be ahead of the game, but packed too much into the days off. But that aside I'm here to show you a layout I made using a new kit by Digi-designs by Nicole. The kit is called Hit the Books and it is perfect for those school pictures from kindergarten to college. It has great colors and wonderful elements.

I pick one of Callie's school photos, I love the smile she is sporting in this photo. The word art is part of the kit, and I think it is really cool.

If you buy the kit this week and use the code HTBAddOn you can get the flairs or worn cardstocks for FREE. Also the bundle for Hit the Books includes everything, so it's like buying the kit and the quick pages and getting everything else for free.

I made a freebie for you it is frame cluster (the one I used in my layout). I hope you enjoy and be sure to head over to Stuff to Scrap and pick up Hit the Books.

And be sure to come back later, I have more to show you and another freebie.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tooth Cute

Hey all, happy Wednesday all. I'm here today to show you some layouts made with Modern June's new kit called Tooth Cute and Tooth Cute – Add-on. Now talk about a fun kit this one is just too cute, great colors that are good for boys or girls, and elements that are just fun. It is only available at Scrappables this month and it is is 35% off this week.

My first layout is of Tucker, yes he brushes his teeth...ok maybe he just chews on the toothbrush (hehehe). When he was a puppy he found a toothbrush and went to town on it, so when I saw this kit I bought a cheap toothbrush so I could get some pictures of him. I love the toothbrush element.

My second layout is Cole taken several years ago. I wanted a toothy grin and Cole is one of the best at giving me those. His smile is just so engaging. The kit has a nice mix of elements, so you can do none tooth layouts as well.

Make sure you head over to Scrapables this week and pick up Tooth Cute and Tooth Cute – Add-on while they are on sale. I'll be back later with more to show you.