Sunday, April 24, 2016

Stash Report / Sunday Stash

It is funny, I'm not buying fabric, but my stash isn't shrinking very fast either. Partly because I've not been completing many quilts and partly because I've been very lucky this year and won some awesome giveaways.

So my stash report for this month is pretty lame. Since I was the queen in both bees I participate in, I didn't have any blocks to make, so my fabric out is zilch.  Well there is a chance I could get something quilted next week if my knee holds together. But I did receive about 2.5 yards of fabric from Inch Worm Fabrics as a prize from a giveaway. Now I'm not going to turn down free fabric, I'm trying to do better not go insane. So here are my numbers for this year.

 It isn't going as well as I would have liked, but I still haven't purchased fabric as of yet, so that is a good thing.  Now if I could get quilting I would bring that used column up and be in good shape.

Now for Sunday Stash, I received my winnings which was a fat quarter bundle of Riley Blakes' Calico Days. I picked the green/tan colorway, because those are both colors where my stash is limited and because I really loved the color combo.  I won the fabrics from Inch Worm Fabrics and she added a Island Batik mini roll, which is very cool too.  At this time I don't have any specific plans for this fabric, but I'm not adding it to my FQ bins until I'm sure I don't want to use it as a set.

Over all I think I'm doing pretty good, last year at this time I had already placed 8-10 fabric orders, not to mention the trips to the local fabric shop. Now don't get me wrong I've been tempted, but so far I've been good at resisting it.  In fact I'm doing the Piggy Bank Quilting Challenge again this year and I keep a box on my desk where I toss my change. Over the last couple of months if I saw a sale where I liked something, but resisted, I tossed a dollar or two or three into the box. This week when I was cleaning my desk I noticed the box was very heavy. So I decided to count it to see where I was at, and I have about $200 in my box, not bad at all.  And the biggest portion was the paper money I had tossed in it when I was good.  Not sure what I will purchase with it when it is time to break it open, but it is nice to know I have a little cash stash to work with in the future.  I'm going to link up with Molli Sparkles Sunday Stash and Patchwork Times Stash Report.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Q2 - Finish-A-Long Goals

It is so hard for me to set goals for three months. I know what I want to do right now, but that could easily change in the next week or two...ok it could change in the next 20 minutes. But setting no goals seems wrong too. So here is my best guess on what I want to finish during the next quarter. Of course it is all dependent on my knees getting better (and hopefully soon).

1. My tic tac toe quilt. It is pressed and ready to load as soon as my knees are up to it.

2. My flying geese quilt. I want this one done, because it just makes me so happy. Of all the tops I've made I think this is my favorite, because it is bright and cheerful.

3. / 4. / 5. / 6. Memory quilts, I need to get these done and if I don't put them on the list they won't get any work. I want them done to give to the people, but more just to get them off my list.

7. Callie and Beau's wedding quilt. I need to get this one done, because it has almost been a year since the wedding. Now in my defense I didn't get the blocks back for 6 months but still it needs to be done.

8. Cole's tic tac toe quilt. I'm the queen of two bees this month and I have both of them making the same block, in order to make a quilt for Cole. I've still got to make lots of extra blocks to make it big enough, but I have been making good progress so far.

9. / 10. / 11. / 12. Any of the 18 tops I have completed waiting to be quilted. My top choices would be Sharla's Norway, Sharla's Flirt, my purple alternating 4 patch and the Pumpkin table runner. But I would be happy if any of the 18 got done. Below are some of them laid out on my long arm.

Now those are the things I want to finish. I would also like to get at least one or two more tops completed during this quarter, if at all possible. I will be linking up with the Debbie at A Quilter's Table (and all the other hosts) for 2016 FAL.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

April Goals - OMG / Bee, Myself and I

I've have lots to do, but not much "umph" to do it. I went to the doctor last Thursday for an injection in my right knee, and was told it could take 2-3 weeks for it to become effective. I go on Tuesday to get the left knee done. So unless the shots take effect much quicker than anticipated, there will be little quilting done in April. This means I need to adjust my plans.  Also I'm the queen for both of my bees this month, so I don't have any bee blocks to make...well I have to  make more blocks for Cole's quilts, but they don't have to be sent anywhere.

So knowing I most likely won't be able to quilt, I'm adjusting my goals to fit that plan. For my OMG main goal I'm list Ariella's quilt top. It is close to being finished, with a little push I could get the top done. I don't have picture, because it is still a mystery to Ariella and her mom. But here was the starting point.

I was really struggling with what to do for Bee, Myself and I. Then I decided that I would work on my cross quilt.  Yes, all the blocks are made but I still need to piece the top. Since it is going to be a big quilt and the blocks are only 6 inches, I think I will work on piecing the top in batches. So my goal for April is to get at least 10 four patches of blocks pieced. A four patch of the blocks will be 12 x 12, so that let's me get bigger pieces to work with when I actually start putting the top together.

Now because I'm just plain crazy and two goals isn't enough for me in a month, I'm going to add a couple of more things I want to try and get done. I want to start piecing Callie and Beau's wedding top. I'm hoping  it goes together easily. I also want to start piecing Samuel's memory top, I have to get these off of my to do list. I also want to do more blocks for Cole's quilt, hopefully about 10 or more. And lastly if the injections kick in and my knees feel better I would like to get my tic tac toe top quilted. If the shots work within two weeks, I might have a chance.

I'm hoping to have lots and lots to show ya'll at the end of the month. But for now I'm linking up with Heidi at Red Letter Quilts for OMG April. And I will be back at the end of the month to do a recap of what got finished for both OMG and Bee, Myself and I.

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