Wednesday, July 30, 2014

July Finishes for A Lovey Year of Finishes

I can officially say that July sucked.  I knew there would be a lot happening, and that with the heat I wouldn't want to do much, but I didn't anticipate how bad it would really be.  I did get some things done, but not nearly what I wanted or needed to get done.

My first goal was to quilt my Watkins Star test quilt.  But alas it is still in this stage.  Now in my defence I had some issues with my long arm, and it took it in yesterday and I believe they fixed it.  It is top of my list to do now that my machine is fixed.

Now the month was not a total loss I did get two table runners completed, and both were sewn and quilted in July.  The first is one was done with some scraps of lesser "quality" to test the fix on my long arm.  At the time I thought it was fixed, but not so.

Then I did a test quilt call Diana, and made my block into another table runner.  I will say it was lots of fun to start and finish a quilt so quilting.  After this one I thought my tension issues were over, but when I put my next quilt on the frame it all started again.

I did make some process on my Texas Road Trip quilt, I'm about 85% done with quadrant three and should have it finished by the end of this week.  I didn't get anymore progress on the shirts for the memory quilts. And most important I got a wonderful present for my birthday.

If everything is fixed on my long arm I'm hoping to much more productive in August, but then it wouldn't take much to be more productive than July.  I am a little disappointed with July, but at the same time not really.  I think I needed a break.  I will say that Sharla and I have been consistently putting our change (and sometimes paper bills) into DiNozzo and McGee (DiNozzo is the duck and McGee is the monkey).  Thanks to Sarah for suggesting the names.

Today I am linking up with Shanna of Fiber of All Sorts and Melissa of BitterSweet Designs.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday Finish: Diana Table Runner

I had really hoped to have two finishes this week, but alas more tension issues with my Handiquilter, so it looks like it will be visiting the shop soon.  But I did get my test quilt/table runner done, so I do have something to show you.  I got the wonderful opportunity to test the quilt pattern Diana by Cora's Quilts. Which was a super fun pattern which taught me another way to make Half Square Triangles (HST).  I'm starting to like HSTs, which is odd because I never thought I would. The pattern is Broken Dishes blocks with sashing and they come together very quickly.  I rifled though my stash and found a brown with green, teal and purple and thought it would make a perfect table runner.  So my Diana was born.

These blocks went together so fast.  I cut them and sewed them in just part of an afternoon.  I really debated about only using two colors, the brown and the green or throwing in the purple and teal. That probably took more time than piecing the blocks themselves.  The pattern calls for corner stones but since the table runner wasn't very big I decided not to use them and just did a white on white print for the sashing. It sat o my long arm longer than it took me to sew it.  I just couldn't decide on what thread to use.  Parchment looked really good on the sashing and good on the blocks but I thought it would stand out on the back.

I finally decided on Sand Dunes, which is a variegated tan/cream.  I picked it because it blended with the blocks and the backing very nicely, and wasn't too stark on the sashing. I did an all over meander, because I really wanted the blocks to show not the quilting.

And I have to say I'm very very happy with my points, are they perfect, NO, but they are pretty good.  I think a lot of the credit is my new sewing machine, it really flows over they points with ease.  Learning to make HST is pretty easy, but sewing them all together was much harder for me.  I also have to say the Bloc-Loc Ruler has really helped as well. If you've not seen them demonstrated, check out their site. I did manage to get an outside shot of the table runner.  I wanted to show all the colors of the brown fabric so you could see why I chose the green, purple and teal.

Now I've made table runners for two weeks in a row and still don't have my dinning room table cleared enough to use one. I might have to find a different use for them. I did notice this one work well laying over a chair in the lobby at work. Might be a way to add some color to the tan couch at home.

Now the wonderful Shelly @ Cora's Quilts is offering a coupon code for 25% off of the pattern in her ETSY shop until 8/1/14, just use the code ANNEandDIANA.  Now if you want to see her version and what the other testers created head over to Cora's Quilts.  And if you like the pattern make sure you get it while it is on sale.  I'm hoping to make a full size version of this quilt in the future. My last quilt shot for the week. I still love the little chalk board.

Now when I had to stop quilting this week, my frustration level was at the max and I needed something to calm me down and sooth my brain.  I have plenty of other projects but somehow sewing seemed too taxing for my fragile emotional state, so I decided to start organizing my fabric.  About a month ago I purchased some comic book backing boards.  I've seen several people use them to hold their fabric.  I had tried the folding around a ruler method but it always seemed to fall apart when I moved things. So I purchased 200 boards thinking that would be more than enough.  I've separated my fabrics by big box stores (JoAnns/Hobby Lobby) and Quilt Shop quality fabrics.  The big box fabrics were mostly bought when my local JoAnns was moving and I got a bunch for 75% off list price.  We bought lots knowing we'd want to practice on the long arm, and such.  Well I've spent time every day folding fabric and last night I ran out of boards. Yes I've used 199 boards (I cut one in half to see if I wanted to do that for FQs) and I'm not through all of my fabrics, in fact I've only really gotten my big box book case done.  I will say, that I'm very happy with how it looks.  I still need to do some more color sorting, it is more in categories right now, but I still have more to load, but have to order more board today. Here is my progress to date....I didn't take a before picture but believe me it was a disaster!!!

Today I am linking up with Can I Get A Whoop Whoop @ Confessions of a Fabric Addict, Link a Finish Friday @ Richard and Tanya Quilts, Quokka Quilts, Finish It Up Friday @ Crazy Mom Quilts, Needle and Thread Thursday @ My Quilt Infatuation and Fabric Frenzy Friday @ Fort Worth Fabric Studio.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday Finish: Scrap Table Runner

I got a lot done this past week, but most of it I can't show you.  First thing I did was get my new sewing machine set-up.  Now that might seem like a lot, but before I put it on my sewing table, I empty everything from the storage area and from the top of the table.  Now 90% of it went back into the storage area or on top, but it is much more organized now.  And a lot of what was on top of the table is now stored behind a closed door. Now I have more room on the table surface, and it just feels better.  Of course I didn't take any before or after shots to show you, but trust me it is much better.

One of the things I found when I pulled everything out of the storage area is some left over rail fence blocks I made several years ago.  When Sharla and I started quilting again we went to a local big name store (which I won't name, but it's name rhymes) and bought a couple of small jelly rolls.  Our plan was to practice our 1/4 inch seams and make quilts for the dogs.  Sharla just sewed hers in rows, but I did my as a rail fence.  Now I will say the fabric was cheap both in price and in quality, so the left overs were just stuffed in my storage area.  When I found them I thought they would be perfect to test my thread breakage problem on the long arm.

My only issue is I didn't really want to do just a rail fence so I laid two blocks together, with the rows going opposite directions and then sewed around the edges.  I then cut them on the diagonal both ways creating 4 Half Square Triangles (HST) from each pair.  I trimmed then HST down to 5 inches.  This gave me HST where one side had three fabrics and the other side had two.  I played with a couple of different layouts and finally settled on a simple one so that your eye didn't go to crazy when looking at it.

The color mix is one I really love although I don't normally use much orange.  I think I may have to look for some good fabric to make another one.  I pulled a yellow from my stash for the back and binding and it matched the yellow on the front very nicely.

As you can see above I used an all over meander, and didn't have near the tension issues, so I really think it might be the cone of thread that was causing my earlier problems. Below is a close up so you can see more of the random pattern that was created by making the HST.

It is not a big table runner, ending up a 40" x 13 1/2" before washing.  Since my table is covered, I brought it to work to photograph.  I really wanted a couple of outside shots but we have had rain and overcast skies, so I settled for the lobby area of my office.  Overall I'm very happy that I used up some less than stellar scraps, got to test the tension on the long arm and got to sew on my new machine.  A very good week.

An let me say my new machine sewed over those HST like a hot knife though butter!!!  I was able to finish very quickly so I started another table runner.  It is using a pattern I'm testing for another designer.  The table runner is complete and sitting on the long arm waiting for me to have time to quilt it.  But I can't show you any photos of it until the pattern is released, which should be next week.  I hope to have it and another quilt to show next Friday.  Today I am linking up with  Let's Bee Social with Sew Fresh Quilts, Can I Get A Whoop Whoop @ Confessions of a Fabric Addict, Link a Finish Friday @ Richard and Tanya Quilts, Dizzy Quilts, Finish It Up Friday @ Crazy Mom Quilts, Needle and Thread Thursday @ My Quilt Infatuation and Fabric Frenzy Friday @ Fort Worth Fabric Studio.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Watkins Star Reveal

Ok I can now show ya'll the test quilt I did call Watkins Star. It was designed by Amy at Sew Incredibly Crazy and it is a super fun pattern. Her version of the pattern uses patriotic fabrics and is very cute, but I wanted to do something a little different.  I had a set of colors in mind and had most of the fabric, but went looking for one special fabric. Instead I found some totally different fabrics and this is what I did with them.

Now this is what her sample looked like and I love her colors, but I've been a grey kick lately and when I found the pink floral with the touches of grey I just had to use it.You can purchase the pattern on Craftsy (ie. HERE).  She did her points a little more random than me, but I think it looks good both ways.

I think it is so much fun to see how different people use the same pattern yet come up with so many different looks by just using different fabrics.  Her blog show some really great options that her testers completed. I was hoping to get it quilted on Monday, but it has been a crazy week and I've not gotten anything I had planned done.

My problem is I can't decide if I want to put a border on it or not. A couple of the tester put borders on theirs and I really like how it looks. It is currently about 55" x 55", so it is a good size, but I really like big quilts.  I'm thinking about a small 1" purple border, then a  2" yellow border and then a 4" floral border which would make it about 69" by 69".  What do you think does it need a border?  Here is a little better show of the fabrics used.  I plan on the floral as the backing fabric.

It was a fun quilt to make, the instructions are clear and easy to follow.  I was able to cut it very quickly (shhh don't tell anyone but I did it at work). The way it is laid out there are not many matching seams (YEAH), so it went together very quickly.   And did you notice the chalk board in the first photo? I removed the washi tape I had on it.  I think I want to paint it, but that will come later.  I'm just having fun using it.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Friday Finish: A Good Week/Bad Week

Ever have one of those good weeks, that was also a bad week.  Well welcome to my world.  I had time off for the 4th so I should have gotten lots done, but sadly that is not what happened.  I was off Thursday/Friday and Monday/Tuesday and worked from home on Saturday/Sunday.  So I should have at least one quilt finished, progress on my #TexasRoadTripQAL, and maybe even work on the shirts for the memory quilts. That is what I should have, what do I have....not much.  I did get a block done for the road trip, it is the El Paso block which is the railroad block. The fabrics are just some I picked up at my LQS.

Now I had great plans for finishing a quilt.  I got one loaded on to the frame, and it sat for a couple of days, while I did really important stuff like watch movies.  We rented 6 different movies over the holidays, which means I saw more movies than I've probably seen in a year.  But on Monday I was determined to get the quilt going, and I started. Then I broke a thread, broke a thread, broke a thread, broke a thread, broke a thread.  Getting the picture. In between breaks I checked and changed the needle, checked and changed the bobbin, checked and cleaned the tension gauge, checked and re-threaded the machine, changed needle size, changed the tightness of the top and backing. To say I was frustrated is putting it mildly.  I finally walked away after only doing one row because I just couldn't do it anymore.  Tuesday morning I called the place where I bought the machine and they started going over everything to try, and my response every time was did that, did that, etc.  They said it might be thread.  Now that I didn't want to hear.  If if changed thread it would have to be a different color.  After messing with it again, and it breaking twice more.  I pulled the thread off and just moved to cream.  I was able to finish the row without issue.  But I don't want to use cream.  So now I'm going to have to pull it off the frame, unpick what has been done and then start over with a new thread. This is the how it sits for now.

Now I did get a little more sewing done over the weekend.  I had bought a dog bed for Tucker (because he is old and needs one in every room) but the cover was slick plastic feeling, so I made and envelope pillow case for it.  I just used some fabric I had gotten from JoAnns on clearance.  At first it was only butt worthy. His head still had to be on his quilt.

But as time went on, he decided it wasn't so bad after all. It was soft, and that is all that matters.  I need to go get a couple more, because they were fairly cheap and dog beds don't last long in my house.

Now that was the bad part of the week, so I'm sure you're wondering what the good part was. Well Saturday was my birthday and Sharla and I went to take her machine in to be serviced.  They told us the cost to service it, and based on the issues she was having the most likely part that would have to be replaced and the cost of that and we said uhhh stop.  So we looked at some new machines.  Well we found one that she loved and that I loved. So happy birthday to me, we both got new machines.  

They had to order them, so we only got them last night.  Which meant I got it unboxed and sewed a few samples but that is all.  My goal is clean my sewing table off tonight, so I can start using it.  I'm very excited. We take a class on it next weekend and hopefully learn all the cool things it does.

Overall I didn't get much accomplished, but at the same time, I think I needed the break so it worked out for the best.  I have lots of things planned for the next couple of months, so I need to get busy.  Today I'm linking up with Let's Bee Social with Sew Fresh Quilts, Can I Get A Whoop Whoop @ Confessions of a Fabric Addict, Link a Finish Friday @ Richard and Tanya Quilts, Glory Be Quilter, Finish It Up Friday @ Crazy Mom Quilts, and  Fabric Frenzy Friday @ Fort Worth Fabric Studio.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

2nd Annual Piggy Bank Challenge

I was invited to join the Piggy Bank Challenge over at Val's Quilting Studio. And since I need all I can save to cover fabric costs these day I thought it would be fun to join.  I talked to my sister and she thought it would be fun too.  We were just going to buy a plastic jar to hold our savings, but tonight I was at wally world and found the cutest banks.

Mine is a little yellow duckie, no big reason for a duck other than it was super cute. Now part of the challenge is to include your "goal" of what you would buy with the savings.  For me it is pretty simple, fabric is the top on the list.  But I thought about it for a while and I think if I save enough I may go with a Aurifil thread collection.  Either way, fabric or thread, I know I will put it to good use.

Now Sharla's bank is a monkey...and for those not familiar with her, it is because her nick name growing up was monkey.  That is just what my dad called her.  I sort of thought it would fade away when he died, but my nephew has picked it up and still calls her that.  She wants fabric, first and foremost with her savings, but she said she might go for something else, it will depend on how much is saved.

Now the monkey is slightly larger than the duck, but I figure if I totally fill it, then I will dump it into something else until the challenge is complete.  As of right now, I split the change I had on my night stand between both banks, and Sharla had a couple of fives on her desk that she added as well.  So we are well on our way. The next big thing is I think they need names....hmmm maybe Leroy and Jethro, Crockett and Tubbs, Lucy and Ethel, or maybe Felix and Oscar.  Going to have to think about this some more.  I'm open to suggestions.

You can join along if you want and you'll find all the info at Val's Quilting Studio.

Val's Quilting Studio

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

New Quilt Blogger Blog Hop

Hello everyone, today I'm participating in the New Quilt Blogger Blog Hop.  Now that was a real mouth full. The wonderful Beth of Plum and June has organized this Hop and boy has she done a great job, so my first I want to say thank you to her.  She also created a google group for all of us in the hop and I have to admit that is been great too.  I've learned a lot from the group.

But now let's talk about me. If you're new to my blog, my name is Shauna....hard to guess, right? When I started blogging I couldn't think of anything really creative, so Shauna's World it was.  I'm a native Texan and oooh so proud of it. I work as tech support for a small company, single, and love to read, scrapbook and quilt. My sister and I live together along with my nephew and three dogs.  We are a bit of a motley crew, but it works for us.

My quilting journey started long ago.  My sister-in-law and I took a class, but it was about hand quilting and I didn't care for it.  I tried again in 2007 and loved making tops but not quilting on my domestic machine.  In 2012 my sister and I decided to take some classes, including one on long-arm quilting and I was hooked. We saved and bought a Handiquilter Avante at the end of last year.

Now this baby changed our quilting...we actually finish quilts now.  Since the beginning of the year I have completed 22 quilts.  I try to do about one a week, but I'm fast running out of tops.  A good problem to have.  I started blogging about the process at the first of the year.  One so my friends and family to follow what I'm doing, but also to share my experiences with others.  I've learned a lot, and am learning more each day.  The quilt in the picture above is teaching me lots...beginning with patience, but that is for another day.

I don't know that I have a real quilt style, I tend to make quilts that I like.  My favorites are below.  The top left is my "Bricks" quilt, and I love it because it my little Tucker Joe loves it.  Ok he loves any and all quilts, but he can be found on this one in my living room it if is anywhere he can get to it.  The top right is Every Which Way and was a quilted I tested.  I love this quilt because it really pushed me, a lot of HST and I learned so much from it.  Bottom left is a Turning Twenty quilt that I was about 1/3 to 1/2 way quilted when I found a bunch on the back, and I had to pull all the quilting out and re-quilt.  I learned a lot on that one too, and in the process loved, hated, and then loved the quilt again.  The bottom right is my last finish, and I love it because the fabric is from 2007, and I can mark it off my list.  I think that is the oldest one I've done so far.

I learn something with every quilt I make and I share what I learn with anyone who reads my blog.  I just finished a quilt top that is a test for a designer, and I learned that if I slow down things will really come together.  I find I often rush and that creates it's own issues. Now my favorite quilt to date is one that I gave away.  My sister pieced it and I quilted it, and my friend who received it totally loved it.  I was very nervous about giving it as a gift because I worry about my work being good enough, but it was very loved.

Currently I'm working on a couple of things.  The first photo is of my Avante today.  But I will be pulling that quilt off and removing the quilting that has been done.  Long story, but the short version is bad thread.  I am also doing a test quilt call Watkins Star that the top is done and I hope to get quilted next week.  But I can't show it until it is done.  I also am starting another test quilt this week.  But my favorite project right now is the #TexasRoadTripQAL.  I'm about half way done with it, so a little behind, but am hoping to get caught up before the end of the month.  I think I love it because of the fabrics, they are Alison Glass' Sun Prints.

I am not the most proficient quilter or blogger, but I do try.  :)  I tend to write like I'm talking to you, and every now and then even a ya'll will slip through.  If you like what you see, feel free to follow me in whatever manner you like.  I have buttons for Bloglovin'/Feedly and a spot to Follow by Email.  Those are mainly thanks to the blogger group, they have really helped me fine tune things.

We were told a fun way to finish the post would be to tell you some random facts about me

  •       Dream Vacation Spot.....Australia, maybe someday
  •       Favorite Movie...Pillow old Doris Day/Rock Hudson movie, love the oldies
  •       Favorite TV Show...NCIS and Big Bang Theory
  •       Favorite Author....Janet Evanovich (love the Stephanie Plum books)
  •       Favorite Thing to Collect....FABRIC   :)

And then we are to give you a blogging tip and a quilting tip.  Ok for blogging, I say pictures, pictures and more pictures.  I love seeing what others are doing.  I'm trying very hard to make my pictures better, and can see improvement.  And for quilting my biggest piece of advice is don't sew tired.  In the Every Which Way quilt I but together practice blocks wrong three times because I was tired.  It was a hard lesson to learn, but I learned it.

Now a question for you...What is your favorite quilting tool?  I am always looking for things to make it easier/faster, and wonder what I might be missing.  I hope you have enjoyed your visit here, and you should definitely check out the others on the blog hop.  Here are the links

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Thanks so much for stopping by, and I hope you enjoyed your time here.  And ya'll come hear.  :)

Finish Along Quarter 3: Goals

Ok it is time to set my goals for quarter 3 in the finish along for 2014.  I'm going to do things a little different this quarter.  I have lots of goals, so I'm listing everything I want to get done, in hopes that I get at least part of them done.  It is so hard in the summer, because the heat here just drains me and I never get as much done as I want to do.  But here is my list.

1.  I want to finish my #TexasRoadTripQAL quilt.  I've got the first and second quadrants done, but haven't started on the third or fourth.

2.  I'm not doing the city block inside the Texas quilt, but separately as a wall hanging, and I want to get those done as well.  So far I've done Dallas, Tyler, El Paso, and need to do Fort Worth (cut not sewn), Amarillo, Lubbock, Midland, Big Bend and Houston.  Plus the other cities that are not published yet.

3.  I want to finish cutting all the shirts for the memory quilts.  I tend to work on this in bursts.  I will cut several nights in a row and then nothing for a week or two.  But I need to get them cut, so I can start putting blocks together.  After my friends reaction to the baby quilt with just the label framed in shirt pieces, I'm not sure she is ready for the quilts yet, but I would like to get them done so when she is ready they are ready.

4.  I want to quilt the test quilt I did called Watkins Star.  I have the top done, and hope to get it on the long arm in the next week or two.  But that is depending on the machine, it is giving me some trouble and may need to go into the shop.

 5.  I want to finish at least 6 quilts, which means quilted, bound and labeled.  This is a lower number than last quarter, because I've got fewer tops finished.  If I get more, great, but I should have six tops completed that I know I should be able to get done. The picture below is from last quarter, but I it still has 4 tops that are not done yet.

6.  Complete some more tops.  I want at least one, but would love if I could get more than that done.  I have a ton of projects bought.  My first picks would be my PB&J quilt, which I've ironed the fabric, but never cut, my Big & Bold quilt using Soho fabric.  I picked up the bundle and fabric at this years Dallas Quilt show and really really love the colors.  Don't you love the chalk board???  I got the idea from Chelsea of Patch the Giraffe.  She is doing a travelling chalk board for people doing the Farmer's Wife block.  I loved the idea of using it to make note of the pattern or fabric.

7.  Organize my fabric stash.  I have two separate areas, one has JoAnn's fabric, most purchased when the store in my city was moving, so I got it for 70% off.  Then I have another cabinet with my Quilt Shop fabrics in it.  Most of these are project specific, they were purchased for a specific project.  I've purchased some comic boards and want to get the JoAnn's fabric all onto them and organized by color.  I would like to get all my projects matched up in the other cabinet, and backing fabrics put with the kits. No pictures, because it is a real mess right now.

8.  I want to get my sewing area organized.  I did a major clean a month or so ago, but I need to organize my sewing table itself.  I've purchased a couple of things to help, but haven't taken the time to put everything where it needs to go.  I want to clean off the table, so only the necessities are on it, and everything else is stored elsewhere. Again no photos because it is a mess.

9. I want to get quilts onto my quilt ladder.  My brother made my sister and I beautiful quilt ladders for Christmas, and yet no quilts hang on them.  I need to make muslin sleeves for the rungs and haven't gotten around to it.  But I want them made so I can display the ladders and the quilts.

10. I want to do a major clean of the sewing room.  I want to do a full move everything, sweep/mop/dust at least once per quarter.  In doing so I want to also update the dog beds so they are covered in washable covers that I make.

Ok that is a nice round number of things to do.  Hopefully I will get it all accomplished, but will be happy if I get a good portion of it done.  I am linking up with The Littlest Thistle - Finish Along Quarter 3.

Friday, July 4, 2014

July Goals: A Lovely Year In Finishes 2014

Ok for July I'm setting very very small goals because it is a hot month, and I know I'm going to be tired. My big goal will be to get the test quilt top I finished today quilted.  I want to get two or three more tops quilted, but I will be happy with just one.  I still have to press it and the pattern hasn't been released, so I can't show you the finished top, but here it is as I took it off the machine today.

I do have other goals, I want to get caught up on my #TexasRoadTripQAL, I've got quadrants one and two done, but haven't started on number three.  And four will be release soon.  I am so happy with how it is going, I can't wait for it to be finished.  I also want to work more on cutting the shirts for the memory quilts.

That is it for this month.  Not going to push myself too much.  I'm linking up with Shanna of Fiber of All Sorts and Melissa of Sew BitterSweet Designs.

Friday Finish: Test Quilt Flimsy

Happy 4th of July everyone.  I hope you are having a wonderful day.  I'm off today, which is great, and I had big plans of sewing, quilting, movie watching, etc.  But in reality I've not gotten much done.  Well I did have lunch with my sister and friend, which was really nice.

For my finish I can't really show you much.  It is a test quilt I'm doing, but the pattern hasn't been released yet.  The designer hopes to release it in mid July.  The pattern is call Watkins Star, and it was super easy to make. Here it is after the last stitch...literally still hadn't cut the thread.  :)

Now this one shows the focus fabric I used a little better.  I love the mix of pinks, purples, yellows and grey. I pulled a couple of fabrics from my stash and bought a couple.  After I iron it I will decide if I want to put a border on it, but right now I'm leaning towards leaving it as is.

I have gotten a quilt loaded onto the long arm.  I hope to get it quilted tomorrow and then trimmed and bound on Sunday.  If all goes well I will do another one on Monday.  But right now I'm not pushing myself it is a holiday weekend after all.  My plans this afternoon is to watch a couple of rented movies and just chill in the A/C because it is HOTTTTT outside. Today I am linking up with Can I Get A Whoop Whoop @ Confessions of a Fabric Addict, Link a Finish Friday @ Richard and Tanya Quilts, Quokka Quilts, Finish It Up Friday @ Crazy Mom Quilts, Needle and Thread Thursday @ My Quilt Infatuation and Fabric Frenzy Friday @ Fort Worth Fabric Studio.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Quarter 2 Finish Party

It is so hard to believe that quarter two of the year is over.  Time is flying past.  It is time to show my progress on my Finish Along Quarter 2.  I got a lot done, but I could have done more.  On April 13th I set my Quarter 2 Goals, and now I have to show you the good, the bad and the ugly.

First up my goal to quilt ten quilts over the quarter was reached (just barely).  I really wanted to do 13, but made the goal 10 because I knew life would happen.  So let me show you the 10, each one has it's own blog post and I've linked the title if you want to see more on that quilt.

1.  Cheaper by the Dozen

2. My High Street Turning Twenty

3. My Turning Twenty Kissing Booth

4. Tucker's Star Crossed Quilt

5. Sharla's Batik Charms Quilt

6. Sharla's High Street Turning Twenty

7. Every Which Way...Charity Quilt

8. Sharla's Sock Monkey

9. My Look and Learn Rail Fence

10. Baby Monkey Blanket

My second goal was to complete the test quilt Every Which Way, which if you look above, it was done and I've since given to Quilts for Compassion.

My third goal was to cut the shirts for the memory quilts I'm doing for a friend and have one top done.  I did not complete this goal.  I did start cutting them and I'm about halfway through all of them, but no top yet. So I have to say this is my bad. Something got done, just not enough.

My fourth goal was to get at least one top from my stash...and this is the really ugly.  Nothing, nada, zip...ok I have done a couple of things, I've started the #TexasRoadTripQAL and am about 1/2 finished with it, but I didn't use my stash for it.  I've also started a test quilt called The Watkins Star, but only part of the fabric is from my stash.  Overall I'm happy I got 2 complete (and one of those was a big one), one partially done and one not done.