Wednesday, July 9, 2014

2nd Annual Piggy Bank Challenge

I was invited to join the Piggy Bank Challenge over at Val's Quilting Studio. And since I need all I can save to cover fabric costs these day I thought it would be fun to join.  I talked to my sister and she thought it would be fun too.  We were just going to buy a plastic jar to hold our savings, but tonight I was at wally world and found the cutest banks.

Mine is a little yellow duckie, no big reason for a duck other than it was super cute. Now part of the challenge is to include your "goal" of what you would buy with the savings.  For me it is pretty simple, fabric is the top on the list.  But I thought about it for a while and I think if I save enough I may go with a Aurifil thread collection.  Either way, fabric or thread, I know I will put it to good use.

Now Sharla's bank is a monkey...and for those not familiar with her, it is because her nick name growing up was monkey.  That is just what my dad called her.  I sort of thought it would fade away when he died, but my nephew has picked it up and still calls her that.  She wants fabric, first and foremost with her savings, but she said she might go for something else, it will depend on how much is saved.

Now the monkey is slightly larger than the duck, but I figure if I totally fill it, then I will dump it into something else until the challenge is complete.  As of right now, I split the change I had on my night stand between both banks, and Sharla had a couple of fives on her desk that she added as well.  So we are well on our way. The next big thing is I think they need names....hmmm maybe Leroy and Jethro, Crockett and Tubbs, Lucy and Ethel, or maybe Felix and Oscar.  Going to have to think about this some more.  I'm open to suggestions.

You can join along if you want and you'll find all the info at Val's Quilting Studio.

Val's Quilting Studio


  1. SHauna...welcome to the challenge! Oh these two are much cuter than plastic jugs! I added myself as a GFC follower...and hope you'll do the same next time you stop by! Val

  2. PS: I noticed you've been blogging for I'd like to personally invite you and your readers to join us on Tuesdays for my Tuesday Archive Linky....the linky that let's you rejevinate OLD posts according to a weekly theme. It's been fun!

  3. Cute piggy banks! I thought about saving too, but I have three little ones and I always give them change to put in their piggy banks, so I don't think this method would work for me at this time. Maybe in a few years!

  4. This is a great idea.
    How about Cheeky and Chubby for names?
    I have put myself on a fabric diet for a few months, so I won't join in as it will only encourage a binge fabric buy at the end of my diet!

  5. Nothing like a great team working together for you and your sister.

  6. Personally I like Leroy and Jethro. :) How sweet that you are helping each other save.

  7. DiNozzo and McGee! The monkey has to be McGee, just because McGee Monkey goes together. I really like Jethro and Leroy too. I found your blog through Plum and June's new blogger hop. You have made some lovely quilts.


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