Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Finish Along Quarter 3: Goals

Ok it is time to set my goals for quarter 3 in the finish along for 2014.  I'm going to do things a little different this quarter.  I have lots of goals, so I'm listing everything I want to get done, in hopes that I get at least part of them done.  It is so hard in the summer, because the heat here just drains me and I never get as much done as I want to do.  But here is my list.

1.  I want to finish my #TexasRoadTripQAL quilt.  I've got the first and second quadrants done, but haven't started on the third or fourth.

2.  I'm not doing the city block inside the Texas quilt, but separately as a wall hanging, and I want to get those done as well.  So far I've done Dallas, Tyler, El Paso, and need to do Fort Worth (cut not sewn), Amarillo, Lubbock, Midland, Big Bend and Houston.  Plus the other cities that are not published yet.

3.  I want to finish cutting all the shirts for the memory quilts.  I tend to work on this in bursts.  I will cut several nights in a row and then nothing for a week or two.  But I need to get them cut, so I can start putting blocks together.  After my friends reaction to the baby quilt with just the label framed in shirt pieces, I'm not sure she is ready for the quilts yet, but I would like to get them done so when she is ready they are ready.

4.  I want to quilt the test quilt I did called Watkins Star.  I have the top done, and hope to get it on the long arm in the next week or two.  But that is depending on the machine, it is giving me some trouble and may need to go into the shop.

 5.  I want to finish at least 6 quilts, which means quilted, bound and labeled.  This is a lower number than last quarter, because I've got fewer tops finished.  If I get more, great, but I should have six tops completed that I know I should be able to get done. The picture below is from last quarter, but I it still has 4 tops that are not done yet.

6.  Complete some more tops.  I want at least one, but would love if I could get more than that done.  I have a ton of projects bought.  My first picks would be my PB&J quilt, which I've ironed the fabric, but never cut, my Big & Bold quilt using Soho fabric.  I picked up the bundle and fabric at this years Dallas Quilt show and really really love the colors.  Don't you love the chalk board???  I got the idea from Chelsea of Patch the Giraffe.  She is doing a travelling chalk board for people doing the Farmer's Wife block.  I loved the idea of using it to make note of the pattern or fabric.

7.  Organize my fabric stash.  I have two separate areas, one has JoAnn's fabric, most purchased when the store in my city was moving, so I got it for 70% off.  Then I have another cabinet with my Quilt Shop fabrics in it.  Most of these are project specific, they were purchased for a specific project.  I've purchased some comic boards and want to get the JoAnn's fabric all onto them and organized by color.  I would like to get all my projects matched up in the other cabinet, and backing fabrics put with the kits. No pictures, because it is a real mess right now.

8.  I want to get my sewing area organized.  I did a major clean a month or so ago, but I need to organize my sewing table itself.  I've purchased a couple of things to help, but haven't taken the time to put everything where it needs to go.  I want to clean off the table, so only the necessities are on it, and everything else is stored elsewhere. Again no photos because it is a mess.

9. I want to get quilts onto my quilt ladder.  My brother made my sister and I beautiful quilt ladders for Christmas, and yet no quilts hang on them.  I need to make muslin sleeves for the rungs and haven't gotten around to it.  But I want them made so I can display the ladders and the quilts.

10. I want to do a major clean of the sewing room.  I want to do a full move everything, sweep/mop/dust at least once per quarter.  In doing so I want to also update the dog beds so they are covered in washable covers that I make.

Ok that is a nice round number of things to do.  Hopefully I will get it all accomplished, but will be happy if I get a good portion of it done.  I am linking up with The Littlest Thistle - Finish Along Quarter 3.


  1. Goodness! That's a well-thought plan. My quarterly goals are simply 'make some stuff' and 'resist buying more fabric'. I did just remove the giant dust balls from behind my sewing table.
    Best of luck with everything on your list!

  2. Good luck with all of those! My goals aren't so lofty, but I did link up for the first time this quarter. I'm hoping it'll keep me motivated!


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