Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday, August 31st

I've been so busy. I think that September 1st is a big day in the digital scrapbooking world, because it seems like everyone is releasing new kits. Tomorrow you will see layouts using a new Collab kit from Modern June Creations and Mandy Made Digi Bits called Rock It, which is a cool musical kit. Also Scrappin' Daisies Designs is releasing a kit called Lemondrop and Gumdrop, which is full of bright yellow, pinks, greens and brown. Then Jewelscraps is releasing seven, yes I said 7 kits at Enchanted Studios Scraps. I am also guest CT at Simply Scraps this month, she isn't releasing a new kit on the first, but she has the daily downloads at Gotta Pixel for September 1-7. So I've got tons going on, but too kit it off I wanted to show you the two layouts I've done with Simply Scrap's Wishing on a Star. If you go to Gotta Pixel, starting tomorrow you can download her mini kit in pieces for free over the next seven days.

The first one is my Tucker Joe.

Next is Tom, Mecca, Callie and Cole. I love this photo of them. It was taken when they were over for Mom's b'day several years ago.

Now just a little sneak peek at Rockin It by Modern June Creations and Mandy Made Digi Bits. The kit will be available tomorrow at Digi Scrapbook Mania.

Tomorrow will have lots of layouts, so come back and check out all the cool kits.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesday, August 25

Can I just say wow, it has been a busy week. I've said in early posts that I was now a CT for Modern June Creations and I love it. So I found several other designers that were having calls, and I have been accepted by two more. The first is Scrappin' Daisies Designs who sells out of Brownie Scraps and the second is 3 Dog Designs (how appropriate is that for me) that sells out of DigiTop3. I have applications in at a couple of more, yeah I know I'm addicted to scrapping. I just love all the kits and have such a good time playing with them.

So my first two layouts are done with Scrappin' Daisies Design kit called Just Classy and I really love it. It is black, greens and gold and really does lend itself to classy layouts. But is also great for b/w photos. The first layout is Callie before her prom. I think the kit really complements her dress.

Next I used the same kit, Just Classy, but the photos are of my babies. I had such a hard time picking the papers for this one because I liked them all. I do like how this layout turned out.

Next are a couple of layouts using kits from 3 Dog Designs. The first is a kit called Rainbow Connection and is a bright cheery kit that was lots of fun to use. The first layout is of Zoey, on grooming day. I love her face cut short, unfortunately it grows very very quickly.

The next layout also uses Rainbow Connection and is of Callie and she was making faces. She is so beautiful and can scrunch her face into such weird poses. She is definitely one of the nuts in this family.

My last layout for today uses Modern June Creations kit called Stealing Love as well as a template from her Template Pack 2. The photo is my daddy when he was young. I love the smile on his face. I'm not sure who is in the photo with him, but he is definitely showing his "strong" side.

That is it for today, I promise to post more this week.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wednesday, August 19th

Well I have done several layouts over the last week or so, but for some reason, I've not posted any of them. I think I got a little burned out when Sharla and I did a mad scrapbook for Mom's trip. We had to adjust all of our existing layouts to 6 x 6 and 300 dpi to print them for her, plus I think we did about 10 layouts each to add to the book. And we did that all in a weekend. But enough about that, I think Mom and Cole are having a good time, and hopefully taking some pictures.

Ok for my layouts, first is one I did this week for a speed scrap. It is a picture of Daddy and all of his brothers and sisters. I really liked how it came out, but I need to find out from family what the date of the picture was. I think they look nice, spiffy even.

Now for another speed scrap I did. The challenge was to select a photo where you could put something in the person's hand. I picked a photo of Callie, Tom and Cathy on Labor Day weekend 2007. Cathy wasn't holding a drink in the original photo, I added that. I think it looks pretty good and it was a fun learning experience for me.

Next is a layout I did for a font challenge at
Digi Scrapbook Mania and I used a template from Modern June Creations to do it as well as her kit Boys Team, which both can be bought at the shop at Digi Scrapbook Mania.

Now for a layout of Cole. He was over at the house mowing the lawn and when it was time for him to go home, he drove. We stopped at Sonic and I couldn't resist snapping some photos. He was happy to drive, not so happy to pose for the photos.

A couple of weeks ago one of our co-volunteers at church was complaining because he had to leave directly from church to catch a plane and wouldn't get a Sunday afternoon nap. Sharla volunteered to take a nap for him. She was laying down with Cooper and I pulled the camera out and snapped some photos so she could show Brent she napped for him. I'm sure he'll be impressed (hehehe).

The next layout is a simple one I did of Tucker. When I posted it to the gallery one of the comments laughed that he had a middle name. I love the colors of this layout.

Ok the last layout for today is another speed scrap. I love the colors of this kit, it is called Kickin' It by Digi Designs by Nicole. I think it is designed to be a "girls" cowboy kit, but I think it work fine for my boys.

That is it for today, I'll post more later this week.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday, August 11th

First, Modern June Creations is having a sale, her first sale ever. Her son is turning four and you get the present. Everything in her store at Digi Scrapbook Mania is 40% off (and nothing over $5.00). So hurry over and check it out. I used her Falling For Autumn kit to do my blog background and her new kit Blue Bird was used to make the flier.

Now on to my life and layouts. No news on the job front, but I keep applying. This morning I took Mom and Cole to the airport. They are flying to NC/VA to spend time with family. They called a little while ago, and they made it safe and sound. Mom had Sharla and I print some of the layouts we've been doing and put them into an album for her. We started with an album that would hold 20 pages, and we bought refills that would add another 20 pages. I had to go out yesterday and get more refills. I think the book ended up with 60 pages in it. We had a lot of fun putting together some just for that book, photos taken from previous trips. So today I'm going to show you several of those layouts.

The first one is a layout I did with Mom and Zoey, which is how the book got started. Mom wanted to carry some pictures of Zoey back with her and Sharla and I took it to the next level.

Next I did one with a photo of my Aunts Lucy, Hazel and Sallie. They are posing together, but if you look they are on the dock and water is behind them. I'm not sure how managed not to end up in the water. But I love how they are laughing.

Next is one I did with a photo of the family stretched across of front porch of my cousin's beach place. I love this photo for a couple of reasons, the first is it has my daddy in it and I treasure all photos of him. And the next reason is it is so typical of a group shot, half of the people are looking one way and half looking another. I happen to know that two of my cousins were below taking the photos, so I'm sure those posing had no idea which way to look.

Next is a layout using a photo from when Mom and Aunt Jean went back to visit. The photo is Janice, Aunt Jean, Mom, Aunt Sallie, Aunt Hazel and Aunt Peggy, what a group, I'm betting they were having a good time.

Ok the layout tells a story that my daddy loved to tell. He and mom had gone back for a visit and they had gone down to my cousin Ira's beach place. The girls took daddy out to the pier to fish (something he love, almost as much as he loved those girls). My daddy laughed every time he told this story, so I couldn't resist doing a layout with this photo.

That is it for today, more later.....

Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday, August 7th

Modern June Creations has released Blue Bird today. I love this kit, I did three layouts in one afternoon with it. You can find it at Digi Scrapbook Mania but Kathy has a chance to win the kit for free on her blog this weekend as well as a freebie, so head over to
Confessions of a Modern June and enter today.

Here are the layouts I did with the kit. The first is actually a picture of me, and is probably my favorite picture of me (cheeks and all).

Next is a picture of Tom and Cole after Cole's Pass and Review in ROTC. I'm not sure who is more proud, Tom of his son or Cole of his dad.

Next is Sharla and Cooper. The photo is just one I took one evening when we were hanging out, but I really love it. Cooper looks like he is smiling.

The last layout uses the Blue Bird kit as well as Kathy's template 11 which can be found at Digi Scrapbook Mania as well. The photos are of Zoey on bath day. She wasn't happy, but we had the groomer trim her face close and she looks adorable.

That is it for today, later......

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wednesday, August 5th

Ok, so I'm very excited I got to play with Kathy's new kit from Modern June Creations. It is called Blue Bird and will be released on Friday. I won't show you my layouts until them, but it is such a beautiful kit.

I do have a few layouts to show you. The first one I did with Stealing Love from Modern June Creations and I used her template number 12 as well. The photos are Tom and Mecca from their trip to Alaska to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary.

Next is my entry into GingerScraps Survivor Challenge for Week 3. I would love for you to vote for me to stay on the island. If you've not registered, you do have to register, but that only takes a moment and they don't bombard you will email. I'll put up the link to vote when it happens, but for now here is the link to
Ginger Scraps.
The challenge was to write a letter home or to someone you love.

Next is the second part of my last assignment for Ginger Scraps Officers Training. The lesson was on composition as well as blending.and I had to scraplift one of the examples. I really like how this one looks. The photos are Callie from a couple of years ago at Thanksgiving.

Next is Tucker's baby picture. We had to drive to Bowie to get him and Cooper and they were very skittish that first day or two. They didn't have a clue what was happening, but they were just so cute.

Lastly for today are photos taken on Joe's boat in 2007 when we went back to NC for a visit. We had come back into dock and were just sitting around talking. It looks like everyone was grumpy, but I think it was just that everyone was tired. The shell was not supposed to be on Callie's lap, but somehow it got put there and I thought it was funny and left it there. The photos are Ira and Mecca and Patsy and Callie.

More later....

Monday, August 3, 2009

Monday, August 3rd

So did you notice my new background and header? I created it using Falling For Autumn by Modern June Creations. Sshhh don't tell only because it is not official yet, but I have been accepted to be on the Creative Team for Modern June...yeah isn't that exciting. I love her kits, and thrilled that she picked me. If you would like to check out her kits and templates you will find them at Digi Scrapbook Mania.

Ok for some of my layouts. The first one of my entries into the CT Challenge at Digi Scrapbook Mania. I love the layout, but unfortunately I wasn't selected to be on their team.

My last entry for that challenge had photos of all three babies after being groomed. I think they all look so cute.

Next is a speed scrap I did that had just Zoey in it after being groomed. We had the groom trim her beard closer and I think she looks so very very cute. She really doesn't like being groomed, but the groomer said she is getting better.

Now for Cooper after being groomed. He was so funny afterwards, he actually let me take his picture and seemed to be very happy. He ran around "naked" for a while but then I put a clean shirt on him. He is our cold baby, and always seems to want to wear a shirt of some sort.

I know you think the last one for today will be Tucker after being groomed, but you would be wrong. I haven't done his page yet. This one is a speed scrap I did and I really like how they had us use the photo as half of the page.

That is it for now. More later....

Birthday Bash

Designs by Ashlee is having a big birthday bash at Digi Scrapbook Mania.

Are you ready for lots of fun and freebies because she is going to be giving things away like a crazy person. If you go to
Digi Scrapbook Mania Forum, you will be able to enter all of the great contests. You will have the chance to win any kit from her store in one of the contests and in the other you could win the official Smashin' Ashlee's Birthday Bash Kit! So head on over and check them out and be sure to enter.