Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wednesday, August 5th

Ok, so I'm very excited I got to play with Kathy's new kit from Modern June Creations. It is called Blue Bird and will be released on Friday. I won't show you my layouts until them, but it is such a beautiful kit.

I do have a few layouts to show you. The first one I did with Stealing Love from Modern June Creations and I used her template number 12 as well. The photos are Tom and Mecca from their trip to Alaska to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary.

Next is my entry into GingerScraps Survivor Challenge for Week 3. I would love for you to vote for me to stay on the island. If you've not registered, you do have to register, but that only takes a moment and they don't bombard you will email. I'll put up the link to vote when it happens, but for now here is the link to
Ginger Scraps.
The challenge was to write a letter home or to someone you love.

Next is the second part of my last assignment for Ginger Scraps Officers Training. The lesson was on composition as well as blending.and I had to scraplift one of the examples. I really like how this one looks. The photos are Callie from a couple of years ago at Thanksgiving.

Next is Tucker's baby picture. We had to drive to Bowie to get him and Cooper and they were very skittish that first day or two. They didn't have a clue what was happening, but they were just so cute.

Lastly for today are photos taken on Joe's boat in 2007 when we went back to NC for a visit. We had come back into dock and were just sitting around talking. It looks like everyone was grumpy, but I think it was just that everyone was tired. The shell was not supposed to be on Callie's lap, but somehow it got put there and I thought it was funny and left it there. The photos are Ira and Mecca and Patsy and Callie.

More later....

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  1. LOVE how you used the crabby word art! What a pretty page! :)


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