Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday, August 11th

First, Modern June Creations is having a sale, her first sale ever. Her son is turning four and you get the present. Everything in her store at Digi Scrapbook Mania is 40% off (and nothing over $5.00). So hurry over and check it out. I used her Falling For Autumn kit to do my blog background and her new kit Blue Bird was used to make the flier.

Now on to my life and layouts. No news on the job front, but I keep applying. This morning I took Mom and Cole to the airport. They are flying to NC/VA to spend time with family. They called a little while ago, and they made it safe and sound. Mom had Sharla and I print some of the layouts we've been doing and put them into an album for her. We started with an album that would hold 20 pages, and we bought refills that would add another 20 pages. I had to go out yesterday and get more refills. I think the book ended up with 60 pages in it. We had a lot of fun putting together some just for that book, photos taken from previous trips. So today I'm going to show you several of those layouts.

The first one is a layout I did with Mom and Zoey, which is how the book got started. Mom wanted to carry some pictures of Zoey back with her and Sharla and I took it to the next level.

Next I did one with a photo of my Aunts Lucy, Hazel and Sallie. They are posing together, but if you look they are on the dock and water is behind them. I'm not sure how managed not to end up in the water. But I love how they are laughing.

Next is one I did with a photo of the family stretched across of front porch of my cousin's beach place. I love this photo for a couple of reasons, the first is it has my daddy in it and I treasure all photos of him. And the next reason is it is so typical of a group shot, half of the people are looking one way and half looking another. I happen to know that two of my cousins were below taking the photos, so I'm sure those posing had no idea which way to look.

Next is a layout using a photo from when Mom and Aunt Jean went back to visit. The photo is Janice, Aunt Jean, Mom, Aunt Sallie, Aunt Hazel and Aunt Peggy, what a group, I'm betting they were having a good time.

Ok the layout tells a story that my daddy loved to tell. He and mom had gone back for a visit and they had gone down to my cousin Ira's beach place. The girls took daddy out to the pier to fish (something he love, almost as much as he loved those girls). My daddy laughed every time he told this story, so I couldn't resist doing a layout with this photo.

That is it for today, more later.....

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