Thursday, March 19, 2009

Callie turns 21

I can't believe Callie is 21 today. It seems like just yesterday her mom called and said she thought she was in labor. I count Callie as one of my blessings, she is so full of life and laughter. It is rare to spend time with Callie and not laugh. It is also rare to spend time with her and not be sat on, leaned on or have her feet shoved under you. But this is something Callie has done for years. I remember years ago sitting on the floor and her climbing all over me. I finally got tired of it and ask "Callie what does a jungle gym look like?" To which she quickly responded, "It wears a pink shirt, blue pants . . . " Yeah, I lost that battle and she continued to climb on me, and I let her. I know that whatever life throws at Callie she will adapt and put her spin on it.

I made a desktop for my computer today with pictures of Callie. I'm posting it here, I was hard to choose the pictures, because we have so many of her, but here are a few of my favorites.

Happy Birthday Callie Girl!!!!!!!!