Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wednesday, Sept. 30th

Hubble Bubble Toil and Trouble...yes it is that time of year. I like Halloween, mainly because kids enjoy it so much and it is fun to watch their excitement. Modern June Creations has come out with a great Halloween kit called Hocus Pocus and it's coloring is just a little different than normal kits, which makes it great. Something new and exciting.
I've done three layouts with the kit and really love the colors (but then I'm a purple girl). The first is an old co-worker dressed up as Liz Taylor a few years ago for our office celebration. I think she looks very very good as Liz, and who isn't just a little wicked.

Next is a very pretty kitty cat named Callie. The first year we were in the new house, Sharla and I had to work the Fall Festival at Church, so Callie came over to hand out candy to the kids, since it was hard for Mom and Dad to answer the door and keep the dogs from running outside. She came up the costume after she got to the house. And it was funny we had some older boys trick or treating and one of them hit on her. She thought it was so funny.

Lastly is another photo of former co-workers. This group is very creative and slightly goulish. But for all of their scariness, you couldn't meet a nicer group of people.

Ok that is it for today, I'll be back tomorrow with a new kit from Jewelscraps.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tuesday, Sept. 29th

Ok,I'm a bad girl. I don't know how I forgot Jewelscrap's Breathe The Season kit was released last week and I didn't post my layouts. I'm sure it warrants 20 lashes with a wet noodle at the very least. The kit is great for your fall pictures.

I did two layouts with it. The first is Callie and Mom on Mother's Day. Yeah I know that Mother's Day is not in the fall, but Mom was wearing pretty fall there, thought you had me. I love the photo of Callie kissing Mom.

The second one is Zoey. A close up shot taken when she was just a little grumpy about the camera in her face. When I saw the kit for some reason the song Close To You by the Carpenters kept coming to mind, so I used part of the lyrics on this page.

Tomorrow or Thursday will be Hocus Pocus by Modern June Creations. Later.....

Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday, Sept. 28th

Ok everyone needs to head over to Nicole's blog Digi Designs by Nicole because she has a great freebie collaboration kit this week called Beautiful You. I love the colors in this kit, they are fallish without being traditional fall colors, plus it is FREE. It is a collab with Jacabean Designs and her part looks great too (I know I'm snagging it this week). Here are some layouts I did with it.

The first is an older picture of Callie, and she was such a cute kid. She developed a love of clothes and dressing up very early in life, and has always had a sense of style.

The next layout I did a speed scrap, then modified it slightly to only have items from this kit in it. I love the alpha in this kit, the blue and white look so good together. This picture is Tucker and Cooper, playing on the bed. It was impossible to get them both to look at me when I was holding the camera.

The last layout is Callie and Mecca taken one Sunday afternoon. Nothing special about the day, but always something special about the photo. In this one I love Mecca is laughing while Callie is mugging for the camera.

Ok the kit will only be FREE for one week, so don't forget to head over to Digi Designs by Nicole and get it this week. Later......

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wednesday, Sept. 23rd

Yeah it's hump day...actually it has been a good week, so I don't want to wish it away. And yesterday and today have been great fall weather...unfortunately I think it will get hot again by the weekend. I'm ready for a cool morning where I can stay home and sit outside and read.

Well onto some new stuff. Scrappin Daisies Designs has a new kit releasing today called F-A-L-L into Fall and it is just perfect for this weather. Ok can a digital scrapbooking kit be perfect for weather....well this is a great kit, just full of beautiful papers and elements. And even better it is on sale this week for 50% off.

My first layout is Zoey girl taken after her last grooming. Since we had to postpone grooming because of her surgery, she is getting shaggy again. I much prefer the trimmed up girl. I love the sunflower in this kit, I can lots of uses for it.

The next layout is Callie and Mom taken Labor Day weekend 2007. I love the look on their faces. Callie was posing with everyone, and you can just see how much Mom wanted her picture taken....hehehe.

Don't forget F-A-L-L into Fall is on sale this week for 50% off.

That is it for today...more tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tuesday, Sept. 22nd

It's Tuesday and things are going well. I'm settling into a routine at work, I think there will lots to learn and that is exciting for me. But onto digital scrapping. I have a couple of layouts for you today from 3 Dog Designs newest kit called My Little Cowboy and it is the full of stuff to scrap your little boy whether he is a cowboy or not.

Both layouts using My Little Cowboy feature Cole. Now does that really surprise anyone? The first was a picture taken in their living room at the old house. It was during his spiky hair phase. He thought he was so cool and I thought he was so cute.

The next photo was taken years ago a Mom and Dad's old house. I'm not sure why he was giving the thumbs up, but I love the smile on his face. His grin makes me want to smile.

Ok I have a couple of more layouts done with other kits. This whole working thing is cutting into my scrapping and blogging time (hehehe). Just kidding. The first is a speed scrap I did, and I used a photo of Zoey. I love the black and white photo with this kit.

The last one for today is another speed scrap. You had to use a bad picture, it was part of the instructions. Since about 50% of the photos I take one or another of the dogs is moving, or has turned their back on me, I was easily able to find a bad photo. I thought it was a cute idea on how to still get use out of a shot you would have otherwise thrown away. This is Tucker on July 4th. He decided he just had to shake when I was trying to take the picture.

Ok that is it for today, but there will be more tomorrow. Scrappin' Daisies Designs has a beautiful fall kit releasing tomorrow and I will have some layouts to show you.

Also don't forget the sale at Stuff to Scrap, everything is 30% off. Later....

Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday, Sept.21st.

Why are Mondays so hard??? I think we all have a thing about Mondays and it is all in our heads...but enough silliness from me.

Digi Designs by Nicole introduced a new kit yesterday called Let Me Count The Ways and it is very cute. Bright yellows, pinks, blues and greens that can be used in so many different ways. It is available at Stuff to Scrap. I've done three layouts with it.

The first layout is Tom and Mecca, on their wedding day and one taken not too long ago. It's hard to believe it's been over 20 years. I also used one of Digi Designs by Nicole templates from her Template Temptations Vol. 3. These are such easy to use templates and I think they make great pages.

The next layout is Tucker. The kit includes this cute little journaling piece about the 10 reasons I love you. I couldn't resist using it and of course I immediately thought of my baby boy. This layout also shows the great colors of the kit.

The last layout is Zoey. Sharla complained last night that I was doing more Zoey layouts than anyone recently and she is probably right. But after her being so sick, I just seem to be drawn to do layouts of her. She is feeling so much better, the only problem is the steroid has her hungry all of the time and so is such a polite beggar it is hard to resist.

Now that you've seen this great kit, I want to tell you that Stuff to Scraps is having a 30% off sale on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. So head over and pick up Let Me Count The Ways and Template Temptations Vol. 3.
I'll be back tomorrow with a new release from 3 Dog Designs called My Littlest Cowboy. See ya later.....

Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday, Sept. 18th

Hello all. Today is Friday...yeah...I'm really liking my new job, but I've not gotten a good sleep schedule yet, so I'm hoping to get more on track this weekend. For today's layouts I have a new release from JewelScraps called My Backyard. It has some really fun elements in it and it was fun putting together layouts using it.

My first layout is Cole flying a kite. In the photo he was flying a real kite, but I extracted him, so I could use some of the elements of the kit. I need to work on my extracting some, but I liked the results.

Next is a layout of Callie and Sharla. The photo is one of those photo booth shots, and as you can see they were mugging for the camera. I love the face Callie is making.

The last one is of Sharla, taken with a friend years ago. I found it in a group of scanned photos, now those girls had some hair on them, can we all just say Big Haired Girls. She and Meredith were sitting on the steps outside of Sharla's apartment, and I'm guessing the photo was taken int 1993.

Ok it is short post today, I have a women's retreat at church tonight and tomorrow, so I just wanted to get this posted before I leave. Have a wonderful weekend....later....

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thursday, Sept. 17th

Ok, I have a couple of new kits to show ya'll today, but before I do. For those interested, my first day on my new job went great. The people are friendly and nice, and so far I'm enjoying what I'm doing. Thanks to everyone who kept me in their thoughts and prayers yesterday, it definitely helped.

Ok first Digi Designs by Nicole is releasing a Template pack today, called Template Temptation 3, which is great for fast yet beautiful layouts. The kit will be available at Stuff To Scrap today.

My first layout with it is of Zoey and I used a kit by Digi Designs by Nicole called Lazy Days and is also available at Stuff To Scrap. It is a before and after layout of Zoey. Who is getting better and better with each day. She is almost back to her old self.

The next layout is Mecca, Callie and Cole. First I'm claiming that the kids get their orneriness from the Hooper side (Mecca), of course anyone that knows the family would probably disagree, but that is my story. The photos were taken out side of their old house and it wasn't planned to get shots with her and the kids like this, but with those trouble makers....ohhh sweet things, it just happens. The kit used is Family Time a collab between Digi Designs by Nicole and Shel Belles and is also available at Stuff To Scrap. I love the colors in this kit.

Next Jewelscraps is releasing a kit called Falling Deep and it is beautiful fall colors and is available at Enchanted Studio Scraps. The kit is on sale today. My first layout with it is of Mecca, taken at Thanksgiving 2007. I cut Callie out of the photo because she had her eyes partially closed and looked a little tipsy. I thought the colors of the kit worked well with the photo.

The next layout is of a young Tucker Joe with his beanie zebra. We bought him a zebra and Cooper a giraffe the day we brought them home. They played with them for a little while and then lost interested. Then about a year later, Cooper decided they were a threat to the world and took them out bad. We had to take them away because the beanies were coming out when he was done with them. In these shot Tucker is sleeping and I snuck the zebra into his paws and took the photos.

Ok the last set of layouts today are using simply.scraps new blog train freebie called Simply Sunny. If you want the kit go her blog Simply.Scraps and you can pick it up for free this week. After that it will be in her store. The kit is bright yellows, blues and greens, and just screams sunshine. My first layout is Callie and Cole taken years ago at one of the Plano Balloon festivals. The sun was shining brightly behind them and I thought it just fit the kit.

The next layout is Callie. The photos were taken in a group of photos Sharla did one day on a whim. It is one of my most favorite set of photos of Callie. She was just posing and having fun, and you can see it in her face.

That is it for today, my lunch hour is about over, and I need to get back to feels good to say that again. More layouts tomorrow, because Jewelscraps is releasing a new kit called My Backyard. Later.....

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wednesday, Sept. 16th

Ok today's post is going to be short and sweet, because I have to get ready for work!!!! Yes, I start my job today. I'm very nervous, I toss and turned all night. It has been a very long time since I started a new job. Luckily it is a very small office, so I won't have to meet a bunch of people and then forget their names. So everyone keep me in your prayers today.

I'm not posting any layouts because I don't have time to sort through them. I will be posting some tomorrow because Jewelscraps will be releasing a kit called Falling Deep and then another kit on Friday called My Backyard. So come back tomorrow to see more.


Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday, Sept. 14th

Happy rainy Monday to everyone...well it is raining here. I love fall weather, and today is almost perfect, cool and wet. Today is also the release of Modern June Creations new kit called September Song and it is totally beautiful. It is very soft fall colors and so much fun to use. And it is on sale this week for 30% off the regular price.

I've done several layouts with this kit, the first is Angela, a friend's daughter. We were taking photos for Tina's 3 day walk poster and I love the joy that just beams out of Angela's eyes in this photo.

Next I did a layout with Callie. The photo is from Easter, and I love her smile. She can light up a room with that smile.

Next I used September Song and her Template Pack 1 to create this layout. It is Tom and Mecca taken a couple of years ago. They wanted some family pictures at their old house, so Sharla and I went over and took a bunch. I really like how this one looks.

The next one was done for a speed scrap, and it a very simple layout, but I like it. It is Callie and Daddy, taken years ago. But even blended you can see that smile.

And it must officially be a Callie day, or it could be these colors just remind me or her more than anyone else. But this layout is Callie showing off her letter jacket. It was a week night and she came over just to show it off, you can see her pride in her eyes.

Ok that is it for my layouts today. Don't forget you can get September Song for 30% off this week at Digi Scrapbook Mania.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday, Sept. 13th

It is official, I am on the CT team for Stuff to Scrap. I love her work and can't even tell you how excited I am that she accepted me. She has several things going on this week. The first is she is the spotlight designer at Stuff to Scrap which means everything in her store is 30% off. She has wonderful kits, so I recommend you go grab some this week.

Next she is releasing a new kit, A Cherry On Top and it is full of great papers and elements. I've created three layouts with it, and can see lots more in the future.

The first layout is Daddy and Callie, taken years ago. I found the photo in some Sharla had scanned, so I don't know the date. Daddy always told Callie she was his "favorite granddaughter", of course she was his only granddaughter, a fact not lost on her.

Next is Callie again, blowing a kiss. It just seemed to fit this kit. Again it was found in a group of scanned photos, but my guess is Callie is about 3 or 4. As you can see, she was a great poser.

My last layout using A Cherry On Top is a baby picture of Sharla, I'm guessing she was about two years old. Her hair (what little she had) was V05'd (does that bring back memories for anyone else) with a curl on top, just like daddy always wore. I love her smile in this photo.

I have two more layout to post today. They are ones I created using Simply.Scraps' kits called Copy This 2 and Flowery Earthy Goodness. I love the templates in Copy this, they are so easy to use and a way to get layouts done fast. The first layout is Cooper. When I saw the layout, I just knew I wanted to do one with his eyes and this photo was perfect for it.

Next is one using the same kits Copy This 2 and Flowery Earthy Goodness. The photo is Tom, Mecca, Callie and Cole the first Thanksgiving in their new house. Don't they look spiffy!!!

I'll post again tomorrow, Modern June Creations is releasing September Song. And don't forget, I'm starting my new job on Wednesday, so keep me in your prayers. I'm nervous and want it to go well. Later......

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wednesday, Sept. 9th

Happy Dance...Happy Dance...Happy Dance...I'm doing the Happy Dance...why..because I got a job offer today. Yep, starting next Wednesday I will be back in the working world. It has been an odd time these last several months. I have missed working, but managed to keep myself busy. I think the only ones that will not be happy we me going back to work is Tucker and Cooper...they like their daytime belly rubs.

Now onto new kits being released. Today Scrappin' Daisies Design released a new kit called Rough and Tough. A great kit with 91 elements and 30 papers, as well as 2 different alphas! You can get the kit for %50 off this weekend Here.

My first layout is Cole and Jake. The kit has wonderful boy stuff and I had fun adding them to this layout. The photos are from 2005, and you can see Cole looks like a little kid...I can't believe how much he as grown.

Next is another layout of Cole. I'm not even sure where the photo was taken, but I love the mischievous look in his eyes. I'm guessing he was about 3 years old. I love that this kit has an element of dirt!!!! :)

The last layout using Rough and Tough is Sharla and Cooper. I wanted to show that the kit isn't only for boys. This is one of my favorite pictures of her and him, they were in the park across the street and I couldn't resist snapping a photo of them.

Ok I'm leaving things here for now. Later this week there should be a new release from Modern June Creations called September Song and it is a beautiful fall kit and then next week a new release from Digi Designs by Nicole called A Cherry on Top, a really fun kit.


Monday, September 7, 2009

Monday, Sept. 7th...aka Labor Day

Happy Labor Day to did I spend it...doing nothing. Don't know why I couldn't sleep last night, but at 2:30 in the morning I was still reading, couldn't seem to drop off. So it has been a slow day for us. Add to that we're still watching Zoey closely, we didn't want to do much. She is perkier, but still not eating great. We start her on a steroid tomorrow that hopefully will help.

Now for layouts...First are three layouts done with 3 Dog Designs new kit called My Little Cowgirl and is full fun cowgirl stuff. I know being a native Texan, you'd expect me to have all kinds of cowgirl pictures, but I'm a city girl. I did find one of Callie and I think it came out great. An Callie is definitely a girl with an attitude (hehehe).

Next I used the elements to show something a little different. All the photos were taken last year on Thanksgiving day. I wanted to use the fence element because I just thought it was cute.

The last layout show some of the great papers, and also shows the kit doesn't have to just be girlie. I found pictures of Tucker and Cooper on the couch and the idea just popped into my head. Aren't they just precious. The kit is available at DigiTop 3 and you should check on all of her great kits.

Now for a layout I did of Cole's birthday in 2008. It was fun getting him with the silly string. I did the layout for a speed scrap and used a kit by Digi Designs by Nicole called Gone Fishin'. I love the colors of this kit, I'm really into the fall colors right now.

Next is a layout I did for a color challenge at Stuff to Scrap. You had to use blue, green and orange, all very popular colors. I used a collab kit called Kites and Bikes by Nibble Scribbles and Scrappy Cocoa. The photo is of Daddy holding Cole while Cole at ribs. I'm not sure who got messier, but I know that day Cole developed a love of ribs that is still with him today.

Lastly today is one I did for Simply.Scraps using her kits Diva-ish and Staying in Shape vol. 2. The photo is Callie, of course, one of the most beautiful people I know

That is it for today, but I know that Scrappin' Daisies Designs is coming out with a very cute boy kit this week called Rough and Tough. I've done three layouts with it already, very cool greens, blues and browns. So come back later and see what I've done. Later.....

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunday, Sept. 6th

Wow what a week. Zoey is home, we got to bring her home yesterday. She is still one sick little dog, but she is getting better. She is on four different meds, one stops tomorrow and another starts on Tuesday. But she is home, and eating, a little, so that is good. Now if I can get some sleep, then I'll be doing good.

I have some fun layouts to show you today. This first one uses a kit by Digi Designs by Nicole and Nibble Scribbles called Take a dip. The photos were taken at the fountains at William Square in Las Colinas. I love that fountain and the colors of this kit were perfect for it.

Next is a layout of my Zoey girl. I did it after visiting her in the vet's ICU on Wednesday and I was looking for something to remind me of her cheerful self. She was pretty drugged and listless when we saw her. We did get a tail wag, and that was exciting for us...yeah we're pretty boring people.

Now for my sick puppy page. Sharla visited Zoey on Thursday and got to take her outside for a potty walk (we were all very excited). And as always she had her camera with her. Zoey wasn't into the photo process, and she got pretty mad when Sharla left her (in fact they told Sharla on Friday she threw a fit). This kit is Scrappin' Daisies Design Lemon Drops and Gumdrops and is a lot of fun to use.

Next is a layout Sharla and Cooper. This kit is Strawberry Fields by Flower Scraps and Nibble Scribbles. Sharla is posing with Cooper trying to get a good picture of him and her for her desk. It's very hard to get him to look at the camera.

Now for another layout with Sharla and Cooper. They are "napping". At church on that Sunday morning one of the other techs was complaining he couldn't take a nap that afternoon, so she said she would take one for him. Cooper actually laid with her, because he thought they were going to take a nap...and they did (hehehe).

This layout is of Dad, Mom, Sharla and I at the Grand Canyon, many moons ago. We drove there over the Thanksgiving holiday. Day one, Mom took a fall at a rest stop and she landed on her face. You can't tell to much in the photo, but she is black and blue. She was quite sore the whole trip and I think this is one of the few photos in which she willing posed.

The last one for today is another layout using the fountain at Williams Square. I used a kit by Just for You Digital Scraps called Kaylee, Just Classy by Scrappin' Daisies Design and Basic Beauty by Digi Designs by Nicole. I liked this color with the photos as well. Sharla and I had a lot of fun playing photographer there.

That is it for today. Hopefully this week will be quieter and I'll post more.