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Ok, let me start by saying I'm boring and I know it.  I live a simple life, I work, I quilt, I scrapbook, and I nap whenever possible. I told you I was boring. But if you're still reading here are a few more tidbits about my life.

I'm single, never married.  My sister, Sharla, and I bought a house together several years ago.  We moved our parents in with us to take care of them. They have since passed away, but she and I and the dogs are still there.  We have two dogs named Hollywood (lab mix) and Marley (terrier mix).  I'll be honest that was hard to say because we have lost three in the last couple of years and I still miss Cooper, Tucker and Zoey tremendously. My nephew is living with us as well.  It is a crazy household, but I wouldn't change it for nothing.

I work as tech support for a market research company...not the type that calls you at home.  I get to talk with all kinds of people, some times it is fun, some times it is not. But I love my job, it is never the same from one day to the next, and if things are slow I can always read my favorite blogs.

I started quilting in 2007, and totally fell in love with it.  But I was suddenly laid off of my job and had to take care of my mom. I put it aside and started digital scrapbooking. As a tech person, I love anything with computers, and so digital scrapbooking was right up my alley. If you look back at most of my posts they are me showing off pages I've made for different designers. At one time I was on about 12 different teams including two different stores. What that means is I created lots of pages. I've reduced the number of teams so I can do other things.

In 2012, my sister and I decided it was time to get back to quilting. and we jumped in feet first.  Like we do with everything. We took some quilting classes and then we took a long arm quilting class.  If you don't know what a long arm quilter is, think really big sewing machine. We were hooked...ok I was hooked and she liked it too. We saved and got one at the end of last year. I'm in HEAVEN!!! I'm just learning, but I'm having such a good time doing it.  Plus I'm finishing quilts. I love bigger quilts and they were just too hard to quilt on my sewing machine, so I tended to do tops and never finish them.

This blog is a about what is going on in my life right now. It might be quilting one day and scrapbooking the next.  And who knows what else I'll do then. I'll try to get back with some photos soon.

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  1. I'm sorry to hear about your parents & your doggie! Losing a pet is just as hard because you're losing a family member!

    I'm enjoying reading your blog. Your quilts are lovely:) Blessings!


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