Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Catch Up Post 3

Ok, I suck at blogging right now. I just can't seem to make the time to do it. I would rather be scrapping. But I'm also in the process of transferring my files from one external hard drive to another, so that is taking time. And while it is working it doesn't like me accessing it. Today I'm going to show you some layouts I've made with Victoria Feemster's kits. She has created some great kits over the last month and I hope you like what I've done with them.

First up is Callie on the beach at Nags Head. She had Joe take her picture as she jumped around. I'm not sure who had more fun, him or her. Although the story I've heard is that he doesn't do the beach and hadn't been on one in over 20 years and Callie was there one day and had him on the beach. But anyone that knows Callie, knows that is par for the course, she can get you to do almost anything. The kit I used is Sweet Memories a collab from the designers at SugarHill Co.

Next up is Zoey in the backyard. She really likes sitting outside with us, and is always willing to jump up beside me...well as long as "Tinkerbell" the dog behind us isn't outside. Because then they have to talk to each other. I'm using Victoria's kit called Someday.

Now for a layout featuring my Tucker Joe. He had been out in the snow, which he didn't like at all. I used Victoria's newest kit called Snow Baby, which has both snow/winter stuff and a few baby things thrown in as well.

Ok time to move to a layout that features some of my favorite people. Sharla, Aunt Sallie, and Aunt Hazel. It is always a good time whenever we are together. I think they are standing outside of the Alamo, but I'm not for sure. The kit I used is called In My Heart.

Next is another picture of Aunt Sallie and Aunt Hazel, this one taken in October when Callie and Mom went back for a visit. The hair maybe grayer, but they are still lots of fun!!!!! The kit I used is called I Am Woman.

Callie and Watson are the feature of my next layout. She is nuts about that dog and he is a cutie. But his feet are a dead give away to the fact that he is going to be a "BIG" dog. I know I hope so, because he is her protector! The kit is Giving Thanks which is part of the Pixel Club at Gotta Pixel.

Now for something you don't see as often as I would like and that is a layout with Trey in it. He and his girlfriend, Jess, came for dinner and Sharla snapped a few photos. It is still hard for me to believe he is so grown-up, he should be about 12!!!! The kit I used is Fall In Love.

The last one for today is another layout where I used my Tucker Joe. I've called him my sweet pea since he was a puppy. He is a little shaggy, but I love when he gets shaggy. The kit I used is called Fresh Breath of Air.

Ok that is it for today, I'll be back later this week with more to show you.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Catch Up Post 2

I had great plans of posting on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but some how it just didn't come together like I wanted. So now my goal is try and post at least once more this weekend. I've got tons of layouts to show ya'll.

Ok I'm going to mix it up today and show you things from different places. The first is a layout I did for Designs by Sweet Mesquite's kit called Shades of Autumn. It is a beautiful kit with rich fall colors. The photo is Sharla kissing Cooper. I love this photo of the two of them.

Next is another layout I did for Beth at Designs by Sweet Mesquite, the kit is a collab by her and Berry Sweet Designs and is called Shades of Autumn. When I saw it I immediately thought of Zoey, so I used a photo of her. She had been playing in the dirt, and her face is so dirty. It just fit the kit!!!

Now I'm going to show you a layout I made for the first week of the Battle of the Creative Teams at Digiscrap Addicts. I was on the team for Scrappin' Daisies. This week they gave us a recipe that used a ton of items, 10 hearts, 9 flowers, 8 buttons, so on and so on. We all used her kit called Betty Days and it was hard, but I liked the results. The photos are Tom, Mecca, Callie and Cole from last Thanksgiving.

Next is my week 4 entry and this was the hardest layout I've done in a long time. The challenge was to do a list of 10 things, so I did things I was grateful for. But that wasn't the hard part, we had to use product from 10 different kits. I rarely use more than one kit at a time, so it was really tough for me.

Now for a layout I double dipped (hehehe). I used it for a font challenge at PDP and a QP exchange at STS. I really love this kit, it is call Plum Perfect and the colors are just my style. The photos are Zoey taken on the back porch.

Next is a layout I made using a kit by Farah's Designer Scrap's kit called Carefree. The photo is Callie and Watson, taken in our backyard. We saw Watson this weekend and Callie can still hold him but it won't be long. I love this kit, because of the color combination and the really cool elements. They can make just about any photo look elegant.

I used frames by BySine and Gramma's Attic by the Plum Designers for this inspiration challenge. The ad was a cool mix of framed photos of different shapes and sizes. I used photos of all our babies, Tucker, Cooper, Zoey, Jake and Watson (also known as "W").

Next is a paper to digi challenge. I really loved all the flowers used in the paper version, so I found a kit that had lots of flowers. The kit is Girly Girl by Mandy Made, and I really love the colors. The photo is Ms. Callie, taken on her front porch and one taken at the hospital when she was born. Boy she has grown up, and it happened way too fast.

Now for a font challenge. I used a photo of Callie and two of her friends on the 4th of July several years ago. They were about 11 or 12, but they thought they were so grown-up. I love fonts so I try to do as many of those challenges as I can.

Ok the last one for now. This layout was done for a Scrap Mash challenge, they give you things like if your birthday month is 7 you must use pink. On this one I had to use pink, dots, something about vacation, two photos and rick rack. I decided to do one of what would make up a perfect vacation for me. And that would be a nice beach and lots of books to read on my nook.

Well that is it for today. Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow with more to show you.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Catch Up Post 1

Ok, here is the first of my catch up posts, don't be surprised if by the time this weekend is over you see about 100 layouts from me. I show I have about 124 or so on my external hard drive and I normally move them off of it once I've posted them here, so give or take a few that have been done in advance for my designers, it could be a high number. Today I'm going to focus on some of the ones I've done for challenges at Polka Dot Plum.

Ok first up is a layout I did for one of the All About Me challenges. We were to find a photograph that represented us. I found a photo of an old tractor that Sharla took and just couldn't resist using it. I might be old and rusty, but I'm still working (hehehe).

Next up is a layout I did for an ad challenge. It was a blockish ad, so I did a blockish layout. The photos are Cole in front of his new truck. He was so proud and boy does he look all grown-up. He can still be a kid, but alas he is really a young man.

Third up is my Girl Power layout featuring Ms. Callie. The kit I used is called Tayla: General Girl by Brine Designs one of the new designers at Polka Dot Plum and I did this layout for a template challenge. I love this photo of Callie showing off her guns!!!!

Fourth is a layout I did of Sharla. I was using a kit by Danielle Corbitt called Techie Dreams. She was posing for me on the couch, she is such a good sister.

Fifth up is Zoey posing on the back porch. She jumped up on the couch next to me. She loves it when we all sit outside on the back porch. I used a kit called Focus and I love the color combination in that kit. This was done for a one word challenge...doesn't she look Happy.

Sixth is Callie again, using a kit called New Love. The photo was taken on Mother's Day (I cut Mom and Cole out of it). I love that smile, it makes me happy!!!! I did this one for a font challenge. I love those challenges, but then I'm a font-a-holic.

Seventh is Watson, and for those who don't know Watson is Callie's new dog. Sharla snapped this photo when she picked Callie up to go to the airport for vacation. I think Callie missed Watson more than anyone else. I did the layout for a color challenge and used a kit by Secret Stash called Be Inspired.

Eighth up is Cooper dressed in his lion costume, well lion coat. He does so well when we put it on him, except he doesn't like the hood, but he is better than Tucker about wearing it. I did this one for another font challenge and I used the kit Beary Scary - The Collection.

Ninth is Tucker posing next to a pumpkin. We didn't have a lot of luck at the pumpkin patch because they didn't want to sit, so Sharla bought a pumpkin and then tried with just one. Tucker was her best subject. I did the for an inspiration challenge where the ad was full of pumpkins. This is Carving Up Fun by Trixie Scraps.

Tenth and last for tonight is one more of Callie taken a couple of years ago when she was showing us her hand stand. The photo makes me laugh because she is just being silly. The kit I used is Grow Your Garden by Kalo Designs.

Ok that is it for tonight. I'm tired and I need to get to bed. But don't worry, I'll be back soon with lots more to show you.


No my family isn't have a big old Hootenanny, although we have had a few in my life time. No I'm going to show you a layout I made with a new kit by Scrappin' Daisies Designs and it is called Hootenanny. I love the name, and the kit is just too cute. Bright colors and fun elements make this a great kit for almost any type of layout.

My layout is Cooper in one of my favorite photos of him. He is shaggy and needs a hair cut, but he just looks so cute. I love the mix of pink, purple, blue and green in this kit. I had a hard time choosing which color to make my primary because the were all so cool. And Bethany put some really fun word tags in like the one I used that said "It's Owl Right".

Hootenanny is on sale this week, so head over to Brownie Scraps and pick it up soon. I have a major backlog of layouts to show you, so my plan is to try and blog at least 4 times over the holiday weekend, so make sure you come back and see everything I've done. Plus I hear there are going to be lots of Black Friday Sales, so check back and I'll let you know what I know about the sales.

Monday, November 22, 2010

My First Haircut

Happy Monday all, I hope everyone is ready for Thanksgiving this week. I know I'm ready...ok mentally I'm ready, but still have tons of stuff to do before the day gets here. But I'm very lucky, my nephew Cole is out of school this week so he is helping by driving mom around, and doing things like grocery shopping.

Ok enough of that boring stuff, today I'm here to show you a layout I made with Digi-designs by Nicole's new kit called My First Hair Cut and it has the cutest add on called My First Hair Cut Extras. I don't have any pictures of my first hair cut or even of any of the kids, but I have one of Cole taken recently at youth camp. I thought it worked quite well with the kit and I love the word arts that are part of the extras (my title is one of them).

The colors in this kit work well for boys or girls, so head over to Stuff to Scrap to pick up My First Hair Cut and My First Hair Cut Extras this week while it is on sale.

Friday, November 19, 2010

A Flurry of Fun

Happy Friday all, I hope everyone is enjoy the nip in the air that comes with Fall. I know I've been very pleased with the cooler weather. Won't be long before it is really cold. I'm not sure if Texas will get as much snow this year as last year, but we can hope. Today I'm going to show you layouts I made with a kit by Manda Lane Scraps called A Flurry of Fun. It is perfect for all of those wintry photos you have tucked away. The colors are a nice mix of blue, purple, and gray and work so well with both color and b/w photos.

My first layout is of a snowman one of my neighbors made last year during one of our many snow days. I love his hat, I just thought he was too cute, but not as cute as the elements in this kit.

My second layout is Tucker dealing with the snow last year. He did not know what to think of it. At first he refused to go out into it, but when Sharla walked out into the yard, he would run to her and then run back to the porch. Since the snow was deep, he was belly deep.

A Flurry of Fun is a great kit and you should head over to the Stuff to Scrap store and pick it up soon!!!! My schedule is off until after Thanksgiving, but I hope to be back soon with lots more for you to see.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

This Little Piggy

Happy Veteran's Day all, I personally want to say thank you to all those who have served and all those currently serving this wonderful country. It would not be the same without you. So now for what I really am here to show you today and that is some layouts I created with a collaboration kit by Knittinjen and Scraps of Ellay called This Little Piggy. It is such a cute kit with great colors and fun elements.

The first layout is Callie on her recent vacation to Virginia/North Carolina. I loved these pictures and I thought they would be perfect for this kit. I love the little pig charm, not sure why, but I just think it is so cute!!!!

On my second layout I wanted to show the versatility of the kit, so I used Molly, Tina's new puppy. Sharla and I kept her a couple of weekends ago and let's just say she is nothing but hair and energy. So cute, but such a puppy...I felt old by the time the weekend was done.

This is a great kit that can be used for all kinds of layouts, little piggy ones and so much more. So make sure you head over to Stuff to Scrap and pick up This Little Piggy soon.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Autumn Memories

Happy Fall Ya'll, today I'm going to show you layouts made with Scrappin' Daisies new kit called Autumn Memories. It is a perfect kit for your fall photos and so much more.

My first layout features Tucker and Cooper at the local pumpkin patch. They didn't like the patch much, because we separated them to try and get photos and they wanted to be together. I love all the leaves in this kit, they are just so beautiful.

My second layout is Mecca and Callie on Mother's day. I used a photo treatment called colorized and I really like the effect it has. The kit is so versatile it will work for so many types of layout.

Autumn Memories is on sale this week so make sure you head over to Brownie Scraps and pick it up while it is 25% off. I hope to be back tomorrow with more.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Peace, Hope, and Love plus a Freebie

Happy Sunday all, and to all my digi land friends I hope you had a great National Digital Scrapbook Day. I know there were all kinds of sales going on, in fact I was supposed to blog about a couple, but it a long weekend and I just didn't get anything done I should have. I picked up a few things, won a few things, so all in all it was a good weekend for me. Now I just have to get stuff downloaded and unzipped and used. But what I'm really here to show you right now is a great new kit by Digi-designs by Nicole called Peace, Hope and Love. This is a great kit because it will go well with your fall photos, any teenager photos and "love" photos, but it isn't a traditional kit for any of those groups.

I did a layout using a photo of Callie in the car on her recent trip to Virginia.
She and Mom flew back to spend a week with Aunt Sallie and I think they all had a great time. I really love the colors of this kit and the metal alpha is perfect for so many things.

I adapted my cluster from the layout into a freebie for you. I hope you like it and can find a use for it. The preview below is linked so just click and download. Feel free to leave comments, I always enjoy hearing from fellow digi scrappers.

Now make sure you head over to Stuff to Scrap and pick up Peace, Hope and Love while it is on sale, you can get the kit, quick pages and the silver alpha individually or save even more and get the bundle. Also make sure you stop my Nicole's blog so you can pick up freebies from my fellow CT members.

And also Digi-designs by Nicole is hosting this upcoming speed scrap on Wednesday, November 10th. Let's just say you'll all want to join in the fun... just check out the participation prize. See you there!

And I hope to be back tomorrow with lots more layouts to show you.