Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Catch Up Post 1

Ok, here is the first of my catch up posts, don't be surprised if by the time this weekend is over you see about 100 layouts from me. I show I have about 124 or so on my external hard drive and I normally move them off of it once I've posted them here, so give or take a few that have been done in advance for my designers, it could be a high number. Today I'm going to focus on some of the ones I've done for challenges at Polka Dot Plum.

Ok first up is a layout I did for one of the All About Me challenges. We were to find a photograph that represented us. I found a photo of an old tractor that Sharla took and just couldn't resist using it. I might be old and rusty, but I'm still working (hehehe).

Next up is a layout I did for an ad challenge. It was a blockish ad, so I did a blockish layout. The photos are Cole in front of his new truck. He was so proud and boy does he look all grown-up. He can still be a kid, but alas he is really a young man.

Third up is my Girl Power layout featuring Ms. Callie. The kit I used is called Tayla: General Girl by Brine Designs one of the new designers at Polka Dot Plum and I did this layout for a template challenge. I love this photo of Callie showing off her guns!!!!

Fourth is a layout I did of Sharla. I was using a kit by Danielle Corbitt called Techie Dreams. She was posing for me on the couch, she is such a good sister.

Fifth up is Zoey posing on the back porch. She jumped up on the couch next to me. She loves it when we all sit outside on the back porch. I used a kit called Focus and I love the color combination in that kit. This was done for a one word challenge...doesn't she look Happy.

Sixth is Callie again, using a kit called New Love. The photo was taken on Mother's Day (I cut Mom and Cole out of it). I love that smile, it makes me happy!!!! I did this one for a font challenge. I love those challenges, but then I'm a font-a-holic.

Seventh is Watson, and for those who don't know Watson is Callie's new dog. Sharla snapped this photo when she picked Callie up to go to the airport for vacation. I think Callie missed Watson more than anyone else. I did the layout for a color challenge and used a kit by Secret Stash called Be Inspired.

Eighth up is Cooper dressed in his lion costume, well lion coat. He does so well when we put it on him, except he doesn't like the hood, but he is better than Tucker about wearing it. I did this one for another font challenge and I used the kit Beary Scary - The Collection.

Ninth is Tucker posing next to a pumpkin. We didn't have a lot of luck at the pumpkin patch because they didn't want to sit, so Sharla bought a pumpkin and then tried with just one. Tucker was her best subject. I did the for an inspiration challenge where the ad was full of pumpkins. This is Carving Up Fun by Trixie Scraps.

Tenth and last for tonight is one more of Callie taken a couple of years ago when she was showing us her hand stand. The photo makes me laugh because she is just being silly. The kit I used is Grow Your Garden by Kalo Designs.

Ok that is it for tonight. I'm tired and I need to get to bed. But don't worry, I'll be back soon with lots more to show you.

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