Friday, May 28, 2010

Someone's in the Kitchen & Freebie

And it's not me....just kidding. I'm here today to show you a great new kit by Scraps by Andrea called Someone’s In The Kitchen and it is just so cute. It is a fun cooking/kitchen themed kit geared towards both boys and girls. While it's perfect to scrap all of your baking or kitchen fun pictures, it can be used for a variety of other memories.

My first layout with it is Callie and Sharla pretending in the kitchen of the new house. We visited daily to check the process and on this day they had installed the kitchen appliances, and so Sharla whipped up dinner and gave Callie a taste. Yes I know they are weird, and yes I love them even knowing that fact. I really like all the kitchen elements like the spatula, spoon and timer, and the colors are just great.

My second layout is a picture of a cupcake tree. At the family reunion in 2007, my cousin's daughter make this tree, it has my grandparents names as well as their eleven children's names. It was just so precious and a perfect family tree. The kit has a mix of epoxy, sticker, felt and wooden elements, and I used the epoxy ones for this layout.

I also created this layout into a Quick Page for you. All you have to do is click on the the preview below and download it. I would love to hear any comments you have.

Make sure you stop by Stuff to Scrap and pick up Someone’s In The Kitchen soon. Also check out Andrea's Blog for a freebie. I hope to post tomorrow or Sunday another catch-up post, because I have more to show you, but if not I hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Betty Days

Good Tuesday morning all. I'm here to show you a new kit by Scrappin' Daisies Designs that she created in honor of her husband's Grandmother, but could easily been created for me. It is called Betty Days and is packed with purples, greens and creams. The kit contains 20 papers and over 50 elements, all simply beautiful.

My first layout is Mecca with Callie and Cole on Mother's Day. I love how those kids tend to lay on you rather than next to you as you can see in these pictures. And you can see that Mecca is very used to it. I used more of the creams in this layout with touches of purple and green, and I love the flowers in the kit.

My second layout is Mecca and MawMaw on Mother's day. It is so hard to get a good picture of Mecca, not because she is not beautiful but because she closes her eyes in almost every picture. Luckily we got a couple of good ones on this day. I love the colors in this kit, they really look so good together.

So you need to head over to Brownie Scraps and pick up Betty Days soon.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Midnight Garden

Good Monday morning all, I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Mine was ok, but I was moving slow. I had to go to the doctor on Thursday and get meds for an UTI, and it helped, but didn't remove all the pain. So they ended up calling in a muscle relaxer as well. Between them, I can now walk (even if I look like an old man) and sit in a chair. It put me behind on my scrapping because I didn't do anything Thursday or Friday and very little on Saturday or Sunday. Luckily I've been caught up on all my kits. Today I'm going to show you a beautiful kit by Rainmoon Scraps called Midnight Garden and I also used the coordinating Midnight Garden Cardstock. The kit is a combination of deep rich colors in the papers and great elements.

Both of my layouts with this kit are pictures of my mom taken on Mother's Day. The first one is her and Tom. We laughed because it was hard to get a picture of them where both had their eyes open. I love the green wire element, because the light green really pops against the darker colors.

My second layout is mom alone (well I cut Callie out). I think mom was getting a little tired because we wouldn't stop taking photos, but she kept closing her eyes or looking drunk. I also created this layout for the Quote Challenge at the Stuff to Scrap Forum, and if you've not checked them out you really should.

So head over to Stuff to Scrap and pick up Midnight Garden soon. And come back soon because I have more to show you.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Aquarium Fun

No I didn't go the the Aquarium this weekend, but I have been in the past. Today I'm going to show you a new kit by Digi-Designs by Nicole called Aquarium Fun. The kit is bright and cheerful and great for all your Aquarium photos or fishing photos, and so much more.

My first layout is a set of photos taken at the Dallas World Aquarium, several years ago. There was a bench just to the side of this tank, and I sat on it a while to do some people watching. I swear every child that walked up to the tank and about 1/2 of the adults immediately said "Dory". There was another tank that had "Nemo" in it. The kids got so excited it was just great fun to watch. I love the bright colors in the kit, they really show off the photos.

My second layout is Callie and Sharla posing in front of a large mural at an Aquarium in Norfolk. It is a great place with lots of hands on exhibits as well as beautiful fish. I wish I lived closer and could visit it more often. The little fish elements are so cute and could be used for so many things.

Now you really need to head over to Digi Designs by Nicole's blog because she has a freebie up, then head over to the store and pick up Aquarium Fun (and if you hurry this week, there is still lots of sales happening).

Monday, May 17, 2010

Get Wild and Crazy

OK I know you probably think this post is about Callie and Cole...well only partially. I'm here to show you a new kit by Digi Designs by Nicole called Get Wild & Crazy. It is a mix of bright colors with a touch of black, perfect almost any type of layout. I think it is great for those older kids.

My first layout is an older kid....OK maybe I should really really old kid. It is Mr. Stan, the lead of the tech team at church. We were at a rehearsal and he was testing a couple of different headsets. He thought it was fun to wear them around until the camera came out, but luckily for me Sharla got a couple of shots of him and I thought it fit the kit perfectly. I also did this layout for Font Challenge at Stuff to Scrap, if you've not checked out the challenges there, you really should.

My second layout is the two wildest craziest kids in my life. We were at Tom's for Mother's day and I ask them to pose for some pictures, of course I got more silly, wiggly shots than normal photos. I keep thinking they'll grow out of this stage, but I'm not really sure of that fact. And I realize at 22 and soon to be 17, they aren't kids anymore, but they will always be kids to me.

Now you should head over to Stuff to Scrap and pick up Get Wild & Crazy soon, and remember May is their birthday month, so there are sales every day.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Morning Garden

I know the mornings have been so mild here, makes me wish I had a garden...until I remember how much work they take. So for now how about I show you a new kit called Morning Garden by Pretty Pixel Designs. It is a really beautiful kit of reds, greens, creams and browns with lots of great elements (including my favorite flowers).

My first layout is of Angela, a friend's daughter at the park on a Sunday afternoon. I love how the reds and greens really make the photo pop, and I think the silver mesh looks great against the red. The series of pictures of her that day are one of my favorites, because with the sun on her she almost glowed.

My next layout is Mecca and MawMaw on Mother's day. What you don't see is Callie in the window behind them, because I cut her out (sorry Cal). I love the fancier papers I used on this layout, they give a totally different feel, plus of course I love the flowers.

Morning Garden is available at Stuff to Scrap and you should head over and get it soon. And be sure to come back because I have more to show you this week.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Polka Dot Plum Layouts

Ok, time to do another catch up posting with all the cool stuff I've gotten to use from Polka Dot Plum Designers. I was sad when they were down this week, because of their hosting company. But they are up and going again, and they are even having a sale this weekend, 30% off.

The first designer I worked with this month was Victoria Feemster, and let me tell you she has some pretty kits. I used her kit Boyish Charm and it is perfect for those stinky...uhh sweet boy layouts. Of course I used my favorite boy, Cole. The photo was taken several years ago, but as per the norm, he was making a face. I did the layout for a template challenge and I love the papers in this kit with the simple layout.

My second designer was Donna Duncombe and I love the colors in her kit Sunkissed and Sunkissed Solids. I used this kit to create a layout in my Lyric Challenge in the Polka Dot Plum forum. I love the little sun element and as I was playing with the layout the title popped into my head and as simple as that I had my example. Of course it is easy when you have great papers and elements to work with, not to mention a very cute subject (my one and only Tucker Joe).

My third designer is Pampered Princess and I just love her kit called Cora. The colors and elements are really pretty. The layout I did is Callie and Tom on Mother's Day. I love alpha that came with the kit.

My fourth designer is Sir Scrapalot Designs (I still smile when I see that name). I used the kit to do one of the template challenges in the forum and I really like it. The photo is Mom, Callie and Cole on Mother's Day. Let me tell you those are some moving and jiggling kids, I swear half of the photos have one or the other blurry (hehehe). I love the papers in this kit, plus it has sticker flowers and fabric flowers, and I love the name...Busting Out All Over

Now I have a few more to show you, I've done all of these as template challenges in the forum, the first week of May was all template challenges and they've extended it until next Wednesday because of the down time. This first on is Tucker again, and I used the kit called Doodles and Poodles by Allison Pennington.

The next one I used the kit Cora again, and it is Tina at the carnival. She was going to ride the carousel for us, but they said she was too tall. This is before hand, she was laughing at Sharla and I as we took her picture.

Next is Princess Zoey. I swear every day she gets more and more spoiled...not by me of course, Mom and Sharla do it, never me (ok maybe me too). I used a kit by Allison Pennington called Kiss Kiss...I won a bingo game on iNSD and got a wonderful gift certificate to her store, so you'll be see lots of her stuff in the future.

An my last one for today is Callie and I think it is Erica, but they were playing a game at DNOW and had to pass a gummy life saver from one to the other, using only toothpicks and no hands. I have to say it was very entertaining to watch. I use Busting Out All Over for this layout.

Don't forget the store is having a sale this weekend, so head over to Polka Dot Plum and get some goodies.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lovin' The Forecast

Spring is here and I'm Lovin’ The Forecast, which happens to be the name of a kit by Digital Scrap Fun. Lovin’ The Forecast is a versatile kit that focuses on weather. You can use this kit rain or shine. I love the mix of blue, green and yellow in this kit, plus it has some great elements.

My first layout with the kit features some daisies I took a couple of weeks ago. Yes I know they aren't May flowers, but I loved their color with the kit's papers. Not to mention, I really wanted to use that title (so there...yeah I know real mature).

My second layout is Miss Sharla taking some pictures of local wildflowers. She hates when I make her stop and pose, but my response is just do it. She doesn't realize how many I take when she's not looking (and don't tell her...Sharla if you're reading this, just ignore it). I really love the little yellow butterfly in the kit, it is so cute.

So head over to Stuff to Scrap and pick up Lovin’ The Forecast soon. And if you like the second layout you should check out the May Quick Page Exchange in their forums. I'll be submitting it as my QP for the month, and if you play then you can get it as well.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Protect and Serve / Saving Lives

Yes it is two more kits by Scrappin' Daisies Design and they are Protect and Serve, a police kit and Saving Lives, a paramedic kit. Both are just so much fun, and she put lots things in the kit, so they can be used for lots of different types of layouts.

I'll start with Protect and Serve and my first layout is Cole with his little police "car". I love the picture of him aiming his gun at Sharla, he thought it was so funny.

My second layout is Tucker and protectors. I love the flowers in this kit, I just had to use them. The colors in this kit are blue, black, grey and yellow, which work for so much more.

Next is Saving Lives which is a fun kit, but I really struggled for photos to go with it. Then I remembered a couple that were perfect. The first is our family healer Nurse Callie, and she is checking out solider boy Cole. Ok maybe the date was October 31st (hehehe).

My second layout is Daddy in the hospital several years ago. He had COPD and they wanted him to wear oxygen, but it never seemed to be in his nose, it was always on his upper lip. Sharla just couldn't resist snapping a picture of it.

So head over to Brownie Scraps and pick up Protect and Serve or Saving Lives soon. But if you want the best deal then you should get the Heroes Bundle which includes Protect and Serve, Saving Lives and her previous release Stop, Drop and Roll.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Color My World & Freebie

Today I'm going to show you some layouts and offer you a freebie from a bright new kit by Scraps by Andrea called Color My World. It is a vibrant kit that can be used to scrap a variety of occasions. There are 75 elements, 22 papers, and a mixed 26 piece alpha. Among the elements are bows, buttons, various clips, flairs, ribbons, a variety of flowers, frames, stitches, tags, and more!

I created two layouts with it, the first is Callie, in what I like to call her "Table Dancing" pose. We had lunch yesterday and she was telling us how her daddy had told her she couldn't dance on the table he made her. I laughed and said I had pictures of her table dancing. She didn't remember it, but her mom said did it quite regularly. I love the bright colors in the kit and all the flowers (ya'll know I love flowers)

My second layout is of my babies. The photos are from our trip with them to the bluebonnets. It is was hard to get them to look at the camera, they were having such a good time rolling in the flowers, and jumping them. It was so funny to watch them play. The papers in the kit are so much fun, I just had to show as many of them as I could.

Now before your freebie, don't forget about the Raffle Stuff To Scrap has going on. Tickets are either $1.00 each or $3.00 for 5. Everyone is a winner too, but the GRAND PRIZE is a Bamboo Tablet! The cool thing about this raffle is with the purchase of the raffle ticket, you also get a CU item for your stash. Every week it changes too, so you can buy another raffle ticket every week! Flier linked to store. Good luck!

Ok now for your freebie. I created a quick page out of the first layout today. Just click on the linked preview and it is yours. Feel free to leave comments, I love hearing from people.

Come back tomorrow, because I have more to show you.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

I Scream

I Scream...You Scream...wait that is not what I'm here to talk about. Today I'm going to show you a new kit by Digi Designs by Nicole called I Scream. A great kit to scrap those enjoyable moments of eating ice cream. With it's pastel colors this kit works great for babies as well. As you can see from the linked preview below, it is just too fun.

Because of my schedule this week, I was only able to get one layout done with the kit, but I know I will be using it more in the future. The layout is of a $1.00 Sonic sundae...and then the aftermath...I'm not sure what happened to it...ok I know exactly what happened...I ate it!!!

Head over to Stuff to Scrap and pick up I Scream this week (it is even on sale)!. And Nicole has a great freebie for you on her blog. Below is a preview of it, just click on it and it will take you to her blog so you can get it.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mommy Love

Yes tomorrow is Mother's Day and I love my Momma very much, but that is not what I'm here to talk about (although she is in both of my layouts today). No I'm here to show you a kit called Mommy Love by Designs by Ashlee. It is a very pretty kit perfect for scraping those pictures of your mom, plus a lot more. The color combination of pink, orange and green is also perfect for spring pictures.

My first layout is my Momma and Daddy when they first became parents. The little ugly little kid...ohh I meant to say precious baby is my older brother Tom. The photo was taken in late 1956, but I'm not exactly sure of the date. I love the frame and the rose/ribbon wrap that come in the kit. The word art is also part of the kit.

My next layout has a little more recent photo of Mom, although it is about 2 years old. She isn't one of my most willing subjects, but normally we can get a few of her on holidays. I love the little dragonfly element and the glitter heart clips.

I actually did a third, but it is not a layout it is my May desktop, and it even has my Mom on it too. It if for the desktop challenge at STS and the theme was things we celebrate. So mine is for Mother's day and for Spring.

That is it for today, but make sure you head over to Stuff to Scrap and pick up Mommy Love soon.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Polka Dot Plum Layouts

Ok, I've been on the CT team for Polka Dot Plum for a couple of months now and I'm am quite thrilled by that fact. Such awesome designers and wonderful kits. But with things getting busy at work, I've not blogged about all the wonderful kits I've gotten to use, so I'm making up for that today. It's going to be a long post, but lots of great layouts too. I think I blogged about all the layouts I created for March, so now to catch up on April.

My first designer was Danielle Corbitt Designs and I used her kit Nothing But Net which is so cute, and it even has some pieces you can color to match your team. I created two layouts with it, the first being Callie when she was coaching Upwards basketball at church. She took her job seriously, including reminding them to keep their hands up in the air. She did that by example, I swear she spent 75% of the games with her hands raised. I love the little doodle player (he is one of the things you can recolor).

My second layout using Nothing But Net isn't of anyone, but Sharla and I were trying to catch a ball going into the net. This is my best shot of the day. But the layout shows a lot of the great elements in the kit.

The next kit I used was called Just A Day by Sir Scrapalot Designs (yes I do love that name). And it is a very bright cheerful kit full of eye popping pinks. My first layout is Sharla standing in an overgrown area of wisteria. The real funny part is afterwards when going through my pictures I found a baby possum sleeping very close to where she was standing (she wasn't thrilled by that idea). I used this layout for a lyric challenge at Polka Dot Plum and I really liked the lyric as the title.

My next layout using Just A Day is of Tucker. I decided to use some of the other colors besides the pinks to show the kit's versatility. He is such a happy dog and he makes me so happy, the title came easily.

The next kit I used is Defining Moments by Brandy Designs. I love the deep rich colors of this kit and had lots of fun with it. My first layout is one of my possum shots. Sharla still shivers when I show it to her (hehehe), a little freaked that it was so close and she had no idea. I did this as a speed scrap, and I really love how the cluster worked.

My second layout is Mr. Cole posing by his new truck. I did it as a second example in the lyric challenge like the earlier one of Sharla. However this time I used more of the lyrics in the layout. I have become a big fan of lyric challenges, because it is a great way to get titles and even some journaling.

My next kit...I told you this was going to be long...You Look Wonderful Tonight by Utski Design and is a great kit. It has deep colors with some touches of black, which I really love to use on layouts. My first layout is one I did for a template challenge and is packed with flower pictures from this spring. I love the odd shaped pieces on the template and the black stamp element I used on the top and bottom.

My second layout using You Look Wonderful Tonight is Angela, a friend daughter. It was taken at her Mom's wedding and she looked so beautiful, and that smile was just too cute.

Ok my last kit for April was called Grace by Polka Dot Plum Designs. If you stopped by last weekend you may have picked up a quick page I created using the kit to celebrate iNSD. I also used it for a one day only lyric challenge in the forum. I used the song Bless This Broken Road and a photo of Tina and Samuel on their wedding day. This is one of my favorite layouts I've done.

I've already started to work on my May layouts, but I think this is enough for today. Make sure you head over to Polka Dot Plum and pick up some or all of these kits, you won't be sorry.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

All Frogged Out

No it is not one of the Biblical plagues, it is a new kit by Modern June Creations and it is called All Frogged Out. The perfect kit to scrap those little boy pictures, plus more. Textured fun papers and three alphas you don't want to miss out on kit.

I created two layouts with it, and went a little different route. It is some of Tina and Samuel's engagement photos, and I titled it "No More Frogs" because she has found her prince charming and so doesn't have to kiss any more frogs. I love the little frog elements.

My second layout is of Cole, and he is definitely a future prince, now a smart girl just has to nab him. He is kind, funny and handsome, what more could a girl want. Ok, I know, maybe I'm just a little bias, but he is a great kid.

All Frogged Out is available at Scrapable, DSM and Ginger Scraps so head over to one of them soon and get it.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Lavender Fields

Digi Designs by Nicole has released a beautiful new kit called Lavender Fields that is simply gorgeous!!! The purples and browns are great together. As you can see from the linked preview below it is packed with great stuff.

My first layout is of my Mom. She is like me, she doesn't like to pose for pictures, but I didn't really give her a chance to object here. The big frame is cluster come as part of the kit, and it is one of three frame clusters (ain't that cool)

My second layout is Tina, Liz, Linda, Gail and I on Tina's wedding day. We all worked together at one point, so after the ceremony and reception, Sharla got a picture of all of us together. And it was so nice of them all to wear brown for me, ok NOT, Linda's shirt was blue and white, but a little creative photoshop work and it worked great. It was so much fun visiting with the girls...I will say I do miss them lots.

There is a ton of stuff going on at Stuff to Scrap this month, it is their one year anniversary and some great sales are head over and pick up Lavender Fields soon.

More tomorrow.