Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Quarter 2 Finish Party

It is so hard to believe that quarter two of the year is over.  Time is flying past.  It is time to show my progress on my Finish Along Quarter 2.  I got a lot done, but I could have done more.  On April 13th I set my Quarter 2 Goals, and now I have to show you the good, the bad and the ugly.

First up my goal to quilt ten quilts over the quarter was reached (just barely).  I really wanted to do 13, but made the goal 10 because I knew life would happen.  So let me show you the 10, each one has it's own blog post and I've linked the title if you want to see more on that quilt.

1.  Cheaper by the Dozen

2. My High Street Turning Twenty

3. My Turning Twenty Kissing Booth

4. Tucker's Star Crossed Quilt

5. Sharla's Batik Charms Quilt

6. Sharla's High Street Turning Twenty

7. Every Which Way...Charity Quilt

8. Sharla's Sock Monkey

9. My Look and Learn Rail Fence

10. Baby Monkey Blanket

My second goal was to complete the test quilt Every Which Way, which if you look above, it was done and I've since given to Quilts for Compassion.

My third goal was to cut the shirts for the memory quilts I'm doing for a friend and have one top done.  I did not complete this goal.  I did start cutting them and I'm about halfway through all of them, but no top yet. So I have to say this is my bad. Something got done, just not enough.

My fourth goal was to get at least one top from my stash...and this is the really ugly.  Nothing, nada, zip...ok I have done a couple of things, I've started the #TexasRoadTripQAL and am about 1/2 finished with it, but I didn't use my stash for it.  I've also started a test quilt called The Watkins Star, but only part of the fabric is from my stash.  Overall I'm happy I got 2 complete (and one of those was a big one), one partially done and one not done.


  1. Wow! Your good was sooo good that your bad is not very bad at all. :) However, I will say that is feels sooo good to use up the stash.

  2. This is super impressive! You have completed so much in a short amount of time ... I need some of your sewing mojo!

  3. Amazing work - all beautiful but I especially like #3 :)

  4. Wow - what a super productive quarter! Congrats!

  5. Congrats on all your finishes :o)


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