Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pocket Full of Posies

It's time to play ring around the rosy...ok maybe not. But I do have a beautiful new collab kit to show you called Pocket Full of Posies. It was created by ModernJune Creations and Teri's Thing O-My-Jigs and is available at Ginger Scraps. Ohh and it so very pretty and spring like, just what I needed after all the snow last week. And congratulations to Kathy the designer behind ModernJune for opening her two new stores....I'm thrilled for her.

Ok my first layout is Callie and Cole, the photos where taken at Thanksgiving. The kit has the prettiest frame and I just had to use it. I had to do a little cropping on the photos, but I really like how it looks. The wording came from a dove candy, they have little sayings inside and I really like this one, so I thought it fit here.

My next layout is Sharla, Tina and Angela at the park. Angela was trying to push them off the bench and they where laughing so hard that she was winning. I think they were surprised, and they just couldn't stop laughing. I really liked the paper that transformed from yellow and white polka dots to a pink solid, so I wanted to use it. All of the colors in this kit are bright and cheery and just make you want to smile.

Head over to Ginger Scraps today and pick up a Pocket Full of Posies today.

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