Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sad Day for D'boys

I know all the Cowboy fans are depressed about now, but they had a good year. I would have liked them to go further, but such is life. I told you I would be back today with some layouts I've done recently for different challenges and such. In no particular order, here we go...

First is on of my favorite layouts I've done in a while...NOT. It doesn't even have a picture on it. One of my goals this week is to take at least one picture a week and scrap about it. To help encourage me, I've joined a group in the Stuff to Scrap forum called {My}Life. They are going to assign partners, and weekly give a challenge to help give you ideas of things to photograph/scrap. The first week was to do a list of goals. My goals are fairly boring, and so I didn't include any photos. But it was nice to get them down in writing, so that much was accomplished.

Now for photos I took during week one, I did another page. This page is the two photos I liked best. One is a rose after the Christmas snow and the other is Sharla sitting outside at the Shops of Highland Village. We went to get some pictures of the Christmas Decorations before they took them down. So yes these pictures count because I didn't take them until January 1st. I took a bunch more photos, but I liked these best.

Next is a layout I did for the color challenge at Stuff to Scrap. The colors this month are purple, cream, tan, and brown...woohoo one of my favorite color combinations. Another cool part about this challenge is you had two options, create a page like I did or create a mini kit. Since I'm not a designer I did a page, but the cool part is those that did the mini kits offered them to everyone else for free. The picture is Zoey and is my favorite week two photo. She was sitting on my bed and let me get one good shot before she turned away and refused to look at the camera again. I'm not sure what she has gotten into, but her face is dirty and she is one stinky girl.

Now for a layout I really do like. It is Tom, Mecca, Callie and Cole posing at Thanksgiving. I did it as part of the recipe challenge. They tell you how many pictures, papers, buttons, etc to use like a recipe, but you get to mix it up however you want. I love that series of pictures, and I think this layout really is a nice blend of formal and fun.

Ok, the last one I'm going to post for now is from the desktop challenge. It was to think about your goals for the year and create a desktop that would inspire you. I decided to focus in on my P52 project goal and so I created a desktop that has 51 week holders. I don't think I will update it every week, but I'm hoping to update it several times over the year. It has been interesting looking at it every day. I really want to have one at the end of the year that is filled with different things that caught my eye.

I know I have new kits to show you this week, so I'll be back tomorrow for sure.

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