Saturday, July 9, 2016

Piggy Bank Challenge - Reveal

It is time to tell everyone how much Sharla and I saved last year with our piggy bank challenge. I am sad to say it wasn't as much as the year before, but we changed several of our buying habits and just got less change. However, a penny saved is a penny earned and we are happy that we saved what we did.

So for the year I saved $127 and Sharla saved $106, which totals to $233, which we have already spent. It didn't take us any time at all to pick out what we wanted, and we were able to catch a couple of sales, which made those pennies go even further.

Do you want to know what we bought? Well we both love Blueberry Park and we both love the Bright bundle, so we both got a fat quarter bundle. We are still what pattern we want to use for them, but right now the top choice is Big and Bold by Cozy Quilts Designs. As you can see below we've not even unwrapped the bundle, because it just arrived.

Next Sharla has been eyeing North Woods by Kate Spain for several weeks, and so she decided that she was going to get it. And although it is a Christmas collection, the fabrics aren't all Santa's and reindeer so I think she will use it for more than Decembers. We created a pattern off of something she saw but then we couldn't find again. So we used EQ7 to create a layout that will work for her. And she just had to open the bundle when it arrived, what can I say she gets a kick out of petting fabric.

And lastly, if you read my post last year I was eyeing a line called Tucker Prairie, but somehow I just never bought it. I love the colors, but whenever I would go to purchase it something else would catch my eye.  Yes I know my eye wanders a lot. When I was shopping I saw lots of things I liked, but I kept thinking of a pattern I purchased during May is for Makers called Picket Fence. And I wanted to make it and I found a couple of Tucker Prairie layer cakes and as they say the rest is history.

I still need to buy the background fabric for the Picket Fence and backing for all three of these, but for now I've used up my budget and we are very happy with our purchases. We will be doing the challenge again next year, because it is a great way to save a little or a lot depending on how much change crosses your path.  If you want to see what others saved you can check out the linky party at Val's Quilting Studio.

Val's Quilting Studio


  1. I am always impressed by how much you two save and the beautiful fabric you are able to buy with your savings. :)

  2. Congratulations on your savings and fabulous fabric purchases. Your quilt plans are lovely!

  3. This is a great plan...perhaps I should try this in the future. I love the blueberry park bundle. It's such nice fabric.

  4. Hey you each saved double what I did....LOL! Good job! Love your fabric bundles and I have to admit Sharla's pattern is my favorite as it looks quick and easy.

  5. Great savings and new fabric! I am cutting into a jelly roll of the warm Blueberry Park colors right now and the fabrics are wonderful!

  6. Nice savings and you both really made the most of it. I love the fabrics you bought and you've designed some nice quilts.

  7. Ooh, you both did so well. Love your fabric choices as well as your plans for what to make with them. Well done!

  8. Blueberry Park - great choice. I have been tempted by that range too.


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