Wednesday, July 13, 2016

4th Annual Piggy Bank Savings = Money for Quilting Challenge 2017

Last week I revealed our savings from last year's piggy bank challenge and now it is time to sign up for this year's challenge. Sharla and I have done this for two years and although we didn't save as much last year as we did the year before, we are signing up for it again. But I'm changing the rules just a little for us. We used to stop every weekday morning for coffee and every afternoon for tea at a local McDonald's, but trying to cut back on calories and spending we've changed that practice and rarely stop now. That was our main source of change. My plan this year is to weekly drop some paper money into my box along with my change. I am hoping to drop a minimum of $5 per week or at least $20 per month.

The first year I got very cute little banks which were a monkey and a duck which we named McGee and DiNozzo, which is what we still call our savings.

Now they are super cute, but very hard to empty especially paper money, so last year I bought two boxes at JoAnn's to use. These work much better. I keep mine on my desk and Sharla keeps hers on her dresser. They held up well, so we are going to use them again this year. 

As of right now, my box has $5.68 in it so I'm off for a good start to this year. Which is change I found cleaning out my nightstand and this week's $5. And in case you're wondering yes we still have the original banks, but now they are just used as decoration to make us smile. If you want to play along, find yourself a bank, cup, jar or box and start saving. you can check out the link up at Val's Quilting Studio.

Val's Quilting Studio


  1. Oooohhh I think I'm going to join ya on the $5.00 a week!! Good idea! I totally know what ya mean about the cute banks vs. something more convenient. :)I hope your readers join's fun!!

  2. This is a great challenge with a wonderful reward at the end.

  3. I bought myself a money box (tin can, not a cute monkey or duck, and I cannot call it Abby, who is my favourite character, and why is your ducky not Ducky?) and intended to play along, but I forgot it when I put it in a drawer. Obviously, I need to keep it on my desk.

  4. Hi Shauna! I hope your are getting ready to count your change....we post and link our savings on July 6th!!! :) :)


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