Monday, December 7, 2009

Monday, Dec. 7th

Today is the anniversary of Pearl Harbor, so before I get to the fun stuff, I would like to say THANK YOU to all our military personnel both past and present. I know that I live in a free society because of their service and I am grateful for that fact.

So onto lighter fun stuff. Today is the release of two different kits. The first is from ModernJune Creations and is called Sugar Plum Twist and it is a little different "twist" on a Holiday theme and it very very cool. I am so totally in love with the colors, but then I love purple, pink and green.

The first layout I did is of Sharla sleeping...she is not exactly happy about this photo, but too bad so sad. I thought it was funny when I took it and then it just seemed to fit the theme ohhh so well.

Next is a photo of Mecca that Tom took on their cruise to Alaska. It is a beautiful shot, but boy does it look cold!!!! I love the snowflakes in this kit, there are white ones, silver ones and even glitter ones, plus the cutest little penguins. I just had to use them.

The last layout is Callie on Christmas in 2004. She wanted a sewing machine so we got her a small one, and before the day was over she had gone through Mom's scrap fabrics and was "sewing". She was having a great time, and that means I was having a great time too.

The next kit I want to show you is very different, but still a holiday kit. It is from Digi Designs by Nicole and is called Country Christmas and it lives up to it's name. It is like Christmas past for me, the colors and the elements bring back fond memories for me. The first layout I did is Callie and Cole wrestling on Thanksgiving day a couple of years ago. I'm not sure who won the battle, but it was definitely interesting to watch. I love this photo because they are both smashing the other's face. And I love the Santa element in the kit.

Next is Cooper from two years ago when we bought a Santa coat for the dogs. They did well with this coat because it fit like their harnesses, and in fact Cooper probably would have loved it, if we weren't taking his picture. He is cold natured and wears a shirt/sweater most of the time. I love the alpha that comes with this kit, it is very cool, and I know I'll be using it a lot in the future.

That's it for today, more later....

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