Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wednesday, Dec. 30th you thought I wasn't going to make four in a row...well I fooled you. It might be late in the day, but it is still the 30th. I looked last night and I have about 15 layouts not shown before, so I've got to post today. I'm thinking about changing up things a little after the 1st, but I'm not sure yet. I'm also thinking about signing up for a "My Life" partner at Stuff to Scrap for a 52 week project. The idea being I take at least one picture a week and scrap it. We'll see...but for now it's time to show you some layouts.

The first one is an older one that I found when going through my layouts, but I don't find where I ever posted it here. It is Cooper playing with his purple bear (actually it is Tucker's purple bear). We have a green bear and purple bear and Cooper loves them, when he carries it in his mouth, he can barely breath.

Next up is Tucker and Cooper visiting Santa. I did the layout for a speed scrap and I love the Christmas kit I used. The layout came out ok, it is not a favorite, but it's not bad.

Now for a layout I really do like. I did it for a challenge that required you use "sleeping" pictures. Sharla is faking it in this photo, but Cooper isn't. I love the colors of the layout and all the flowers tucked behind the paper and photo.

Well sometimes you do a layout and it is just not what you want, but you can't figure out how to make it better. That is the case with this one. It was done for a speed scrap, and I like it, but I don't love it.

Now for one I do like a lot. I did this for a speed scrap and it just turned out great. In the original photo Tom, Mecca and the kids are wearing bright red, but that didn't go with the kit I wanted to use, so I did a photo treatment, and it worked well.

This layout was also a speed scrap and I like it as well. It is of course Tom and Callie, taken last summer. The kit I picked was very girlie, but I think it worked great with the word art and photo.

Now for a fun layout, Callie and Cole making faces...I know who would have ever imagined those two prim and proper children would ever do such things. Yeah I know, I'm living in a dream world. They do like to have fun and I'm blessed to be a part of it.

Ok another fun layout. Callie didn't make these faces when she decided to become a home owner...well maybe she did and I just wasn't there to capture them. She proudly purchased her first house in late October. It is very cute, and she is very is good.

The last one for today is one I don't like, but only because it has me in it. I don't like to scrap pictures of me. But the challenge was to scrap about yourself. I almost skipped it, but then I found a picture of me that is more Tucker than me and thought what the heck.

Ok that is it for today, I'm going to try to come back tomorrow and finish out any old layouts so I can start the new year fresh. Of course that means I'll have to get scrapping. I hope everyone has a very safe and Happy New Year.

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