Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday, Dec. 14th

Christmas is right around the corner, I hope you have all your shopping done...I know I wish I did. I'm close, just a few touches and it'll be done. Yeah.

Today I want to show you a new kit by Digi Designs by Nicole, it is called Snow Fever. The colors are bright and clear, and work perfectly with snow pictures. Of course being from Texas, I don't have a lot of snow pictures, but I've found a few to use.

The first layout is Tucker, taken a couple of years ago. He was very unsure of the whole snow thing, not only was it cold, it clung to his feet. And having such short legs, it made the potty process very chilly. I would not have thought to use brown but it really makes the snow look brighter.

The next layout is Sharla and Cooper on the same day. Cooper really didn't like the snow. She had to force him to go outside. He was one cold baby when she brought him back inside.

I love this kit and will be using it more in the future. I will have more pages, tomorrow or Wednesday.

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