Sunday, January 9, 2011


Hi all, for those concerned my sister Sharla is out of the hospital and doing much better. It is a slow road, and she is bored already, but she gets to go back to work half days starting tomorrow. Now for the fun stuff. I am going to show you some layouts I made with a kit called Noel which is a collab by Mommy Me Time Scrapper and The Scrappy Kat. I love the colors in this kit, it has the traditional red/green/gold but also has purple and blue. So it can go with just about any holiday photo you have.

My first layout is of Sharla and her favorite Christmas present this year. Yes she got an Ipad (and so did I) and we both love them. It has been lots of fun going through the million and one apps available for it. I used more of the traditional colors in this layout.

My second layout I through in a little of the purple, just because I love purple. The photos are of Callie jumping. Yes jumping. She would jump and we tried to catch it on the camera. I think I did fairly well. It was fun just watching her try. As you can see I used the flowers on this layout as well, they are just so pretty.

So head over to Stuff to Scrap and pick up Noel soon. You will love all that you can do with it. My schedule is going to be wonky for the next couple of weeks, but I promise to try and get some more blog posting do for ya'll.

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