Sunday, January 31, 2016

Goals: 4 X 7 Sewing Challenge

For the last couple of years I've joined Sarah at Berry Barns Designs for her 4 X 7 Sewing Challenge. The challenge is to sew everyday and to sew for yourself. I love having the challenge of sewing everyday, even if it is only 30 minutes. It really helps to get a lot done.

My goals for this year are pretty simple I want to do lots and lots of quilt blocks. I have three bee quilts from the last two years that I would like to finish. I know you are thinking if you received your blocks why aren't they done, it is simple I want them larger. One of them is going to be a queen size quilt for my bed and the other two I want to be large snuggle quilts.  So lets get down to my actual goals.

1. Cross Quilt. I need 289 blocks for this quilt and I have 251 completed, so that means just 38 more blocks and I'm done. Wow I'm over 85% done, so if I can do a real push this month I might be able to finish all the blocks.  I don't know if I can 38 done, but I would love to get at least 20. Here are a few of my favorites I made recently.

2. Tic Tac Toe Blocks. I want to do a 5 x 6 layout on these blocks so I need 30 blocks and I have 21 completed. That leaves me 9 to do. I would like to get 3 or 4 more done this month. They are not hard blocks to do, but for some reason I struggle cutting them. My goal is to cut at least 4 this month, and if possible maybe go ahead and cut the 9 I need.  Here is one I did as a sample for my bee mates and it is still one of my favorites (yes I know I'm partial to purple).

3. Flying Geese Blocks. I want this one a little bigger so I need 42 blocks to do the 6 x 7 layout. The blocks I'm creating right now are only half blocks, so I really need 84 1/2 blocks. I'm doing this so I can mix and match a little easier when I go to piece the top. Currently I have 58 of the 84 I need, leaving me 26 to go. I would love to get all 26 done, but I don't think that will be possible. But I would like to get at least 5 or 6 done. I would also like to get 10+ cut just to have. The blocks sew together really quickly, so if I get them cut, I will have a much better chance of getting them sewn. Here are a few of my favorites that I've made recently (and yes I used Tula Pink's True Colors purple in this quilt as well...what can I say I love her designs and I love purple).

Now those are my main goals for my selfish sewing in February, but I have a couple of more as well. I want to get the back pieced for my purple quilt. I would love to get it quilted, but I'm nursing a hurt knee, so I'm not sure it will happen. I also want to get my blocks picked and samples made for my turns as queen for my two bees this year.  I'm the queen for The Stash Bee and The Bee Hive both in April, and I always have a hard time picking what blocks I want. And my last goal is to get all my projects organized. I have done most of it, but I still have a little left and I just ran out of steam.

If you want to join the fun of the 4 X 7 Sewing Challenge, just head over to Berry Barns Designs and you can learn more about it. I know from past experience it is lots of fun and you get lots done when you sew every day.  I've found that the momentum created during this month continues on for quite some time. And if nothing else you get to make some progress on projects for yourself.

Berry Barn Designs


  1. These are great goals. Good luck. Yikes...tomorrow is February, and I haven't set my goals yet.

  2. I think you have some great goals for sewing along with Sarah this year, and I hope you make great progress on all of them. :)

  3. Great blocks and goals, I can't wait to see the plus quilt with so many blocks!

  4. I have a few 6" Plus blocks left over from my Dancing Plus top that have not been cut down yet (to make them wonky). I would be happy to send them to you if you'd like them - just email me your address.

  5. Just a thought - can you repeat one of these blocks, perhaps the geese, in one of your April bees to get an extra boost to your collection?


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