Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wednesday June 24th

I'm going to keep it fairly short today. I have to get everything done this morning before 11:00 because I have the second interview with the company I interviewed with on Monday. Keep me in your prayers, because I think this would be a great job for me. I don't have too many layouts because I didn't get to scrap last night, bummer because there were 2 different speed scraps. But in all my wisdom yesterday I was moving files around and ended up deleting all of my May and June photos. I got WinUndelete and got them back, but it took time and machine power.

But I have some I did this weekend and on Monday. The first one was a template challenge and it is a very busy template. But I love the kit I used. The kit was a participation prize for a speed scrap and a freebie, it is called Funkytown Revisited by Scraps by Andrea. I want to purchase the full kit soon.

The next layout is another challenge, and the basis is it had to be based on something summerish. I picked Cole in the pool at Malcolm's house. He was having so much fun.

The next layout is of Callie on her birthday a couple of years ago. She asked for a small digital camera that she could easily carry everywhere. You can see by her face, she was happy with the one we chose.

That is it for today. Hopefully I will have more tomorrow.

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