Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday, June 15th

Hello everyone, I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Mine was ok. Saturday we got our fence replaced....yeah, the dogs are very happy about it. Cole was over and he got the yard moved. We had to get up at 4:00 am on Sunday to get Cole to the high school so he could go to ROTC camp. Sharla was a good aunt and even cooked some biscuits for him to take with him, so he wouldn't be "starved" before they stopped for breakfast. After we made sure he was off, we drove around and took some photos and then headed to church. I was so tired when we got home, I changed clothes and took a nap. Yeah I know, I lead an exciting life.

Ok here are some pages I've done recently. The first is my final assignment for Gingerscrap's boot camp. I really love the photos, because this is what happens when ever we get together with family. Laughter is just part of the experience and you can't be with them without having a good time, it just isn't possible. I would say they are my favorite cousins, but it might get me in trouble with other cousins, but I can honestly say they are in the top five (and I have about 25 first cousins).

The next layout I did as an element challenge at Digi Scrapbook Mania. The challenge was to use the element chicken wire. The funny thing was I had just done another layout with chicken wire for the font challenge. It is an element I really like. I did this one of Cole on Christmas morning. I found the word art and it seems to be his phrase lately, so I couldn't resist using it.

Ok this is another challenge at Digi Scrapbook Mania and it is called "Leaving a Legacy". It was hard because you scrap about yourself, and I want to scrap about others. This month the challenge was to do a page with 10 random things about you. And yes I'm in the picture (hehehe). Maybe you'll learn something about me.

This layout was done for a speed scrap and I was in a very simplistic mood. The photos were taken Friday night as we sat on the back porch and watched people through the hole in the fence. Sharla took the photos, and I thought they were just so cute.

This last layout is one I did for a speed scrap, but I have to say it is not one of my favorite ones. I had to use 10 pictures and 13 papers, which to me makes the layout too busy. I prefer layouts with much fewer pictures, but that is just my preference.

Ok that is it for today...more later.

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  1. Beautiful layouts!!! I hope you have a great day!! :) Thanks for reading my posts hee hee! I love the blog. You are very talented.


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