Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday June 20th

Normally I'm excited about Saturdays, but since being laid off they aren't quite the great thing they were before. Not that they are bad, just not as exciting as before. My goal is to do at least 5 layouts this weekend. Since there are a couple of speed scraps today and a couple tomorrow, I should be in good shape. Don't tell Sharla but I copied her old scanned photos yesterday, so hopefully I will be able to do some layouts with older photos. Also yesterday was grooming day for the dogs so hopefully I'll get some good pictures of the "pretty" babies.

Ok my first layout is one I did for a scraplift challenge at GingerScraps . The photo is of Callie and I really liked this one. I copied a layout from plumdumpling, don't you just love that name. The kit I used was called I Scream You Scream by Flower Scraps and Every Ever After Moment.

The next layout I did also is of Callie (must be a Callie day). For several years, Callie, Sharla and I went together to get our haircut and Callie really liked it if she got her hair straightened after the cut. She looks very cute with straight hair, but I love her curly hair. I learned a very cool technique during this speed scrap that I'm going to have to use more in the future. It put the pictures in a "hole".

The next photo is of Tucker yesterday right after his bath. He looks so cute and CLEAN. We use a mobile groomer and she comes in and gets one dog at a time. Tucker knows the routine, Cooper goes first. So yesterday he was all excited until Lori brought Cooper back and then the took off to Sharla's room to hide behind a foot stool. Unfortunately for him, I found him. But he looks good and smells nice (for a day or so).

Ok back to the subject of the day, Callie. Yes I did another page with her. She must have really been on my mind yesterday. This speed scrap called for a Warhol effect photo group. I didn't do it myself, I used and it's ok. There is a tutorial on how to do it yourself and I may re-do this layout and do the colorization myself, or maybe not. The picture is again of Callie after a hair cut, hmmmm must have been really into Callie hair cut photos yesterday. Or maybe I'm psychic and just know she needs a hair cut.

Ok the last one is a layout that I saved into the wrong folder, so I never posted it here. It is Mom with Tom, Callie, and Cole after our Mother's Day dinner, outside the restaurant. As always they were goofing off. I really like the one where Cole has his tongue out almost touching Callie with it.

Ok that is it for now.

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