Thursday, June 4, 2009

June 4th

Last day of school for the year for Cole. Do you remember that feeling on the last day of school, the whole summer ahead of you? He was so happy that summer was here. He is such a good kid, but he does take after me, in that he is not a morning person, I had to call him a couple of times this morning to get him going.

Ok for some layouts.

The first one if of Cole from this past December. I don't even remember why he was at the house, but when the camera came out, he posed and Sharla snapped his picture.

This layout is of Callie and Daddy. She loved her Papa something fierce and he loved her. This picture just reminds me of when she had him wrapped around her finger...wait that was all the time.

Yeah another iris layout. What can I say I love them, plus they are plentiful around here.

That is it for today. Later.

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