Sunday, July 18, 2010

Template Tempation Vol. 9

A quick post to tell you about a great new template pack by Digi-designs by Nicole called Template Temptation Vol. 9 and it a great mix of single photo and multiple photo templates. She creates great templates.

The layout I made is Cole after his Pass and Review this year. He is standing with some of his buds and the top dog or whatever they call him. It thrills me still that the is the commander of the color guard, but even more it scares me that they gave him a sword. Ok I know his is almost grown and much more responsible than that kid that made ever long object he came in contact with a sword. But I've seen what he can do with a broom handle. I love the stinker. And I love how fast pages come together when I get to use a great template like this one.

This template set is on sale for this week only for 30% off, so head over to Stuff to Scrap and pick up Template Temptation Vol. 9 soon.

Also the Stuff to Scrap store is having a great Christmas in July sale this coming weekend. See the linked flier below.

I have a big post coming I promise, hopefully tomorrow or Tuesday!!!!!

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