Saturday, February 28, 2015

4 X 7 Sewing Challenge Final Update

In my earlier post I said I would write about this tomorrow, but I changed my mind. Today is the last day of the 4 X 7 Sewing Challenge and I really want to thank Sarah of Berry Barn Designs for leading this challenge. At the beginning of the month I said I wanted to get at least 30 blocks done and I'm happy to say I completed 84. Wow that is a lot of blocks!!! With the blocks I received from my bee mates, those done in January and those done this month I am up to 147 completed blocks or just a smidgen over 50% done.

This week I did lots of purple and blue blocks, not sure why, but here are some of my favorites. In total I did 30 blocks this week. I've gotten much faster as the month has gone along. I have also cut a lot more backgrounds and even more crosses this week. Here are some of my favorites from this week.

Now I tried to sew, cut or iron at least 30 minutes every day. Some days I did more, but some days I did just the 30 minutes. I will be honest and say I know that two days I didn't do anything.  But overall it was a great experience and I am so glad to be half done. I started a spreadsheet to track my progress, but also to make sure that I didn't get too much of any one color. I was surprised to see that purple wasn't my highest amount, and neither was pink, which are probably my favorite colors. I have done more blue blocks than any color, but that is followed closely by pink then purple.  Here is a graph of how the colors layout.

I don't want a lot of brown/black blocks, but I think I need to add a few more and I really need to beef up my yellow, green, red and orange. So I have a ways to go, but overall I'm in good shape. Some blocks I had to pick a color, but they really could fall into several buckets. I just want to make sure it has a balanced feel.

It was fun to take some time for selfish sewing, but at the same time it was hard for me, because I wanted to work on projects for others as well.  So I think in March I'm going to try and focus on sewing at least 30 minutes a day, just not focusing on do so selfishly. I'm headed over to Sarah's blog to do my last link up for this challenge.  :)


  1. Wow, over 50% already? That is awesome. And you know how I feel about statistics and numbers... your plot of color balance is sweet! :)

  2. I think making the graph is a great way to be sure to balance the colors. That's so smart!!

  3. I like how you are making sure your colors are balanced!

  4. Well done on finishing 84 blocks! The 30 minutes a day plan really works.

  5. I love you are keeping an account of your colours - I sometimes end up with too much the same thing!

  6. Way to go exceeding your goal, Shauna! I love that you made a graph. If I'd made one, it would've had the same highest colors, but probably not a single orange hehe - so I think you're doing well in the balancing game because after all, who doesn't want a little more pink and purple in their life? I hope March is off to a great start for you as far as keeping up with the blocks and carving out a regular sewing time whether for you or others : ) Thanks so much for doing the challenge with me again this year!


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