Wednesday, April 7, 2010

American Honey

Does a theme ever seem to run through your life, well for me the last couple of weeks it has been American Honey. First I did a song lyric challenge for that song and now Modern June Creations has introduced a new kit called American Honey. I don't know if the song inspired the kit, but the kit is just beautiful. You can get it at Ginger Scraps or DSM and you should really get this kit.

My first layout I used one of her templates from the pack All Curled Up and it is available in both places as well. And the photos are Mom and Aunt Jean taken when they went to North Carolina in '07. I love the flowers in this kit and the template was a perfect way to use them.

My second layout is Sharla and Cooper at Thanksgiving. He was tired and restless since we were in a different house, so she picked him up to cuddle. I'm not sure who was happier, her or him. He just wanted to relax and he was able to do that when she held him. I love the colors in this kit, yellow, pinks, blues, and tans and they just go so well together.

So make sure you head over to DSM or Ginger Scraps and pick up American Honey and if you've not heard the song, you can find it on CMT's web site, it is really quite nice.

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