Monday, November 23, 2015

100 Days Of Happy - Part 6

In case your not really counting here, this post will be 60 days of things that have made me happy. How awesome is that? Sometimes it is easier to focus on the bad things around us, and I know that I struggle with doing that as well. But focusing on things that make me happy, really helps keep me in a happier frame of mine. I'm running late which seems to be my normal these days, but I figure better late than never.

11/11/15 - Day 51 - Freedom. Today is Veteran's Day and I'm so happy to live in a country where I am free to do and be as I want. I am also very very thankful for all the men and women to serve to protect me and my rights.

11/12/15 - Day 52 - Bee Blocks Done. Well partially done. I finished my blocks for The Stash Bee and they are lots of fun and very colorful. I've not done a star like this before, but it was really easy with the half square triangles. I can't wait to see how my fellow bee mate makes these into a finished quilt.

11/13/15 - Day 53 - Old Friends. Today I attended the retirement party for an old friend. I got to see lots of old co-workers and friends. It was great to spend time catching up and seeing everyone. And I've very excited for my friend as she moves to the next step in her life.

11/14/15 - Day 54 - Buy One Get One Free Frappuccinos. Ok I love my frappuccinos, and luckily they don't come in one of those evil red cups...insert laughter here...I could care less about red cups. But I do love a good deal and mix that with my favorite drink and I'm a happy girl.

11/15/15 - Day 55 - Progress on the Tree Skirt. I've been working away, I have all the blocks pieced and now need to cut them down.  That scares me just a little, because if I mess up I'm in trouble. But I'm happy to be making progress.

11/16/15 - Day 56 - Finished Bee Blocks. I finished the blocks for my second bee, The Bee Hive. I even got all the fabric cut and the label made to go with them. I just need to get them into the envelope and make a trip to the post office (which I hope happens by Friday).

11/17/15 - Day 57 - Sewing Room TV. We changed our plan with Verizon which meant I had to get new equipment. With the craziness of work I hadn't had a chance to get everything installed. But decided today was the day. After doing the family room/office, I called Sharla and asked if she used the TV in her room. She doesn't. With her eyesight she prefers to watch things on her ipad. So I did a little re-arranging and now I have a TV (with a cable box and roku box) in my sewing room. This means I can watch TV or Netflix.  Yeah!!!!

11/18/15 - Day 58 - Fabric in the Mail.  Sssshhhh don't tell Sharla, but I bought more fabric. I just couldn't resist the Massdrop of Alison Glass's Abacus fabric. I am in serious love with her fabrics and have a real weakness for low volume, so how could I resist.  It is so pretty and makes me so happy.

11/19/15 - Day 59 - Two Cups of Coffee. And not any old coffee but homemade by Sharla coffee which is the best. I could have drank 3 or 4 of these, they were so good. I love a good cup of hot coffee on a cool morning. Unfortunately we've been running late this week and Sharla hasn't been able to make us coffee, so we've had to settle for McD's coffee. Today was different, lucky me!!

11/20/15 - Day 60 - Bee Blocks Packaged. I had really hoped to get to the post office today, but that just wasn't possible. But I did my blocks all packaged up to be sent. The plan is to get to the post office on Monday, which will still be a week earlier than I have on other months.

So another 10 days of happy gone, but not forgotten. I am having fun picking something from everyday that has made me happy. I'm trying to get better at photographing them, but I'm not sure I will ever be 100% on that.  I'm off to start writing my next ten days worth of happy, because I've had lots to smile about this weekend.


  1. Loved reading you post, Shauna. We all have many things to be happy about. I am happy to be friends with you! Please check your email. You have won the Quiltmaker 100 Blocks Volume 12 in the giveaway on my blog. I need your mailing address ASAP, please. One more thing to be happy about!

  2. Awesome things to be happy about. Love the rainbow Bee blocks. Congratulations on the win above from Lorna.

  3. I won't tell Sharla about the new fabric if you don't. :)
    I love the rainbow stars. They look like such fun to make.
    Hurrah for winning Lorna's giveaway!


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