Monday, November 30, 2015

A Lovely Year of Finishes - November Completes

Wow I can't believe that November is already over. I wish I had gotten more done, but I did finish my one main goal for the month and made some progress on other things. So let's see how I did.

1. Trey and Jessica's Tree Skirt. It is finished and it was delivered to them yesterday at our family Thanksgiving dinner. I'm very pleased with the completed project but I will say it did challenge me. I had to cut some of the pieces on an angle, not something I've done before and I had to make bias binding also a new trick for me. But they were happy with it and that makes me very happy. I didn't think to take a picture with it and them until after dark, so the lighting sucks, but that is ok.

2. Bee Blocks. Done and in the mail before Thanksgiving. I'm very happy to have them done. They were both fun blocks, and I love the colors each queen picked. I think I will be doing more of both blocks in the future and I can't wait to see the finished quilts.

3. Midnight Mystery QAL. Well I didn't get totally caught up this month, but I've completed October's instructions and am about half way done with November's instructions. If November had one more day I would be in good shape.

4. Turning 20 BOM. No progress, but I hope to work on it some tomorrow.

5. Sharla's Box Trot. No progress

6. Memory Quilts. No progress.

7. Callie and Beau's Wedding Quilt. No progress

8. Revamp Sewing Room. I have made some progress here, but I'm still tweaking it. I also bought some storage containers so that I can put fabric for projects together. This will be especially helpful where I've already purchased the backing fabrics, because they take up a lot of space right now.

9. Marley's Block. No progress.

10. Quilt Something Else. No progress.

I didn't do great this month, but it has been a crazy busy month for work, so I've not had as much down time as normal. I made great progress over the holiday weekend and hope to carry the momentum into December.  But I did get the most important one done and so I'm happy!!!   Today I'm linking up with Melissa of Sew BitterSweet Designs and Shannon of Fiber of All Sorts.


  1. Very nice tree skirt! Hope you can check off a few more things on your list in Dec.! It's another busy month!

  2. You have a very ambitious goal list - I think you did great considering that list. The tree skirt is beautiful. Congratulations on that finish.

  3. Great work on the tree skirt!
    Now you have tried bias binding, you cannot go back, right? I bias bind everything, except when I only have barely enough fabric left and I really want to use that print.

  4. Great tree skirt. You may not have accomplished everything, but you got stuff done. Kudos.


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