Friday, November 6, 2015

A Lovely Year of Finishes - November Goals

Well as always I have a long list of to dos and a short amount a time to get them done. But I figure even the littlest things completed are still something off of the list.  I am behind on my QAL/BOMs and I really want to get caught up this month but that isn't my number one goal.  As per my norm, the first item is my main goal and the rest are listed to keep me on track more than anything.

1. Trey and Jessica's Tree Skirt. I have to have this done by Thanksgiving. I've actually started the cutting and hope to get started sewing this week.  I don't want to be binding it on the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving.

2. Bee Blocks.  This month I have the rainbow star flower block for the Stash Bee and the home-base block for the Bee Hive.  Both look to be fun blocks and hopefully I will finish them a little earlier this month.

3. Midnight Mystery QAL. I'm behind so I need to do both October's and November's blocks. Totally doable if I can get some dedicated sewing time.

4. Turning 20 BOM. I'm three blocks behind and still have one more for this month.  Hopefully I will get caught up.  I saw a picture of the finished quilt on Facebook and it is nothing like I was expecting, but still pretty cool.

5. Sharla's Box Trot Quilt. It is staying on the list until it is done.

6. Memory Quilts.  Same thing, can't take them off until I complete them.

7. Callie's and Beau's Wedding Quilt. It will move up the list once I complete the tree skirt.

8. Revamp sewing room.  I've moved around some of the furniture, now I need to work on fabric storage. Ok I need to work on finishing some quilts to get rid of the fabric.

9. Marley's Block. I need to make one more Dog Gone Cute block to represent Marley.

10. Quilt something else. I would like to get 2 to 3 things quilted this month, the tree skirt, box trot and at least one more thing.  I'm not picky on what it is, just want to complete something.

Yes it is a long list and no I won't get it all done. But for me it is more about setting priorities than anything, and I've set my top priority at the tree skirt!!!!  I'm linking up with Melissa of Sew BitterSweet Designs and Shannon of Fiber of All Sorts.

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  1. I did my bee blocks today. I think they were the only time-critical goal I had. Maybe I had better check my list more carefully ...
    I hope you finish the tree skirt in time.


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