Wednesday, November 4, 2015

100 Days of Happy - Part 4

Yes I realize I'm late with the part, but I've been very very busy the last couple of weeks. I still had lots to be happy about, but just didn't have the time or energy to write those things down on this blog. So now is the time for me to get the next 10 days listed here.

10/22/15 - Day 31 - Marley Kisses. He is warming up to us a little more, and will actually come up and give little kiss. He is starting to come out when we call his name. He is still very timid, but we are so happy with each baby step.

10/23/15 - Day 32 - Sorting Old Stuff. We have arranged for a local charity to come by and make a pickup tomorrow, so it is made dash of going through things to donate. It makes me happy to get things I don't use out of the house. We went through several boxes as we watched TV and it felt good to get rid of stuff.

10/24/15 - Day 33 - Donation Day. We donated 2 sewing tables, a gas grill, filing cabinet, two plastic carts and about 10 boxes of miscellaneous household items. We were doing the happy dance when they left. Now don't get me wrong we still have way too much stuff, but every little bit helps. Plus we found it much easier to part with things than we have in the past and that is a majorly good thing.

10/25/15 - Day 34 - Tossing trash. It is amazing how fast boxes and stuff add up around here. After the truck left we started breaking down boxes, gathering trash, and just doing a quick trip to get rid of everything. We can recycle smaller boxes with our recycle bin, but larger ones have to be taken somewhere else. It was a great day to just rid ourselves of more stuff.

10/26/15 - Day 35 - Testing a Tutorial. I was extremely pleased to be given the chance to join the Glitterati Army and test Tidal Pool Tutorial by Molli Sparkles. It went together very quickly and I think it would make a very cool quilt.

10/27/15 - Day 36 - Marley's Mohawk. Marley had to go for his first round of heart worm treatment today and his was very very scared, and didn't like me much afterwards. But on the way home Sharla was holding him and she gave him a mohawk and it just was too funny.

10/28/15 - Day 37 - Sewing. With everything thing going on this month I was very behind on my projects and had to do some late night sewing to get my bee blocks done. I finished my Stash Bee block, which I thought turned out very well.

10/29/15 - Day 38 - More Sewing. I finished my Bee Hive blocks and really loved them. I can see doing a quilt of these blocks sometime in the future. Just one more to add to the ever growing list of quilts I want to make.

10/30/15 - Day 39 - No Line At The Post Office. Ok this makes me happy every time it happens. I got my bee blocks on time and I didn't have to wait in line. I was so pressed for time because of work, that I was really hoping there wouldn't be anyone at the post office, and when I pulled up the parking lot was full. So I didn't have much hope, but everyone was busy filling out paperwork, so I went to the head of the line and got out in under 5 minutes!!!!

10/31/15 - Day 40 - Pirate Hookers with Beards. Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of this, but Cole dressed up as a pirate hooker along with other guys at his work. Now I did see one photo from his work and it made me laugh, big guys with beards don't make pretty hookers, but they do make you laugh. Sharla braided beads into his hair before he left to get "dressed". I don't think he dressed here because he knew we would take lots of pictures. But it still made me happy, just the thought of him dressed as a pirate hooker.

Ok that is the fourth set of days for my #100daysofhappy. It is fun picking things that make me happy each day. I will try not to be as late next time. but life happens.


  1. I am so happy to hear that Marley is starting to warm up to his new home. Your bee blocks look great, and no line at the post office always makes me incredibly happy, too. :)

  2. Lost it in a fit of giggles at the idea of pirate hookers with beards.

  3. Pirate hookers with beards? Awesome!


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