Saturday, October 31, 2015

A Lovely Year of Finishes - October Finishes

Ok it is that time again, let's see what I didn't get done. Yes I realize that sounds negative, but hey it is honest. I didn't get as much done this month, and there is a very good reason why.  He is short, hairy and very cute. Adopting Marley has eaten into my spare time, but he is worth it.

So let's get to the list. I did get some things done, just not as much as I wanted.

1. Dog Gone Cute Quilt. You can read the process I went through on this one here. But to say the least I decided against one quilt and made it into four mini quilts. I still love them.

2. Trey and Jess's tree skirt. Well I've arranged the strips, but that is about it.  This will be on the top of my list next month.

3. Bee Blocks. I mailed my blocks out yesterday, so I just barely got under the wire, but they are done. For the Stash Bee I made a star block and for the Bee Hive I made two checker blocks.

And that is it. I have worked on some of the other things, but not enough that I feel like I can say I completed them. I did get something done that wasn't on the list. I agreed to test a tutorial for another blogger Molli Sparkles. The block is called Tidal Pool and it is a great block that will create an awesome quilt. There are two versions, but I only tested one of them.  You can find the Tidal Pool Block Tutorial on Molli Sparkles Blog.

Well it wasn't a overly productive month, but I am ok with it. Hopefully some day Marley will appreciate how much time I spent trying to help him get used to his new home.  Today I'm linking up with Melissa of Sew BitterSweet Desgins and Shanna of Figer of All Sorts.


  1. I think Marley does and will definitely appreciate all your time and love!

  2. Your puppy mini quilts are adorable!! Marley is even cuter - our four-legged family members do demand a bit of time, don't they?!! So glad you linked up with ALYOF so I could enjoy the eye candy!

  3. Sadly I must say, "Way to make me feel like a slacker!" :) I'm not sure I've accomplished a darn thing this month.

  4. No competitions between Marley and sewing goals - so cute. Its easy to forget how much attention and time it takes to settle a new dog into the house but its worth it alright!

  5. I bet Marley is worth every second. (Written while typing with one hand and rubbing our dog's tummy with the other.)


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