Thursday, October 1, 2015

100 Days of Happy - Part 1

I'm sure many of you have seen the #100daysofhappy going around facebook and instagram and I wanted to participate, but rather than use FB or IG I thought I would group my days into 10 at a time and post about them here.  That way I can explain more and honestly some days won't have photos and so this seemed easier to me.

09/22/15 - Day 1 - I finished my bee blocks. I thought I had finished them the day before until I realized that one was assembled wrong. So I fixed it and it made me very happy to be done. Of course typical me didn't get them in the mail to the 29th, but I was glad they were done.

09/23/15 - Day 2 - My new white board arrived and it is pink!!! I love having the white board in my sewing area and thought it would be a great addition to my desk area. I book travel for my company and often make the reservations in advance of when we actually want to pay. So I constantly have a list of dates and whose authorizations I need to fax. The problem with a notebook is some stay on the list for several weeks and others are only on it for a day or two. So I thought a small white board would work. The one I ordered was "color optional" and I was very excited when mine arrived and it was pink.

09/24/15 - Day 3 - This was a very frustrating day on the job and to be honest I was struggling to be happy, and then I saw the wonderful bundle of fabric that had arrived and I was very very very happy. I love all of Tula Pink's fabric, but the new line Eden is by far my favorite.

09/25/15 - Day 4 - TGIF!!! I was so happy it was Friday, and that would have been enough, but I also was able to get my white board hung in my sewing room.  It isn't exactly perfect, but a couple of well placed push pins and all is right with the world.

09/26/15 - Day 5 - Tamales and Krispy Kremes. There is a shops that sells the most wonderful tamales about 45 minutes from my house. You can buy them frozen and they have all kinds of great flavors, beef, pork, 4 cheese, feta cheese/spinach and sweet potato. We go over a couple of times a year and buy a dozen of our favorites and when they run out we go back.  Tamales just make me happy and the 4 cheese and feta/spinach ones make me really happy. The shop just moved and it is now just down the street from a Krispy Kreme and so we stopped and got some fresh doughnuts as well. Yes I realize it wasn't a healthy eating day, but it really made me happy.

09/27/15 - Day 6 - I got to quilt something. It seems like forever since I quilted. I've been doing lots of piecing but very little to no quilting. But Sharla's machine cover got loaded and I got to quilt it. It was a small project so it didn't take very long to do.

09/28/15 - Day 7 - I finished Sharla's machine cover. I know it isn't for me, but it made me happy to one finish it, but to make her happy. Funny how making others happy can make us happy too. 

09/29/15 - Day 8 - No line at the post office. We have 2 post offices in town, the main one and a small satellite one. I use the small one because it is closer, but sometimes the line can be long. I went and there were two clerks working and both had a customer, but I was the next in line. I was in and out in about 5 minutes, which was awesome!!! I hate waiting in lines, so no line means a happy woman here!!

09/30/15 - Day 9 - 30 minutes of peace and quiet. Now I don't have little kids, but there always seems to be something needing to be done around my house. And since I work from home, it means when things slow down on the job, I can unload the dishwasher, do a load of laundry, or throw something in the crockpot. Now that is great, but sometimes I just want everything to go away for a little bit and today it did. I took my lunch break and laid on my bed with my feet propped up and just relaxed. No tv, phone, internet or interruptions and it was nice. I don't do that very often, and it really made me happy.

10/01/15 - Day 10 - Warm chocolate chip cookies cooked by someone else. I might have guilted Cole into making the cookies, but I don't care. They was warm and gooey and just perfect. Now don't think I made Cole slave over cookies, they were the frozen kind where you just have to throw them on the pan and bake. But I didn't have to do it, which made them all the more sweet.

Ok that is the first 10 days of my 100 days of happy. I think it is a great thing to focus on those things that make us happy, big or small.  I will be back in about a week or so to give the next ten days.


  1. Those are all wonderful things to be thankful for. I am *always* grateful when a trip to the post office is so quick, and now I really want some cookies. at 6:30 in the morning, that sounds like a tasty breakfast... heh!

  2. Lots of stuff to celebrate!
    I walk to my local post office and they know me by name. I was there again today. That makes me happy.


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