Friday, October 23, 2015

100 Days Of Happy - Part 3

Ok it is time for another session of 100 days of happy. This is a really good process because it has me looking for things that make me happy. And if I'm looking to be happy, then I don't have time to be sad. Some of these things may seem small, but I really believe celebrating small things is just as important as big things. Finding those small things everyday that make you smile or laugh will make you a happier person.

10/12/15 - Day 21 - Getting to quilt something. I got my machine back from being serviced but haven't had a chance to quilt anything. To test it out I did a very small whole cloth quilt for Marley. I just used some of my Joann's fabric (which I bought on close out) and made a quilt large enough to go into his crate. But it made me so happy to be quilting again.

10/13/15 - Day 22 - Watching Hollywood help Marley. Hollywood has become the leader of the "potty parade" Marley will go outside to potty if he watches Hollywood go out first. And of course if no one is in the kitchen or making any loud noises. We started this little routine of me calling Hollywood and having him follow me to the door and then when I see Marley watching I tell Hollywood to go "potty" and he runs out the door. If Marley doesn't follow I call Hollywood back in and go through it all again. I know Hollywood has to be tired of going in and out, but he does it and he even sometimes moves for Marley, which is pretty rare.

10/14/15 - Day 23 - Marley slowly adjusting. He hasn't joined the family yet, but he is getting better. He joined Hollywood at the door to greet us today. Then he realized it was us and ran as fast as he could to get away. But he is trying.  He has learned where his kennel is and has made a spot for himself under the desk I use in my bedroom. When he gets overloaded he goes for one or the other of those two spots.

10/15/15 - Day 24 - Grown Up Coloring Books. I have always loved to color, it soothes me. When Sharla, Tom and I all got hepatitis as adults, one of the things we requested were coloring books and colors. It helped pass the time. Now they have adult coloring books that are just fun. It doesn't take a lot to make me happy.

10/16/15 - Day 25 - Cooler weather. It isn't quite fall yet, but the high today was 85, which meant that Hollywood got to play outside most of the day at doggy daycare. The car wasn't overbearingly hot when I got in it and we could actually be outside. And most importantly it is a sign that cooler weather is coming and hopefully soon.

10/17/15 - Day 26 - Not leaving the house. It is rare for me not to leave the house at least once a day. But occasionally there are days like today where I don't have to go anywhere or pick up anything/anyone and it is so nice. I spent the day in my pjs and it was AWESOME!! No pictures, I don't want to scare ya'll to much.

10/18/15 - Day 27 - Quilting. I agreed to do a blog hop and I had to have my project finished and posted by the 20th. So I did some fast quilting. It was so nice to get 4 mini quilts all done in one day. I could have done more, but those were all I had. When I pulled them off of the machine, I even did a little happy dance. Of course it would have been nice if I had stopped and taken a photo or two.

10/19/15 - Day 28 - Binding...binding...binding. Those four mini quilts all had to be bound and although they are small it still takes time to do each one. I sat down at my machine for about 4 1/2 hours and did nothing but binding, but they are all done!!! And just in time for me to do my blog post.

10/20/15 - Day 29 - Blog comments. Sometimes I wonder why I write this blog, and wonder if anyone is even reading it. Then I get a series of comments that just make me smile. It shows that someone somewhere is reading what I write and that makes me so happy. I love hearing from readers, so thank you to everyone that writes comments!

10/21/15 - Day 30 - The trash can. Now this is such a small thing, but it makes me so happy. Yesterday was trash day, and so Tuesday night I took the trash to the curb because Cole wasn't home. And although it is not a really hard task, I don't like moving the trash can back and forth to the street. When I got home last night Cole had moved it from the street into the garage. I was so happy. I know silly, but not having to do it just made my heart sing.

Well that is a sample of what has made me happy the last week or so. I can say I'm looking forward to cooler weather and soup soon. So I've crossed 30 days off of my quest for #100Daysofhappy.  I'll be back soon with more reasons to smile.


  1. Adult coloring books are just sheer joy! And the magic of trash day never fails to make me giddy. What an awesome thing! 😀

  2. I love the all-day-in-my-pjs days too, but they are rare. I had one earlier this month when I was horribly jetlagged. My 'delightful' husband posted a photo on Facebook of me in pjs at 4pm!

  3. Just reading your happies made me smile. I love the small things that make me happy such as John making me a cup of tea just at the point I really need one. It's lovely to know other people find joy in the small things.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your joy! Your pictures made me smile :)


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