Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Finish Along - Quarter 4 Goal Setting

Ok it is time to set my goals for the last quarter of 2015. I could easily just copy my list from last quarter since I got so little done, but that isn't the way I roll.  I have things that I have to get done this quarter and there is just no bones about it.

1. Trey and Jess's tree skirt. I've got the fabric and have matched up the strips, but now I have some real sewing that needs to get done. I'm using the Joyful Jelly Roll Tree Skirt pattern that I got from Fat Quarter Shop and Jingle by Kate Spain.

2. Dog Gone Cute quilts.  Yes I said quilts. I changed how I'm doing my quilt and so it will be done in five sections, 4 of the pieces are together, but I still need to piece #5 and quilt them all.  I also have the blocks cut for a smaller version that I need to finish.
3. Callie and Beau's Wedding Quilt. The blocks have just returned to me, so now I have to get them pieced together and quilted. I also have to get a backing fabric picked out, but this one I'm not starting until later November.

4. Memory Quilts. These stay on every list until they are done.  I have made a little progress but not enough.

5. Sharla's Box Trot. I had planned on quilting this last month, but I lost it. I put it somewhere safe and then couldn't find it. Actually I found it last weekend and it looks like I was carrying it and a couple of other things to my bedroom and it got buried under a pile of quilts. But it is going on the machine very soon.

6. Cross Quilt. I'm making real progress but need to push to get it done. I am so loving it, because the colors are bright and fun and I love all the low volume fabrics.  I've been making about 20 blocks per month, and with the time off at Thanksgiving I just might be able to finish it.

7. Turning 20 Seeing Stars. This is a BOM/QAL and it finishes in December, and so far I'm keeping up with each month, so I would like to finish it this year.  I am loving doing the 12" blocks but not so much on the 6" blocks, but I'm doing them.

8. Quilt for Marley. We've done a quilt for each of a fur babies and with the addition of Marley last weekend, that puts the need for another quilt on the list. I actually did one for him that is the same fabric front and back, but it is more to put in his kennel. But this cutie deserves a break and a quilt.

9 to 15. Quilt Things. I have Sharla's Flirt, Sharla's Norway, my Purple quilt, Sharla's class one, my class one, and our log cabin quilts that need to be quilted. I want to try and get a few of these done just to get them off my list.

Non-quilted finishes. I know this is about finishing quilts, but I have some things I want to track for not other reason than listing them helps me get them done.

A. Sewing room re-do. I've changed out my sewing table and have have to rearrange some things. I also want to go through the closet and see what I can get rid of to make room for things I want to keep.

B. Midnight Mystery QAL. It runs through next year so I won't be able to get it quilted before the end of this year, but I do want to stay on top of the steps so that when the QAL is over I have a completed top.

C. Bee Quilts. I have my tic tac toe quilt and flying geese quilt where I need to make some more blocks so that I can finish them. It would be nice if I at least had the tops done this year.

D. Quilt top for my bed. I currently have a quilt my grandmother made my mom on my bed and although I totally love it, I would love something more my style. If I could get the top done this year, it would be on the top of my list to finish next year.

Yes I know this is a very long list and I don't expect to get it all done, but hopefully I will make progress on some of it and hopefully finish at least a 1/3 to 1/2 of it.  I just have to stay focused!!! Today I'm linking up with On The Windy Side.


  1. I clicked to see the tree skirt and love it...may have to get that pattern. And that Marley is one adorable pup! :)

  2. How sweet to make a quilt for Marley. I bet he is feeling so much love!!! :)

  3. Maybe you can combine two goals and make Marley a dog gone cute quilt? :) (I have to make some of those blocks for a humidicrib, don't you think?)

  4. I love how you lost a quilt. I needed a chuckle this morning. Good luck with your list. I'm slowing making my way through mine.


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