Saturday, November 14, 2015

100 Days of Happy - Part 5

I'm late, I'm late for a very important date, ok maybe I'm just late posting my 100 Days of Happy. Not because I haven't had things to be happy about, but because I've been very very busy. I can say this week has been crazy busy. I am looking forward to a less busy week next week. I'm not sure it will be less busy, but I can hope.  But now is the time for next 10 days of happy.  And I even though I've been busy, I've had lots of reasons to be happy.

11/01/15 - Day 41 - Homemade Mac N Cheese. I love mac and cheese in just about any form. I'll even take the blue box if that is all that is available. But I love homemade mac n cheese, where Sharla grates the cheese (and mixes sharp/med/mild cheddar) and cooks the mac in tomato juice. It is total comfort food for me. And Sharla made it!!! I love her!!!!  The photo below is a bowl of the left overs because I didn't take the time to photograph the big pan, I was took anxious to get to eating it.

11/02/15 - Day 42 - Lunch with Old Friends. I had lunch with a couple of old friends, not that  they are old, just that we've known each other a long time. It was fun to catch up with them. I worked with both for years, and I miss seeing them during the week at work. So it was a great time. Love you Linda and Tina.

11/03/15 - Day 43 - Lunch with an Old Friend. Yes it must be old friend week. I had lunch with another old friend today. She retires at the beginning of next month and I look forward to having long lunches with her in the future. But we had a good time and got caught up on each other's lives. Love you Phyllis.

11/04/15 - Day 44 - Soup. It wasn't homemade soup, but it was good. I love chicken tortilla soup, and yesterday was so crazy that we just stopped and got some so we didn't have to cook. Warm soup on a chilly night, now that makes me happy.  It also makes me sleepy, I fell asleep in my chair, but only for a short time.

11/05/15 - Day 45 - Fabric Folding. It has been crazy at work for the last two weeks and I've had to work even on my off days. Add to that I'm so tired by the time work is done, I've not gotten much sewing done.  But I took some time and folded and put away some recent fabric purchase.  It wasn't a lot, but it felt nice to pet fabric again. If I could make a living at folding fabric I would be a very happy girl.

11/06/15 - Day 46 - Sunshine in the Morning. It has been as rainy week and when I walked out this morning the sun was shining and I was happy. Don't get me wrong, I like rain too, but after several days of clouds the sun peeking out is a nice thing.

11/07/15 - Day 47 - Hollywood. He is a crazy dog and will scare anyone away from my front door, but he is also the biggest baby in the world. Since we got Marley he hasn't gotten to snuggle with me at bedtime like he used to do. So tonight I let me snuggle me for about an hour before I kicked him out and closed the door.  I would let him stay in the room with us, but he doesn't like to be behind closed doors.

11/08/15 - Day 48 - Progress on Tree Skirt. I have started piecing the tree skirt and although it isn't going fast, it is moving and that makes me happy. It may even get me in the Christmas spirit early. I'm loving the fabrics on this one.

11/09/15 - Day 49 - Clean Pantry. Sharla took off today because we both had doctor's appointments, then we ran errands and went grocery shopping. When we got home she started a big batch of pasta sauce and I went to put the groceries away. I was just sick of our pantry. It needed a major clean out, and I do mean major. I think Cole took 7 trash bags our for me, and I found things that went out of date in 2007, yes 2007.  It isn't organized, but it is clean and that makes me happy (and very very tired). No pictures, because it is still messy, but at least I can see what is there and I know things aren't out of date.

11/10/15 - Day 50 - More Tree Skirt Progress. I got more of the tree skirt done. I will admit the next step scares me because I have to cut these pieces. I'm scared but I will do it...someday...ok maybe this weekend.

Ok that is it for now.  I will try to be more on time next time, but I'm not swearing to anything. I hope you are finding things to be happy about every day!!!


  1. Oh my, that mac and cheese looks amazing! Love seeing the progress on the tree skirt. :)

  2. I feel good after a pantry clean out too.
    Recently a local radio announcer was discussing pantries and use-by dates. I think he was helping his mother tidy her cupboards. He found something dated 1981, and he said, 'That is older than my wife!' Maybe 2007 is not so bad.


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